If you’ve been online long enough, you’ll know that it is a never-ending task to try and drive traffic to your website. There are countless ways to do this, but the most effective is article marketing. Why? Here’s a simple reason:

Article directories get tons of traffic. And the quality of that traffic is directly related to the amount of back links that point to your website. Back links are like street signs that point to another website. More back links pointing to your website means more people are visiting that other website. So it stands to reason that getting lots of people visiting your website would be in your best interest. And one way of doing just that is through article marketing.

So, what’s the secret behind article marketing to increase your traffic and keep it up-to-date? There’s no secret, but there are some things you need to know before diving in head first. One thing that article marketing pros will tell you over again, is that you need to create unique, informational content. Not only does this give your readers something to look forward to reading, it also helps them form a trust with you as an author.

Creating great articles takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight and you’re going to have to invest a lot of time writing and testing articles to see what works and what doesn’t. I recommend writing at least 30 articles for your article directories and then doing a quick keyword search on search engines (Google, MSN, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo) and looking for your articles.

Once you have your article ready, you want to submit it to all of the article directories. Keep in mind, different directories have different policies about submissions. Some don’t allow articles that are stuffed full of keywords and other common techniques used by spamming artists. Other directories will allow more text in the resource box, but not every word. You will want to be sure and read their submission guidelines thoroughly before you make your submission. If they don’t allow text in the resource box, don’t bother with that directory and find another one that will.

Finally, do a little research into the keywords and subjects you plan on writing about. See what others have written about those same topics. This will give you an idea of the best keywords to use, as well as giving you a better idea of how the search engines will rank you. This will also help you write keyword-rich articles that will show up favorably when searched for. You want to build your authority in your niche, not simply your link popularity.

Once you have your articles ready, you need to get out there and start submitting them. Most article directories allow you to simply submit the articles by submitting a single page. Others may have a submission form to enter for each article. The best thing to do is submit the majority of your articles first, then go back and do the ones that aren’t getting accepted, one at a time. The more articles you have approved, the better your ranking will be when the search engines come around.

It’s important that you follow these three steps, especially if you want to be successful online. Don’t just sit around waiting for your website to come in with thousands of visitors. Get your articles accepted, write your search engine optimized articles, and start submitting them. Your site will open up to tons of new potential customers, if you follow these three simple steps on how to avoid losing traffic from Google.

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