How to be Romantic and Give Flowers

Dating is a vast and complicated topic, but one thing most people agree on: giving your significant other flowers. Though it’s not the only way to say “I love you,” these romantic gestures are sure to put a smile on their face!

If you want to be romantic and give flowers, the most important thing is to make sure that you are giving them with a smile. You should also make sure that you are not too forward and don’t put your hand on her waist or try to kiss her. Read more in detail here: how to give flowers to a girl.

Victorian couple 1800s vintage portrait.

Women sometimes complain that their husbands aren’t romantic enough. Men, on the other hand, have a hard time expressing their thoughts and often rely on corny Hallmark cards or overpriced bejeweled trinkets to do it for them. There is, however, a much better method to be romantic that does not need you to spend a lot or even use your lips.

Courting was a formal and dignified undertaking in the days before it consisted of hanging around and sipping drinks. Symbols were utilized to communicate sentiments and concepts that were too profound to be expressed in words. The gifting and receiving of flowers became a distinct love language throughout the Victorian era. Everything about the flower, from its kind and size to how it was handled or presented, had layers of significance and indicated a gentleman’s sentiments and intentions. Each bouquet carried a hidden message that a woman would anxiously decipher and examine.

Giving flowers has become a bit of a cliche these days. Reviving this Victorian practice will breathe fresh life into the gesture and restore some of the subtlety, intrigue, and pleasure of wooing. Your woman will swoon since you put more consideration into your flower pick than purchasing a bouquet from the Wal-Mart case. You’ll seem to be a true gentleman as well as a hopeless romantic. It has the potential to become a wonderful tradition that you and your partner will appreciate. Seriously. This thing is devoured by women.

Of fact, even today’s ladies are unaware of the symbolism of flowers. So get this floral dictionary for your wife. Keep a copy for yourself (it’s critical that you both utilize the same source, since meanings aren’t always consistent and may differ from book to book). Then, whenever you give her a bouquet, she may go through the book to see what secret messages you’ve hidden in the flowers.

There are even flowers that express rejection or unrequited love, but having your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend anxiously peruse through a book just to discover she’s been rejected is just plain cruel.

To get you started, here’s a small list of floral meanings. You’ll be reviving swarms of ladies with smelling salts as they swoon for you if you follow them.


Carnation is a flower that fascinates me.

Chrysanthemum is a flower that symbolizes friendship.

Daisy is a symbol of devoted affection.

Orchid is a flower that symbolizes love and beauty.

Lily symbolizes purity and tenderness.

Romantic love is symbolized by the red rose.

Secret love with a pink rose

Friendship symbolized by the yellow rose

Innocent love is symbolized by the white rose.

Passionate thoughts are symbolized by the colors rose, yellow, and orange.


The Happiness of a Baby’s Breath

“Do You Still Love Me,” Lilac, Mauve

Honeysuckle is a flower that symbolizes love.

Your love is returned, Ambrosia.

Red Camellia: In my heart, you’re a blaze.

White Camellia: You’re lovely.

Memories, Faithful Love, Forget-me-not

Hibiscus is a delicate flower with a delicate beauty.

Purple hyacinth: Please accept my apologies. Sorrow

Oleander: Grace and Beauty

Pleasures of Memory, Periwinkle, White

Check out this website for additional information about flowers and their significance.

When should you offer flowers?

Vintage Victorian couple wedding portrait.

You’ll be able to build bouquets that lend meaning and importance to every event after you’ve mastered the language of flowers. Here are several occasions when flowers will undoubtedly warm your true love’s heart:


It was her birthday. It’s her special day. Make it even more memorable by purchasing a bunch of flowers for her. It does not have to be very complicated.

It is your wedding anniversary. Wedding flowers are associated with women. You can’t go wrong with a bouquet of the same flowers you used during your wedding for your bride. The mere sight of them will conjure up a flood of happy recollections. And the fact that you remembered the perfect flower will make her heart skip a beat and earn you significant points in the romance department.

Valentine’s Day is on February 14th. This is something my wife and I do. She says she doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day every year. Every year, I’m a sucker and don’t buy her anything. I’m going to have an unhappy wife on Valentine’s Day. I’ve finally realized what I needed to know. It’s a hidden code when ladies claim they don’t want anything on Valentine’s Day. Purchase flowers for her. You’ll be pleased you took the time to do so.

Mother’s Day/New Baby Your wife has just gone through 9 months of agony and suffering to give birth to your child. At the very least, get her some flowers. Flowers are also very suited for a new baby. Flowers are symbolic of new life, and you’ll be holding it in your arms. Later on, purchase flowers for your wife on Mother’s Day to express your thanks for all of her hard work as a mother. (Please note that flowers alone are insufficient for Mother’s Day.) It takes a lot of effort to be a mother. She, too, is deserving of something more.)

Get well soon. Nothing would brighten her days and cheer her heart like flowers from the guy she loves if the lady in your life is unwell.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I You made a mistake, and now you’re in hot water. Bring flowers and an apology if you wish to cease sleeping on the sofa. The additional effort may demonstrate your sincere regret to the woman in your life. However, be honest in your apologies. Your wife doesn’t want to be bought off with cheap gestures, therefore a bouquet of flowers with merely a weak or non-existent apologies will backfire. If you’ve been caught cheating, don’t bother with flowers. There aren’t enough flowers in the world to mask a douche bag’s stink.


It’s a momentous occasion. Making time for special dates, whether you’re still dating or have been married for a long time, is critical to keeping your love alive and well. Put purchasing flowers on your list of things to do before those romantic getaways. There’s no better way to set the tone for a memorable night out than to arrive with a lovely bouquet at the door. She’s going to melt.


She’ll be surprised. Who says you need an excuse to purchase flowers for the lady in your life? She’ll be surprised! Make it a practice to stop by the florist on your way home to pick up flowers for your wife every now and then. Have faith in me. It is certain that the investment will pay off.




“How to give flowers without a vase” is the first step to being romantic. By giving flowers without a vase, you are showing that you care about them. You will be able to show your love and affection in other ways by doing this. Reference: how to give flowers without a vase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you give a romantic flower?

Is giving flowers a romantic gesture?

A: Giving flowers is a romantic gesture.

What does giving flowers to a woman mean?

A: Typically, flowers are given as a sign of affection. They can represent love and care for the recipient or simply be seen as an act of beauty in general. Its up to you on how you want to give them!

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