How to Cross a Piranha

How to Cross a Piranha is an indie survival game where you must cross the water before being eaten by the piranhas. The goal of this blog post is to demonstrate how I would answer someone who asked me how they can safely cross over a piranha infested body of water in order to reach safety.

Piranhas are carnivorous fish that have sharp teeth and can grow up to 20 inches long. They live in freshwater rivers, lakes, and ponds.

Illustration about crossing a piranha-infested river.

The good news is that piranhas hardly seldom attack people unless they are already damaged or dead. The bad news, according to Ray Owczarzak, associate curator of fishes at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, is that a good-sized school of piranhas could swallow an entire man in approximately 5 minutes.

Fortunately, piranhas are only found in South America, where they dwell only in freshwater, usually in warm, slow-moving rivers and floodplains. If you have an option, go for the wet season (October-March), when the piranhas have enough to eat and aren’t as aggressive. It should go without saying that if you observe piranhas actively eating in the water you’re going to cross, you should avoid it unless you relish plunging your fingers into an active blender. 

1: Make sure any exposed wounds are covered. The blood in the water attracts piranhas.

2: Cross in a location distant from fishing nets or fish cleaning stations.

3: Cross in the evening when the piranhas are less active. Avoid them when they’re most active, which is when they’re down.

4: Move across the water as swiftly and softly as possible to avoid disturbing resting piranhas.

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Ted Slampyak created the illustration.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can humans swim with piranhas?

A: Humans have no natural predators, so it is possible for them to swim in piranhas territory. However, experts recommend that humans not do this because the chance of an animal attack increases and can lead to severe injuries or death from a bite or attack by another predator

Are piranhas deadly?

A: The answer is yes. Piranhas are carnivorous fish and they kill their prey by clamping onto the flesh with sharp teeth, then using suction to tear pieces of meat off as quickly as possible. They will also attack humans if given the opportunity.

Can you survive piranhas?

A: While piranhas are able to eat other fish, they usually dont go after humans. For that reason, it is not possible for a human to survive being eaten by them.

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