How to Choose Shoes That Fit Perfectly

This is a guide on how to choose the shoe that fits perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying shoes for work or school, having them professionally fitted can help ensure they fit better in every way possible.

The “how to choose the right shoes for an outfit” is a guide that will teach you how to find the perfect pair of shoes. You should always make sure that your shoe size matches with your foot size.


Shoe shopping may not be at the top of many men’s lists of favorite pastimes, but it must be done from time to time. And it’s a procedure that should be approached with caution. Your shoes will have a disproportionate impact on your total comfort level, regardless of the stylistic concerns that may be forefront in your thoughts. Ill-fitting shoes may make standing and walking a real discomfort, as well as create serious health problems for your ankles, knees, back, and other joints.

Whether you’re shopping for casual sports sneakers or formal dress shoes, you want the pair you purchase to fit you precisely. Following the criteria described above will go you a long way; nevertheless, these extra recommendations will help you carry your new boots home:

1. Try on shoes later in the day or evening. Your feet will expand during the day, therefore it’s best to wear shoes that suit your feet at their maximum size rather than their lowest size.


2. Try on shoes while wearing the socks you’ll be wearing with them most of the time. Try on dress shoes with dress socks if you’re intending to wear dress socks with your dress shoes. Try on athletic shoes with athletic socks if you’re intending to use athletic socks with your athletic shoes.


4. When trying on shoes, don’t become too fixated on “your” size. “I’m a size 10, and these shoes are a size 10, therefore they should fit,” don’t think while you’re shopping. While you may be a standard size, each brand’s shoes are sized differently. So start by putting on a pair in your usual size, and then move up or down in size based on how your foot feels, rather than what the shoebox indicates.


5. Always try on two pairs of shoes. It’s common for one of your foot to be bigger or smaller than the other. Purchase the size that corresponds to your bigger foot.


6. Go for a stroll on both hard and soft surfaces to see how you react. The shoes will have a distinct feel depending on the surface. 

7. Check if they are comfortable immediately out of the box. While new shoes will mold to your feet over time, particularly if they’re made of leather, the degree to which their size and shape alter isn’t substantial. So don’t expect a break-in period to transform an uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoe into a pleasant, well-fitting one; your shoes should feel wonderful and fit properly right away.

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The “how to make big shoes fit smaller” is a guide that will help you decide which shoe size to buy. It also includes information about how to find the perfect shoe size for your feet and what types of shoes are best for different activities.

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