How to Gamble: Gambling Guide for Beginners

Gambling is a popular recreational activity among people of all ages and backgrounds. There are many different types of gambling games, the most commonly known being poker, blackjack and bingo.

In this article, you will learn how to gamble for beginners. You will also find out the best gambling games and tips to help you win more.

Vintage men gambling craps table casino game.

Editor’s note: Christatos Aristad is a former professional gambler who just retired. He has generously agreed to write a series of essays for AoM on the ins and outs of gambling in general, as well as the fundamentals of specific games, for the enlightenment and entertainment of AoM readers interested in this topic.

Everyone who takes the time to create an opinion on the subject is likely to have a different perspective on gambling. Job, distraction, pastime, glamorous lifestyle, addiction, sin, vampyric drain on the economy and political system, half-hearted restitution to a rich country’s indigenous people, mafia business, diversion of royalty and the affluent, social event, or genuine business I have no idea what you, the reader, think. This is what I do know. Gambling, the skill, the art, the technique, the manners, and the etiquette, as a man, are not only a means of making money, but also a powerful tool for expanding your social, political, and business circles, as well as mingling with society’s upper echelons in a manner that reflects your class and dignity. But how can you study this ancient talent when every book on the topic today is created to teach you how to make money, or is structured in such a manner that no one who isn’t already in these circles can possibly ascend? There isn’t a straightforward solution, and there isn’t even a handbook. Allow me to present the first part of a series of articles on the heart of gambling, the purpose of which is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and the shark from the gentleman, so without further ado, allow me to present the first part of a series of articles on the heart of gambling, the purpose of which is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and the shark from the gentleman.


You’ve heard it before…

The ordinary gambler is superstitious and, as a result, not particularly intelligent. And their approach, such as it is, is characterized by three sayings, which are really three logical fallacies or statistical laws that no one can avoid. The idea is to see them and then get away from them.

“I’m Due” is the first phrase that comes to mind.

The “Gambler’s Fallacy” is the right name for this fallacy. It is the assumption that because of a past run of poor luck, you will obtain a nice hand or a favorable roll this time. This is just bullshit. The flaw in logic here is the conviction in a certain conclusion, namely, a positive benefit, without any supporting evidence. This is the reasoning behind slot machines, as well as the marketing brilliance behind the massive displays that display how long it has been since the previous jackpot was won.

Recognize the situation’s nature as a solution. You may use a set of controls in each game to change the result. Expect nothing less than an even game if you don’t utilize one of those controllers.

“I’ll quit while/when I’m ahead,” says #2.


The “Gambler’s Conceit” is another name for this statement. “Just one more drink,” this is the small voice that tells us. The issue with this statement is that unless you have foresight, your ability to foresee when you will cease being ahead is likely to be zero if you are ahead. And if you’re behind and waiting to catch up, there’s a strong chance you’re behind for a good reason, and you’re unlikely to catch up in any significant way within any acceptable time period.


Solution: STOP RIGHT NOW! This sentence, or any phrase that sounds similar to it, is an instant indication from God, Allah, Buddha, or whatever you pray to to stop playing. You shouldn’t be playing if you have to defend why you’re playing.

“The House always wins,” says Saying #3.

Explanation: This proverb is fittingly named “Gambler’s Ruin,” since it refers to the rocky, mist-shrouded coast where Viking ships carrying gamblers are sunk. “A lot of people beat the house,” you remark, and I understand. “You outsmarted the house.” For a short time, this is true, but if you play the House long enough, they will win. Not only will you win, but you will be broken. Why? Because they have infinite cash and you don’t, and in any fair game, the player with unlimited cash will always defeat the player with limited cash if given enough time.

Solution: Don’t mess about with the home. The goal of the game is to earn money, not to defeat the house. The home not only has the greatest money, but it also has the upper hand. They set the rules and have every advantage. However, the other players at the table have money as well, and they are unable to shut the table or eject you. Go for them, and you’ll endure a lot longer in the long term, even if people despise you and abandon the table like rats from a sinking ship.

The Basic Indicators

Once you’ve gained control of yourself and the circumstance, the lie is the key to gambling with class. Not only the bluff, but the creation of a full table façade that enables you to mislead and obscure your opponent so that you can drop it and confuse and terrify your opponents anytime you choose. Unfortunately, this is not a talent that can be learned. To understand how to effectively disguise who you are, you must first develop a certain amount of self-awareness, and then apply the fundamentals of obfuscation to yourself in particular. However, the observer may utilize three simple indicators to distinguish the great liar from the mediocre liar and master the skill for themselves.

The Eyes

Many gamblers will tell you that the eyes have a magical quality to them, that each gambler is unique, that when you lie, you look one way and when you tell the truth, you look the other way, that everyone has a unique pattern of how they move their eyes, and that by reading it, a skilled gambler can divine complex truths about a player and predict their every move. These gamblers are either naive or deceitful, or both. Allow me to lift the veil on hundreds of years of gaming enchantment and disclose the conscious or subconscious secret to gambling’s greatest tell. People’s pupils dilate when they have a good hand. Their pupils constrict when they have a lousy hand. Now, the reasons for this are some very complex neurochemical ones that elude me at the time, but this is the fundamental reality. Keep an eye on the pupils. Keep an eye on the iris’s if they’re too tiny to follow.


The Smile

Smiles may be divided into two categories. One is real, while the other is a forgery. A phony grin uses solely the mouth muscle and shows very little real pleasure or satisfaction. A genuine grin is an expression of true delight that involves the muscles around the corners of the eyes, causing crow’s feet to form briefly. Human research has now shown that faking a genuine grin is tough, but not impossible. Examine your opponent’s grin and how it relates to the cards. He’s a decent liar if he can simply fake a grin. However, if he can conjure up a real grin on command, he is a skilled liar.

The Hands

Always keep an eye on the hands. Boredom is indicated by busy hands. They are excellent if they are bored and winning. Someone who is bored and losing is a horrible person. But what does this mean for their reputation as a liar? When they bluff, the trick is to pay attention to how busy they are. While someone is occupied even when bluffing, they have it. However, if they must concentrate in order to hold everything together for the bluff, you have a wonderful means to determine the quality of their hand in addition to their bet. Almost all gamblers now play the violin, but the secret is to pay attention to the excellent fiddlers, particularly those that annoy other players. They’re either bored, cheating, or have a system in place.

Etiquette Today’s casinos are an eyesore. They obey no known design rule other than the one meant to keep Minotaurs in check, and they often utilize a color scheme that appeals to the human mentality that deals with spending money rather than keeping sane. To make matters worse, the people who live in these unsightly locations are ill-dressed, smell bad, and have bad manners. With that in mind, today is the day you stop being a part of the issue and start becoming a part of the solution. So, guys, here we go.


1. Attractive Evening Wear

While a vacation to Las Vegas or Atlantic City is a popular method for young men in the United States to let off steam and make a fool of themselves in a variety of ways, I want you to dress for success the moment you enter my world, the gambling world. So, before you get to the table, consider your attire in the following light: If you wouldn’t wear it to a beautiful meal out on the town with a young girl, don’t wear it to a casino. Don’t wear it to a casino if you wouldn’t wear it to a funeral. Don’t wear it to a casino if you wouldn’t wear it to a wedding. Don’t wear it gambling if you wouldn’t wear it in front of your significant other’s parents the first time you met them! We don’t want to see it if the individuals you encounter on those occasions don’t want to see it.


2. Fasten the buttons

You’re ready for the tables now that you’ve put on a button-up shirt, a great pair of pants, an acceptable pair of shoes, and a presentable belt. With the exception of one item. You’ve made an amateur error. You had thought, as does every young guy these days, that the world wants to share because you have strong muscles or a great chest thatch. You’re mistaken. We don’t have any. You don’t have to fasten the top button or wear a tie, but leave something to the imagination for God’s sake. Class, keep in mind. Show a few.

3. Hair

I’m not going to give you any hair advice. But let me be clear about something. It is illegal to gamble if your hair identifies you with any organization, subculture, location, philosophy, or thought. The goal is to seem presentable and, perhaps, beautiful. If the latter isn’t feasible, proceed with the first option.


1. Don’t say anything.

Don’t scream, yell, or shout. I realize this may come out as a bit robotic, but it’s for the dealer’s benefit. I’m aware you’ve recently turned 21 and amassed a sizable fortune. I understand you were completely bluffing about your straight flush and managed to convince the other player to fold. I get you just rolled a 2 to 12 World in craps, but these folks make a job listening to players. They don’t need any additional harm to their ears.

2. Be courteous.

This isn’t about you. Leave the table if it becomes personal. If you win, please accept my heartfelt condolences. And you are one of them. If you lose, be honest in your congratulations to the winner, which you are. And don’t be envious of the merchant. They don’t play favorites, they don’t cheat, they tell it like it is, and if you screw up, you mess up. Do not place blame on others for your difficulties. Because you elected to sit at that table, everything that occurs to you is your responsibility. Period.

3. Maintain a light tone.

There was no sobbing, no politics, no religion, none of that. You keep things lighthearted and upbeat. The dealer doesn’t want to hear about your difficulties, and just because they have to doesn’t imply they want to. This is also true for bartenders. Consult a therapist if you have a problem. Otherwise, you should quit whining. If you have an issue with another player, you will be seated at a different table, not the other person.


1. Give the dealer a tip.

There will be no reason not to if you win. None. I’ve been tipped and lost, but I’m a professional. These individuals have to deal with incredibly unpleasant people all day, and they’ve had to deal with you and your strange conduct as well. They are entitled to a portion of the prize money. There are no hard and fast rules for tipping dealers, in my view, but as your profits increase, your tip should increase significantly as well.

2. Avoid behaving in a “player” manner.

Make sure your girlfriend doesn’t blow on your dice. Carry no good luck charms with you. Act as though you’re in a movie. You’re not Daniel Craig or Robert Downey Jr. If you encounter a gorgeous lady at a casino who wants to bet with you, she’s probably simply looking for a cut of the action. This is perfectly OK. Con artists are the term for these ladies. These ladies deserve to be respected and feared. You deserve every chip or dollar they steal from your wallet before you wake up if you take them to your room and spend the night with them. Lesson? At the tables, be who you are, not who you want to be.


3. Do not consume alcohol.

There are two major reasons why you should not drink and gamble:

  • It makes you seem to be a scumbag. The person at the table with the glass of wine, tequila, or whatever is difficult to respect and shows a lack of regard for the others at the table. Now, if someone turns up with a bottle of gin and continues to pound it down without wavering, that is a guy to be feared, but unless you have the constitution of a pirate or a Russian conscript from WWII, you will run into the second reason not to drink.
  • It will obliterate your strategy. Only a few gamblers can wager while under the influence of alcohol. You are not one of these folks unless you are a seasoned drinker and a seasoned gambler. It’s not enough to be a consistent drinker. Absolute alcohol resistance is essential.


To summarize, all that is necessary to bet like a man is that you behave like a guy. Don’t lose your cool; behave maturely. Others and the game will regard you like one if you dress and act like one. This isn’t to argue that all games are created equal. Indeed, each game has its own set of rules, which we will discuss later, but for now, stick to the ones I’ve given you and you’ll be OK. Kid, I’ll see you next time. Remember to tip your waitress.



The “how to gamble at home” is an article that will teach you how to gamble. This guide will help you learn about the basics of gambling, and get started with your first game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to win gambling?

A: You cant win gambling.

What is the easiest gambling game to learn?

A: Blackjack is the easiest gambling game to learn.

What is the first rule of gambling?

A: The first rule of gambling is, never gamble.

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