How to Create the Perfect Cheap Home Gym

With the cost of gym memberships skyrocketing, a lot of people are turning to alternative methods. Here’s how you can make your own home workout area for cheaper than ever before!

The “how to make a home gym with no money” is an article that will help you create the perfect cheap home gym. The article contains 8 steps that will help you get started on your journey.

Man flipping tractor tire on road.

Tom Pehrson wrote me a great article about building your own fitness equipment in response to my call for suggestions for manly crafts (and in response to a couple of reader emails—by crafts, I wasn’t referring to things like carpentry and blacksmithing, which are of course very manly—but to specific DIY projects that men could take on). Tom lives in Alaska, reads AoM, and works out on his own fitness equipment. There’s a dude now.

Nothing makes you feel more manly than working out in your garage. Many guys have given up their worthless globo gym subscriptions and utilized the money to purchase equipment for their own garage gyms. This saves time, plus you retain the equipment instead of paying some jerk’s exorbitant automobile payment.

You’re halfway there if you have a nice weight set, a bench, and preferably a squat rack. There are a few additional features to the home gym that make it even more effective and may help you improve your fitness. Here are eight items of gear that can improve your masculine power while also saving you money in the long run.

Boxes for plyometrics

Plyometric box placed on floor for fitness.

Jumping on a plyo box is one of the best ways to develop explosive strength. However, most fitness wholesalers charge exorbitant prices for plyo boxes. Here at Art of Manliness, we’ve got some great instructions on how to create a 3-in-1 Plyometrics box.


Homemade sandbag for fitness routine.

Sandbags are a very adaptable piece of equipment. Cleans, carries, snatches, and strongman-style loads are all possible with them. The greatest part is that they are quite inexpensive to create. An old duffel bag (ideally an army/navy backpack), contractor’s sacks, and pea gravel are all you’ll need. In the contractor’s bags, double-bag the pea gravel and fasten the bags with tape. Each smaller bag may be loaded at the weight you deem appropriate.

I have one huge Navy sea bag and five 25-pound little sandbags that fit inside the main Navy bag, allowing me to adjust the weight as needed.

Another fantastic workout is to fill up your beloved wheelbarrow with your sandbag and some more 45-pound plates. Quickly walk 100 feet, turn around, and return to the starting place. When you’ve got this workout, who needs shrugs?

Platform for Lifting

Homemade gym for fitness.

You’ll need a lifting platform if you’re a fan of the Olympic lifts (and who isn’t?). This is a do-it-yourself project that’s a bit too complicated to get into here. The following instructions will show you how to construct a weightlifting platform.

dragging a sled/tires

Homemade man pulling sled for fitness.

One of the finest workouts for enhancing work capacity and overall physical preparation is pulling a sled. This piece of equipment will put your welding abilities to good use. A length of 1.25 square steel tubing (about 13′′ long), an 18′′x 24′′ piece of steel, and a towing strap are required.

First, bend a 2′′ lip curved to 45 degrees at one end of the 18′′x24′′ piece of 1/4′′ thick sheet metal. Drill a hole for the tow line through the lip next. After that, cut the tube (3). 25-inch chunks have been removed. These are the spacers on which the weight plates will rest. Weld the 12.25-inch-long tube into the flat steel surface’s middle. Finish the piece by welding the spacers in a circle equidistant from the pole so that your weight rests securely on them.


**This is a masculine sled, but if you don’t have a welder (or the abilities), you can use a tow rope to pull a giant tire around.

To learn more about becoming a garage gym athlete, listen to our podcast:



Man lifting keg for fitness routine.

When completing strongman workouts, kegs will be another tool we’ll employ. You may clean and press with them, carry them long distances, or conduct loading workouts with them. (As an aside, loading workouts require the athlete to set a heavy item on a surface that is at least head height.) The most well-known of these sorts of occurrences is the atlas stone.)

Tires for Giant Tractors

Tractor tire lying on floor.

Even if you don’t build anything, having one of them around the home exudes a sense of manliness. Also, they’re normally F-R-E-E, but you’ll have to carry it home using your movement talents. My tires were purchased from Les Schwab, but any tire yard or heavy equipment store should be able to provide you with one. Even-esh and Elliot Hulse both have their athletes regularly flip tires.

The primary activity is flipping these animals, but you can also use your tow rope to pull them by attaching it to the lip. The farmer’s carry (standing inside the tire, lifting, and walking a specified distance) and glute-ham sit-ups are two more workouts to try (sitting on the tire with your feet inside the hole, hook your toes inside the lip and lean back to parallel and up again).

Slosh Pipe is a kind of pipe.

Man holding slosh pipe for fitness routine.

Don’t be fooled by this piece of equipment’s simple look. You’ll feel the abdominal equivalent of 100 crunches and 50 military presses if you use one of these. Fill a 5 -7′ length of 2′ pvc pipe with water to 2/3 capacity, then seal the ends. Cleans and presses, overhead carries, drags, and deadlifts may all be done with them for a quick and powerful exercise.

You can’t raise something you can’t hold.

Man holding pvc pipe with duct tape gripping.



The “home gym for beginners” is a great way to get started on working out. The gym can be as simple or complex as the person wants it to be. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. Here are some tips for creating your own home gym that fits your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a home gym under $100?

A: There are many ways you can make a home gym without having to spend $100. For example, there are always the cheaper exercises that dont require a lot of equipment. Try doing pullups and pushups with your own body weight as resistance or use an exercise ball instead of weights while performing squats or lunges.

What do you need for the perfect home gym?

A: To have a good home gym, you need to invest in a treadmill and an exercise bike. You are probably going to want weights as well for resistance training.

Is it worth building a home gym?

A: Its really not worth building a home gym.

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