How to Exit a Room Like a Man

In recent years, survival games have become a major force in the gaming market. In light of this trend, GameRevolution decided to look at how players can exit a room like they’re men. Plus: two ways you could die in each scenario!

When a situation goes south, every man knows the correct way to leave.”control a room” is a term that means to take control of an area. In the case of this article, it means taking control of your surroundings and leaving as soon as possible.

Formally dressed vintage man leaving the room while pointing something along with people.

You’re at a gathering. Maybe someone forced you to attend, or you were besieged at work or school and couldn’t come up with an explanation quickly enough to avoid the offer. Or maybe you went to a social gathering that promised to be a good time, but after listening to a woman describe the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an Accord over a Camry for 20 minutes and being dragged into a conga line against your will, all you want to do is cry like a baby and leave. Many guys find themselves in similar circumstances, wishing to poke themselves in the eye with a pencil yet terrified to try to flee.

How do you leave a room like a guy? We’ve spoken about how to dominate a room like a man.

While you’ve probably heard how essential it is to make a great first impression, you’ve probably also heard how important it is to make a great final impression. People recall the finish of an encounter more vividly than the beginning, according to studies. As a result, you want to be able to leave a social gathering on your own terms but yet leaving the host and other guests thinking, “Dang, I like that man!”

So, how can you go from a social gathering without seeming uncomfortable or insulting your host? What’s more, how can you ensure that people remember you fondly?

We’ve included some tips below to help you exit a social gathering with confidence and elegance.

1. Recognize when it’s time to go. It’s hard to leave a social function nicely if you leave at the wrong moment, no matter how neatly you do it. Even if you know the party is going to be a catastrophe the moment you walk in, you must put in the bare minimum of cameo time. This minimum is around one hour for a come-and-go event. This is provided after the after-dinner coffee has been served during a dinner party. Tell the host or hostess as soon as you arrive if you need to depart before these hours for an essential reason. But, in general, it’s preferable not to attend at all if you can’t make it for the very minimum of cameo time. It’s inconvenient to leave in the midst of a meal or to round the room once before going. Your first and last impressions will be the same, and it will not be a positive one.

Once the minimal time has been fulfilled, either wait until the party begins to wind down before leaving, or, if you’re having a bad time, just make the executive choice to get out of dodge.

2. Take a step forward. Most people squirm in their seats and mutter things like, “Weeelll…. it’s getting late.” when they feel it’s time to go. Then they simply sit there on their duffs, staring at their watches uncomfortably. Don’t waste any time. Show that you’re ready to depart if you’re ready to leave. Standing up implies that you’re serious about leaving.


Don’t be obnoxious about it now. That’s just as unpleasant as wriggling in your seat and frantically seeking for a way out. Smoothly and confidently stand up. Simply remark, “Well, I must be gone,” while rising. Never make an excuse for needing to leave. An excuse might make your hostess feel insignificant, forcing you to explain yourself sheepishly all the way to the door.

Try this approach if you want to make an especially deft transition from sitting to standing. Wait for a gap in the discussion before starting a brief narrative when you’re ready to depart. Make it a captivating and engaging tale. You’d want to make them chuckle. Start standing up while you narrate the narrative. While you’re spinning yarn, you can even start putting on your coat and cap. When you reach the conclusion of the narrative, walk beside your host. Give the group a brief wink, and…

3. Extend your hand. Okay, you’ve taken a step forward. What are your options now? This is a critical juncture. If you don’t keep walking towards the door, your host and other guests will most likely wrap their tentacles around you and take you prisoner for another round of Parcheesi.

Offer your hand to your host as soon as you’re up and about. Give a strong handshake. If it’s a girl or a European gentleman, give him a hug or a kiss on the cheek if it’s suitable. Most socially skilled folks will see that you’re serious about leaving and will lead you to the door and see you out. Some individuals, though, will attempt to persuade you to remain.

4. Say “Thank you!” and “Goodbye!” to each other. Thank your host or anyone you’re with for the hospitality and discussion as you shake hands. Look them in the eyes, smile broadly, and praise the host on a particular aspect of the event that you loved. “Thank you very much for the supper!” I’ve never tasted a better pumpkin pie than yours!” Say a friendly “goodbye” or “see you later.” Also, be sure you say your goodbyes to the rest of the group.

5. Collect your belongings. You don’t want to leave anything behind that would prompt you to return after you’ve gone. This simply increases the chances of being drawn back into social hell. And it shatters the pleasant image of you that the host and the remaining guests had formed of you as soon as you departed. Take your coat and hat, as well as your wife’s coat and handbag, with you. Make sure you have your phones with you. If you do chance to leave anything, don’t pick it up till the next day.

6. Walk confidently to the door. At this point, a man’s inertia may get the better of him. You could end up sitting down again if you don’t start heading towards the door. Once you’ve made your way to the front door, do it with confidence and resolve. If you pause to appreciate Grandma’s china cabinet, you could receive a 10-minute history lesson on the cabinet’s history from the Civil War to now.


7. Go ahead and open the door. You’ve arrived at the front door. You’re nearly there, yet unpleasant conversation might cause your departure to be delayed unnecessarily. You will be greeted by a kind host who will open the door and see you out. Some individuals, on the other hand, either haven’t been taught this etiquette or have forgotten it. Individuals in the latter category also seem to be the kind that will carry on a 15-minute talk in the doorway. You’ll be bound to listen to your wife’s co-worker chat about how she has a busy day manufacturing name badges for a conference tomorrow and her cats’ feeding habits if you don’t take things into your own hands and open the door. If your host does not open the door for you, you should do it as soon as you arrive. Step out after the door has been opened. Even if the host continues to speak with you, the inside/outside duality will eventually force them to lock the door and send you on your way.

8. Take a step back. Walk to your automobile after saying your last goodbyes and niceties. Tip your hat (you are, after all, wearing a hat) for a last nice touch. The mission has been completed! You’ll be back in your man chair, sitting by the fire, reading The Art of Manliness in a few minutes.

Do you have any additional suggestions for how to leave a scene? Leave them in the comments section.



The “male friendship” is a type of relationship between men. It can be difficult to exit a room like a man, and this article will help you do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you leave a room without turning your back?

A: There are four buttons that you can use to exit a room. One is the controller button, one is on your headset and two others depend on which type of gamepad you using.

How do I make my room not rude?

A: The best way to not be rude in a room is by not being there.

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