How to Build a Sawhorse

The saw horse is a type of primitive construction tool that can be used to build temporary shelters, bridges and other things. It consists of two pieces: the log holder and the plank with an angled blade at one end.

The “how to make a sawhorse out of 2×4” is a common woodworking project. It’s also an easy way to build a sawhorse.

Craftsman flew me up to Chicago for a blogger conference at their Craftsman Experience store a few months ago. (If you ever find yourself in Chicago, I highly suggest paying a visit to the Craftsman Experience.) It’s completely free and available to the whole public.) I spent the day with numerous DIY bloggers, playing with tools and learning how to make different projects. Timothy Dahl, the proprietor of the DIY site Charles and Hudson, did a project that I really liked and found very helpful.

Timothy demonstrated how to create a basic, but durable sawhorse that even a novice handyman like me could construct without too much difficulty.

Why am I interested in making a sawhorse?

That is an excellent question. Sawhorses are useful in a number of scenarios. When you need to saw anything, the first and most apparent instance in which a sawhorse is beneficial is when you need to saw something. Duh. A sawhorse provides the necessary support and elevation for a clean cut on the board you’re cutting.

A pair of sawhorses may also be utilized as a temporary scaffold or work table. Simply use two sawhorses as legs and cover them with a piece of plywood. My supervisor used a pair of sawhorses and an old door he found on the side of the road to create his worktable when I worked as a painter in high school. When preparing for a garage sale, makeshift tables made from sawhorses are quite useful.

Let’s see what happens. Other reasons to create a sawhorse include… How about an improvised seesaw? Or how about using it as the fulcrum for a catapult for home defense? This is only a hunch.

While you can purchase ready-made sawhorses at your local big box hardware shop, you’ll lose out on the excitement and pleasure of creating something that will last for years.


Tim recommends the following materials for his sawhorses. It’ll enough to build a pair.

  • Six 2x4s measuring 3212 inches (for the I-beams)
  • 8 x 30 inch 2x4s (for the legs)
  • 12 three-inch wood screws
  • a total of 32 16D galvanized nails

How to Construct a Sawhorse

A sawhorse is simple to construct. It’s an excellent first project for a guy who has never worked with tools before but wants to improve his home skills.

This is one method of making a sawhorse. I’m sure there are a variety of alternative options. This design is ideal for usage in a normal suburban garage on a daily basis. You may want to attempt a different design if you intend to use your sawhorses for heavy tasks.

1. Take measurements and cut your wood

Cutting and measuring wood for DIY homemade sawhorse.

I had to trim the 2x4s down to the required sizes since they arrived in sixteen-foot lengths. I’m measuring and cutting 3212-inch sections for the I-beams and 30-inch pieces for the legs in this photo. It’s important to remember to measure twice and cut once.


Cutting wood for DIY homemade sawhorse for garage.

To cut the wood, I’m using a portable compound miter saw. A hand-held circular saw or even an old-fashioned handsaw may be used.

Pile of 2x4 woods for DIY homemade sawhorse.

It’s all set to be made into a sawhorse.

2. Construct I-Beams

2x4s made into I beam formation for DIY homemade sawhorse.

Make a “I” with three of your 3212-inch 2x4s by screwing them together.

A man drilling with machine into a wooden pile.

Before driving the screws in, I found it beneficial to drill a pilot hole.

Making holes for a screw in a wood.

On the top and bottom of the I-beam, drive three wood screws straight down the center. Two screws should be placed at either end of the I-beam, and the third should be driven exactly in the center.

Finished I beam for DIY homemade sawhorse.

I-Beam completed

3. Attach the Legs to the I-Beam using nails.

Striking nail into the I-beam with hammer.

Connect the ends of the 30′′ 2x4s to the top of the I-beam in this manner. Two nails should be hammered into the center I-beam component at the top of the leg.

A man joining sawhorse leg with nails and holding hammer.

Two additional nails should be driven into your leg, through the bottom I-beam piece.

A man holding wooden pile.

If you’ve done everything right, your nails should create a box pattern. The dents in the wood are from my hammer. I need to work on my technique.

Joining the other leg of sawahorse with nails.

Rep with each leg.

Sawhorse is finished.

Completed sawhorse is being displayed.

My completed sawhorse. Make a second sawhorse for a pair by rinsing, washing, and repeating the process. Simply stack these nasty guys to store them.

Have fun!



The sawhorse is a tool used to make cuts in wood. It’s also useful for building other structures, like bridges. The “sawhorse leg angle” is the angle of the “legs” on a sawhorse.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a simple wood sawhorse?


What angle do you cut sawhorse legs?

A: The angle that you cut the sawhorse legs is usually between 45 and 60 degrees.

How many 2×4 do I need for a sawhorse?

A: You would need at least three 2×4 and a saw to make your own sawhorse.

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