How to Be Resilient

In a world where it seems like everything is going wrong, what can you do to make yourself resilient?

Being resilient is a way to help protect yourself from the challenges of life. It can be difficult in work, but there are ways to make it easier.

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How did you do on the toughness test?

Is it a little chilly? So, welcome to the group.

There are many qualities that the present generation of men lacks, but I believe that our lack of resilience is the most important.

And I say this as someone who has tried to practice this virtue himself.

Each semester of law school, I followed a pitiful regimen. I’d originally be fairly confident in how I performed after completing my exams. But then I’d go down and go through the examinations again, recalling questions that I had missed and difficulties that I had neglected to address. My self-assurance would go swiftly, replaced by a feeling of impending doom and despair. I was certain that I had received a C or had perhaps failed the exam. I wouldn’t receive my grades back for a few weeks, but throughout that time, I’d be in a condition my wife dubbed “logging out,” which featured me resting on the sofa like a melancholy log.

When my results arrived, I’d be happy to see that I hadn’t failed, Kate would chastise me for my crazy conduct, and I’d promise that I’d never do anything like that again. The Log Man, on the other hand, would return for exams the following semester.

I was in desperate need of some grit. I’m still doing it. Law school took a toll on my resilience, for reasons I’ll discuss in future pieces, and I’ve had to work hard to rebuild it. So I decided to conduct some study on the topic and share what I learned with others who may be dealing with resilience as well.

What is the definition of resiliency?

According to research, increasing your resilience boosts your stress resistance and reduces your risks of being sad. It may potentially lower the risk of developing PTSD. Even if you don’t live in a combat zone, life’s difficulties, even the weight of many little failures, may leave a man shell-shocked.

Life might make us want to crawl into a hole at times, but resilience is what allows us to pick ourselves up and get back in the saddle. But what exactly is resiliency?

Resiliency is a trait that allows us to behave and respond in constructive and acceptable ways. Let’s look at both of these topics.

As a Reactive Quality, Resiliency

The capacity to endure setbacks, disappointments, crises, and suffering (mental and physical) with confidence and fortitude is referred to as resiliency.

It is the capacity to rapidly recover from adversity and tragedy.

It’s this characteristic that keeps us going when things become tough. It’s the capacity to remain with something through good times and bad, and the willpower to resist the want to give up when things become tough.


Resilient guys don’t get stuck in a rut because they’re worried about the future, about things that may or may not happen. And they don’t let their previous sins consume them on the inside. Instead, they focus on the present and the aspects of their lives over which they have influence.

Men who are resilient accept full responsibility for their actions. They don’t complain or point fingers at others. Despite this, they do not place so much blame on themselves that shame and guilt prevent them from going on and trying again.

The man who is diagnosed with cancer but stays happy and upbeat demonstrates perseverance. In the guy who gets divorced but does not become resentful. In the man who, despite being sacked from his prominent career, manages to make the most of his situation as a stay-at-home parent. He’s the rock who maintains his cool in the face of terrible news and is able to care for his loved ones when things go wrong. He’s both tough and adaptable.

Resiliency is a trait that enables you to weather not just life’s major catastrophes, but also the banal everyday annoyances that threaten to sap your energy. The resilient guy is one who can deal with a bothersome coworker without exploding, dispute with his wife without exploding, and have his child fail him without exploding.

As an Active Quality, Resilience

While we generally think of resilience as a skill that allows us to respond to adversities, it is also necessary for us to be proactive in our lives. It is this virtue that enables us to confront the world head on like bold explorers, to bravely journey into the unknown like daring adventures. It’s the trait that allows us to take chances, reach out to others, and live completely and courageously.

We would rather linger on our defeats than make progress in our lives if we lacked resilience. We can’t find the confidence or desire to take risks and grasp possibilities because we’re terrified of enduring pain and shame because of previous losses (or even the harm we believe may befall us). We get comfortable to play small without resilience; we withdraw from the world, protecting ourselves from harm but also limiting our opportunities for fun, excitement, and happiness. The dread of failure when we attempt anything new looms big in our thoughts. Yet we overlook an even worse failure: the failure to try, to take a chance.

Every guy wants to learn the secret of the man who can approach any lady and start up a conversation with her. Who has the audacity to go into his boss’s office and request a raise? Whoever makes the journey that everyone else thinks is insane. The key to their success is perseverance. They don’t go about with a thin skin, as if the next letdown would be a deadly blow, a cut to their ego and happiness that will take a lifetime to heal. They aren’t paralyzed by embarrassing fears. They know they won’t skip a beat if they’re rejected, if things don’t work out; they know they won’t shrivel up like a flower; they’ll just accept the setback and keep on. They don’t avoid starting relationships because they’re afraid of the anguish of a breakup; they understand that suffering is a possibility, but they’re secure in their capacity to handle it and move on.


Do you want to be a guy who loves life to the fullest, treating the world as an oyster rather than a minefield? Good news: every guy has the ability to acquire unbreakable resilience.

While some men may have been born with more resilience than others, or may have had parents who assisted them in developing this trait, it, like other virtues, may be enhanced via regular exercise.

We chose to make building resilience among males a multi-part series since it is such an essential and critical issue. We’ll provide you the information and skills you need to enhance your resilience over the following several weeks. Keep an eye out for updates. Part I – An Introduction to Building Your Resilience Avoiding Learned Helplessness and Changing Your Explanatory Style: Part II of Building Your Resiliency Part III – Taking Control of Your Life – Increasing Your Resilience Part IV of Building Your Resilience – There’s an Iceberg Ahead! Part V: Recognizing and Using Your Signature Strengths – Increasing Your Resilience Building Your Resilience: Part VI – Stop Catastrophizing Building Your Resilience: Part VII – Help Your Children Build Their Resilience



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 7 resilience skills?

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What are 5 ways to build resilience?

A: Many people think of resilience as being able to deal with bad things happening, but it is also about building up your mental strength in order to prevent the bad things from affecting you. Some ways of doing this are meditation, exercise, talking with friends or family members who can help provide perspective on whats going on for you during tough times.

What are the 5 skills of resilience?

A: Resilience is a skill in the game of Beat Saber. One can increase their resilience by either playing with an arm band or getting better at beating certain levels.

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