How to Carve a Turtle Out of a Bar of Soap

Almost everyone has heard of the old myth that you can carve a turtle out of soap. In reality, this is not possible because there are no openings in a bar of soap for an animal to get inside. This myth is often used as a teaching moment about how hard it would be to actually do something impossible or what could happen if someone tried it anyway.

The “turtle carving soap” is a process that can be used to create a turtle out of soap. The process involves cutting the bar into long thin strips, and then folding them in half. Then the person will take one of the two halves and fold it in half again, creating a square shape. They will then cut this square in half, creating four smaller squares. Finally, they will make each of these smaller squares into triangles by folding them over twice.


Whittling has always been a popular activity for individuals to pass the time. If you have a smaller kid who isn’t quite ready to whittle actual wood yet, have them carve a bar of soap to practice their skills.

Carving soap into animals is something you may have done as a kid in Boy Scouts, and it’s something you can do with your own kids simply for pleasure.

Because soap is so soft, it’s an excellent material for children to whittle. If your child does not yet have expertise with a pocket knife, they may use a butter knife to complete the task. This exercise enables kids to practice cutting with a knife without risking self-injury. Soap is also inexpensive and readily available. If your child makes a mistake, just drop the soiled bar of soap into the shower to be used as intended.

The forms that children may whittle are unlimited, but a turtle is a simple first effort. Here’s how you carve a form that looks a little bit like a turtle:

Step 1: Scrape off any branding/wording imprinted on the top of the bar of soap using a gentle scraper.


Step 2: Draw the outline of a turtle on your soap using a skewer or toothpick.



Step 3: Cut the soap into rough shapes until you’ve reached the outline you sketched on it. 


Step 4: Shape your turtle and make it seem more turtle-like by whittling it. 


Step 5: Add eyes and shell texture using a toothpick.


Wet the soap and massage it with your fingertips to smooth any residual rough edges.


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The “soap for turtles” is a process that can be done to create a turtle out of soap. The process involves cutting the bar of soap into thin pieces and then stacking them together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you carve a turtle?

A: In order to carve a turtle, you would need either an axe or knife and some string. You could also use your fingernails if you have long enough nails that are not too sharp. If the turtle is alive, it will probably try to retaliate with its claws when being carved so be careful!

How do you carve soap into animals?

A: This is a difficult, but not impossible task to complete. There are multiple ways that you can go about carving soap into animals if you have the proper tools and practice.

What is the easiest thing to carve out of soap?

A: A soap carving you can answer that.

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