How to Be Successful: 10 Best Tips

It is said that success comes from the ability to take risks and make mistakes. This article will discuss 10 tips for being successful in any environment, beginning with a few easy suggestions and ending with advice on how to cope when you inevitably fail.

The “tips to be successful in life” is a list of ten tips that will help you achieve success.

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The following extract on “The Ten Commandments of Success” is taken from Frank Crane’s The Business of Life (1916). From the original, it has been condensed. 

The goal of this piece of writing is to provide an overview of the principles of success. I’d point out not all of the things, but the kind of factors that contribute to a victorious life.

I don’t think you’ll be successful in your chosen field. I have nothing to say on some of the topics that pique your interest, such as how to increase sales at your store, how to rise to popularity as an actor, how to get elected to office, how to become wealthy, how to play the violin, or how to produce a best book. But I’ll talk about things like your own self-confidence, the affection and esteem of people who know you, a settled sense of bravery toward destiny, optimism for the future, and contentment with the past – in other words, life success rather than career success.

Vocational education is required. However, life training is more important. To become an experienced mechanic, baker, or lawyer, you need serve a lengthy apprenticeship and obtain business training, but it is not the primary focus of education. Because the primary purpose of education should be to make you a healthy, productive, and happy person.

There are two types of success: distinction success and satisfaction success.

Distinction success entails being wealthy, famous, or otherwise distinguishing yourself from your peers.

This type of accomplishment, without a doubt, tastes delicious and appeals to us all. We like being in the limelight and seeing our names and images in newspapers and magazines. We should be justifiably proud of the fact that our names will go down in history.

But it’s important to remember that chance plays a big role in this kind of accomplishment.

Distinction is always a combination of skill and luck. Although Napoleon, Grant, Roosevelt, and Dickens were all highly qualified persons, there have been many others with comparable ability who have never achieved such distinction. Good luck does not always play a role in a person’s rise to prominence, but it almost always does.

Opportunity, on the other hand, has little to do with the achievement of fulfillment. You can be happy, strong, efficient, lovable, not ashamed to look yourself in the mirror, draw your wages, and stand before the judgment seat; you can make your life a happy and not a sad affair, and you can do it despite all the gods of Olympus, all ill luck, sickness, and calamity, and all the imps of perdition.

You may get contentment with as much certainty as two plus two equals four. All you have to do is seek out and follow the universal rules of the spirit. They are equally as precise as mathematical rules.


As a result, we’ll write down some success tips and title them the Ten Commandments. Because they are very ancient, very apparent, and, above all, extremely necessary.

Because success is not some fresh technique or new discovery, but rather the well-worn route of knowledge, the road of sages from Moses to Maeterlinck, and our children’s descendants must inevitably study the same map and examine the same landmarks that our fathers’ fathers knew.

Control Your Thoughts is the first and most important commandment.

First and foremost, you must believe this; otherwise, there is no hope for you, and you will succumb to failure and tragedy at some point, somewhere. You must feel that you have power over your thoughts and that you are not controlled by your ideas.

Thoughts seem to arrive and go on their own. This or that comes to mind for no apparent reason. You claim that you are unable to control your thoughts. So when you have dark ideas, you are sad, and when you have sunny ones, you are joyful. As a result, you are a fluttering fall leaf, the football of destiny, the plaything of invisible forces over which you have no control.

The first key to strength is to recognize that this belief is incorrect. Not necessarily directly, but always indirectly, you may influence your ideas. You can achieve this by using your ability to divert your focus to anything else.

As a result, refuse to consider any ideas that are harmful, enervating, or depressing. Fear is the arch-enemy of success, therefore resist and escape it at all costs.

Never believe in a prophecy or a superstition, and never be terrified of the unexplained or unknown. The weak and foolish are led by such stumbling blocks.

A negative idea may enter your mind without your permission, but it will not remain with you if you do not want it to. It may knock on your mental door, but you are not required to let it in to sit and eat.

Be courageous is the second commandment.

The most important virtue is courage.

There has never been a tribe found that did not hold a courageous man in high regard.

Many of the other qualities they do not regard, and others they have never heard of, but men and women have always valued bravery.

Do not be afraid of the dark, night, future, or unknown. To be afraid of goblins is to be one.

Do not be afraid of yourself. You have the ability to accomplish anything you need to do. Ability is not assessed by duty, but duty is measured by ability. As you progress with your goal, you will gain strength.

Others should not be feared. You are the only one who can wreck your life. Nobody can take away what fate has inscribed on your name. Your own will find its way to you. Be calm and confident, and don’t be terrified.

I’ve never met a brilliant person who was afraid.

Third, make a plan and stick to it.

Isn’t having a successful life just as vital as having a profitable grocery store? And how long would his shop remain profitable if he didn’t keep accounts or keep track of how much he took in and how much he paid out? Could you be a successful physician with no list of calls to make and the freedom to go whenever you want and see whoever you want? Could you travel without ever looking at a timetable, explore a strange country without a map, sail the sea without a chart or compass, run a school with no discipline, no hours for work and hours for play, or lead an army to victory if your troops were a disorderly mob and you had no knowledge of the territory you invaded? How much less can you expect Life Without a Plan to be a success? Make a calendar for the next year. Arrange your passions in ascending order of priority. First and foremost, put your best foot forward. Don’t waste time, drift, or float.


Make plans for your day. Put the twenty-four hours you have at your disposal into businesses and courses. It’s remarkable how much you can get done in a day if you arrange your time; it’s even more astounding how much you can get done in a year if you order your time.

Both your day and your job should be planned. It’s much more enjoyable when you know you’ll have enough time to do it. And if you’re troubled by the feeling that you should be at work, your leisure time is ruined.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to your timetable to the letter. You should not be a slave to a software you created. If required, deviate from the regimen. However, make sure you have a routine to break.

A well-planned program relieves a lot of stress. It’s something to do when you’re stuck for ideas. You don’t have to be exact or robotic; just be smart.

The fourth step is to figure out what you want.

I’ve spoken with a lot of depressed souls, helpless as flies caught in sticky flypaper, slaves of habits and victims of bad luck and “unjust economic conditions,” and the majority of them didn’t want too much, nor did they want the wrong things; they were suffering and powerless simply because they didn’t know what they wanted.

Take a day off, at least a few hours, to analyze yourself, go over all the items that you believe would make you happy if you had them, and choose the most worthwhile item.

There has to be one aim that you want to achieve above all others. Figure out what it is, the one thing worth sacrificing everything for, then go for it.

You can only offer your existence unity, purpose, and continuity if you do in this way. The aimless are the miserable.

And don’t just state that you “want to be happy.” Choose something that you believe will make you happy, plan for it, prepare for it, and direct your will toward it; and even if you don’t achieve it, you will still receive something greater – a consistent Life.

Because, as Robert Louis Stevenson puts it, the essential delight of mortals is to travel rather than to arrive.

That is, if they aren’t running about like ants and are going someplace.

Fifth, intelligently resolve the sex issue.

The sex impulse is by far the most powerful of man’s instincts. Those who do not understand how to maintain everything in its place, how to make it minister to the beauty and richness of life rather than soil and spoil, will almost certainly never achieve any form of satisfaction.

The sex desire isn’t naughty. It’s only natural. 

The first step is to figure out what it means. Those who allow their children to grow up unaware of this issue are doing them a grave disservice. Indeed, the majority of sex catastrophes are caused by ignorance rather than malice.


Sex feelings have their place, and it’s a very healthy and lovely one. It refers to family life, loving ties between husband and wife, and children, without which the lovely field of romantic devotion would vanish.

The one aspect to bear in mind if we want things to be nice and not humiliating is to idealize it. We’re half-Brute, half-Angel. To idealize is to simply put the Angel in charge of the Brute, to control and force him. The finest idealizer is love, sincere and faithful love.

When a young man really falls in love, his spirit is never purer or cleaner.

It is True Love, not repression, self-mortification, religious ecstasy, sackcloth and ashes, or asceticism, that makes the race respectable. When Dante spoke about beloved Beatrice, he said that there was something in her presence that appeared to kill all evil and quench every base desire.

Sixth, pay attention to your financial situation.

To declare that money is wicked, that you have a soul above money, that working for money is low, that saving is vile, and that keeping track of your costs is small, is just a jumble of ideas.

Money is merely a metric by which mankind’s common sense assesses your utility.

There are a few cases when this measure cannot be correctly used, although these are rare.

Every human being’s first responsibility is to locate a portion of the world’s labor for which the world is ready to give him money. That is to say, humanity feels he has a good reason to be alive and a right to his fair portion of food and clothing.

Money is responsible for almost seven-eighths of men and women’s common or garden sorrow.

Money isn’t everything, and there are times when we should reject it, but it does mean a deal: it means enough food, housing, and bodily comfort, as well as educational opportunities, cultural benefits, and self-improvement opportunities.

A person who does not work for a living, whether a common hobo and loafer or a well-endowed idler, is a nuisance and a threat to society.

As a result, it is every man’s responsibility to earn money honestly, save money diligently, and spend money wisely.

Save! Every human being has the ability to survive on a bit less than he now does. Most of our terrible economic fevers and emotions would vanish if we all preserved our excess, since each tub would stand on its own bottom.

The seventh step is to re-adjust yourself.

Adjustment is the key to efficiency. Those who know how to modify are those who do things.

By adjusting the sails to the wind, the sailor propels his boat forward.

By manipulating steel and gases, the mechanic propels a locomotive, vehicle, riverboat, or aircraft.

Although the horse is stronger than the man, the man rides the horse and commands him to go where he wants because the man knows how to place a bit in the horse’s mouth and the horse does not know how to spit it out.


Throughout your journey, you will encounter insurmountable hurdles, stone walls, and powers greater than yourself. You’re surrounded by impossibilities.

Every morning and every night, the sun rises and sets. You have no influence over what happens. You come across folks who have strong ideas and biases that you can’t change.

This is the way things are. Accept it and make the necessary adjustments to yourself and your efforts. Don’t slam your head against the closed door; instead, open it.

If there is anything that can be done to assist, do do. If it doesn’t work, try something different. Why bruise your fists against the tree if you don’t have an ax? Worry, not labor, is what kills people. And concern is nothing more or less than an inability to adapt.

Find and work with the enormous cosmic powers. And after you’ve done your bit, hand over control to them. Don’t yell, shriek, or act tragically. Do your part while remaining cool.

The eighth rule is to be a good sport.

This Americanism is what I use since it explains exactly what I mean. Being a good sport also entails being a good loser.

The art of losing is the art of art. The ability to handle failure is the key to success.

Walking, they say, is a series of stumbles, and life is a series of blunders.

Ed Howe adds, “How else could I have developed any common sense if I hadn’t made a lot of mistakes?” So, whether you will be successful in life depends not on your skill to win or your luck in winning, but on your capacity to pick yourself up after being knocked down and return to the battle smiling and confident.

Don’t pout, complain, or feel sorry for yourself; your time is limited; get busy.

Also, don’t make others feel sorry for you. Have you ever gotten anything from men’s pity?

Ninth: Keep going.

Frequently, a young kid contacts me and sends me a tale or a poem, asking whether I believe he has the potential to be a successful writer, or if I believe he has brilliance.

I’m never sure. For the simple reason that the quality of an author’s earliest works does not serve as a barometer of his abilities. The more primitive they are, the more innovative his abilities may grow.

The closest I can get to characterizing brilliance is a force inside a guy that propels him forward. Successful writers can’t stop themselves from writing, and no amount of despair can stop them. Of course, one might continue and yet be mediocre, but nobody can write unless he wants to write, regardless of critics and cynics.

In every other sphere of endeavor, the same is true.

Lastly, and most importantly, Obey Your Conscience.

I’m not talking about going to Heaven or saving your soul right now; I’m just talking about success, any form of worldly and worthwhile success.

Because Conscience is merely the General Game’s Rules. It’s a cosmological correction.


It indicates you’re operating in line with those big laws, which are frequently concealed and seem inactive at first but ultimately win out in the end.

The world may scorn a man who does what he believes is right, but he will never scorn himself. You may put him in jail, torment him, and murder him, but you won’t be able to take away his inner feeling of victory.

All of history is moving in his direction. In their own ways, the stars battle for him. He is connected to the sun.

The individual who disobeys his conscience may seem to be successful. It’s possible that everyone believes this. Everyone, save one, may be duped. But he can’t deceive himself. He will finally realize he has failed.

And rising from the feast of life with the taste of ashes in one’s tongue is not a pleasant experience.



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The “career success tips” are 10 best tips that will help you to be successful in your career. These tips include how to find a job, how to get promoted, and how to deal with stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tips for success?

A: There are three main things you should consider to increase your chances of success. One, try not to make more than one change at a time; two, if you feel like something is working for you but isnt making progress, take a break and come back later; three, keep trying different approaches until the desired result is achieved.

What are the 5 keys to success?

A: There are many different ways to find success, but there is one thing that most successful people share in common. They all have a hard work ethic and always live by the phrase work smarter, not harder.

What 3 things do you need to be successful?

A: Self-discipline, Patience and Focus.

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