Orion Magazine is an independent quarterly, magazine-focused, public-interest organization dedicated to environmental, cultural, and regional awareness. Each month, it publishes informative articles focusing on the environment, science, history, technology, travel, wildlife, arts, and cuisine. It is distributed by subscription to a large number of publications and mail order to a worldwide audience. The magazine is published by Orion Publishing, Inc. and is available from bookstores and online sources.

Authors of feature articles and essays are paid for their work, generally by the page. The magazine pays generous overtime and special incentives to top authors. The magazine pays for web site development, advertising in print, management and printing, design, and distribution. It also pays late publication charges. In addition, it publishes a magazine for environmental issues, which it calls “Eco-Cycle.” There are some thirty other sub-topic areas devoted to various aspects of the environment.

The magazine is geared toward both expert writing and non-technical writing. It pays generously for scientific articles that include photographs, data, illustrations, and maps. The magazine pays well for articles on local wildlife and plant life, agricultural issues, the environment, art, books, and architecture. There is also a writing section containing popular short stories and poems. Payscale provides a free list of payscale job opportunities.

Many professional writers are drawn to works of fiction and non-fiction books and manuscripts are read primarily for entertainment value. Several writers sell many works of fiction and have many collections of poetry, including works of William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, William Stafford, Mary E. Frye, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Mark Twain, Herman Melville and others. Several science fiction writers have produced work of lasting merit. Two science fiction writers who enjoy popularity in the industry are Arthur C Clarke and Jules Verne. Some authors pay rates in pennies or in credits.

The magazine includes a feature article on the latest products, discounts and promotional offers. It pays rates starting at fifty cents per word for short stories and up to two hundred dollars per piece. There are several sub-topic areas of interest to professionals in the professional and business communities. A writing section provides information on various forms of writing, from creative writing to the professional commercial writing and from press releases to storyboard development. The list of topics includes medical and legal writing, travel and tourism, home repair and renovation, small business, stock and bond investing, real estate and franchises, music, television, business, movies and technology.

Please check with the publisher for details on which type of article will be appropriate for your situation. In general, the majority of articles are suitable for a general or reference period assignment. However, some topics may be too broad or specific for a certain type of assignment. Contact the office with questions about which issues will require special consideration for the type of assignment you need.

When you apply, please check guidelines for qualifications, experience, type of assignment and deadlines. Most of our positions are available to qualified candidates. However, our most preferred assignments will be those that are in alignment with our vision. Send us a cover letter and resume to let us know of any special skills you have. Please do not send an application unless you have received and reviewed your unique opportunity.

By having an understanding of the guidelines presented above, you will be more likely to be selected for an opportunity. Please be patient while your case is being considered. The selection process is often times very fluid. Opportunities are continually being added, reviewed and/or modified. If you are selected, you will be joining an exciting and fulfilling team at Orion Magazine.

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