If you’re planning a camping weekend getaway or want to make your next camping trip more memorable than the last, then read on to learn about these simple, but highly effective survival tips for avoiding the common pitfalls of camping. Whether you’re camping with a big group of friends, or are simply relaxing in a tent in the woods, these tips will help make your time more enjoyable and save you from one of the worst mistakes most new and inexperienced campers make. Here are 14 tips to avoid common pitfalls in glamping and camping:

A business plan is critical before you start any venture. Whether it’s a hobby or work, you need to have a clear idea of exactly what you want to accomplish. This can be accomplished by completing an online business plan, which will help you outline your goals, expenses, and revenue. It will also give you a clear picture of what your company stands for.

In order to ensure that you are successful, it is crucial to create a detailed plan for your business. Consider a few elements when coming up with your plan, such as how long you plan to run your business, how much equipment and supplies you’ll need, and who will oversee it (i.e. manager). By having a plan before you begin, you’ll save time and money while ensuring that you will complete your goals in the time frame that you set.

Prioritize. In any given project, there are multiple tasks involved and many variables that could change their nature and effect the entire timeline. For example, there could be a deadline for your product to ship to your customer, or you may need to meet a deadline for your materials to arrive at your warehouse. In either case, you must prioritize how important each task is to the overall success of your project.

Be organized. To avoid feeling completely overwhelmed by the pace of your day, you should develop an efficient schedule for yourself and follow it consistently. Staying organized comes naturally for most people, but you should make it a habit because organizing can make a huge difference in your productivity. You may want to establish a specific time for your day to be dedicated to work only, or you may want to make a special time every day to do your tasks (e.g. Cyber Monday).

Do not let distractions distract you. Distractions are common, and some can be incredibly difficult to identify. Avoid letting these bother you. For example, if you have the urge to check your email, do not open it immediately or look through your messages to find the relevant information. Instead, sit back and think about the information you need to retrieve.

Focus on the task at hand. While this may seem like a simple tip, it can have a tremendous impact on your ability to get things done. If you feel like you are spending too much time planning and taking care of unimportant details, then you will feel overwhelmed when the day finally comes to begin work. Spend your time on the most important aspects of the business and delegate the rest. You will feel more accomplished and ready to tackle the next projects when you know that you are truly focused.

Set aside one hour every day to work on your business. Make it a quiet time for you to focus on what you need to accomplish for the day. The energy that is released by working hard tends to lift you up and keep you going. Make it a ritual each day to do one thing for 20 minutes. When you regularly perform this one task, you will find that you are able to feel more energized throughout the day and you will get more done during the day.

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