How to Build a Snowman

We all know how to build a snowman, but there are many different kinds of snowmen and their construction can vary considerably. Proper building techniques include insulation over the head as well as below it so that water will not flow in through gaps at the top or bottom. Without this technique, your creation may melt into mush before you even get him up on his feet

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People making snowman while a person is talking to a woman in a red car.

Unless you grew up in Fiji, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with the fundamentals of snowman construction. But today, we’ll round off our series on excellent snow play abilities by discussing how to make a larger, better, quicker, and stronger snowman. Okay, maybe not that quickly; Frosty isn’t going away. However, these pointers might assist you or your children in making the finest snowman in the area.

Start with a healthy base of snow. You can’t construct a decent snowman out of powdery snow, and you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. You’ll need the somewhat damp material. It’s not slush, but the type of snow that falls when the temperature is slightly above or below freezing. Snow that is somewhat damp packs more easily and retains buttons and coal lumps better. If the snow you’re working with is too dry, you may assist nature out by spraying it with a hose fitted with a fine mist nozzle. To prevent striking soil and making a mudman, you’ll need around 4 inches of snow on the ground.

Kids posing with snowman in woods.

Sadly, this snowman devoured all three youngsters only seconds after this photograph was shot.

Assemble the balls. Begin with a large snowball that you pack in your hand and roll on the ground to enable it to collect up snow and grow. So you don’t end up with a cylinder instead of a gorgeous spherical, remember to roll it in various directions. Keep the ball from contacting the snowless ground and collecting up dirt, twigs, and other debris.

The largest ball is at the bottom. Place it where you’d want the snowman to live; the better if you can view it from inside the home. Choose a location that is shaded and not in direct sunshine. This will extend the life of the snowman.

Arrange the balls in a stack. Jim Sysko, a professional snowman builder who worked on the world’s biggest snowman, suggests flattening the top of the initial ball. Then, before placing the middle segment ball on top of the first, flatten the bottom of that ball. More stability when flat on flat. Repeat until the top of the middle ball and the bottom of the top ball are both flat.

Big snowman with a plank placed on it.

If you’re making a massive snowman and can’t get the center or top ball into position, obtain a plank and roll the ball up it.

Once you’ve placed all of the balls on top of one another, fill up the gaps with snow to make the construction more stable.

Make your snowman more appealing. After you’ve completed the basic framework of the snowman, it’s time to bring Old Frosty to life. Although it has a strong risk of blowing away, an old silk cap is essential in this. A nose carrot and coal (but who can find coal these days? Little pebbles (or buttons for the eyes and mouth) work nearly as well as real ones. Simply use your imagination and see what you have in the garden and kitchen. Prunes are good for the eyes and provide the birds something to eat. For arms, put some sticks in the side.


To avoid early blindness in your snowman, Sysko suggests facing the face away from the sun.

Woman getting surprised after seeing snowman in the freezer.

If you’re going to put Frosty in the freezer, make sure you notify the wife.

Consider painting your snowman using a combination of food coloring and water instead of using physical add-ons. As Frosty begins to melt, you may either paint on a grin or traumatize your youngsters by adding some tears. You may even give your snowman a gushing gunshot wound or a brain injury if you truly want to scare the youngsters. We turn to our dear buddy Calvin for some gloomy ideas:

calvin and hobbes snowman comic strip cartoon illustrationDo you have any other suggestions for making a fantastic snowman? Please share them in the comments!



The “how to build a snowman preschool” is a guide for how to make a snowman. The article will teach you how to make the body and head of your snowman, as well as what materials you will need.

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