How Much to Tip For Various Services and Professionals

Tipping is an accepted culture in many countries, and it has been around for centuries. In the United States you tip on average $17 per person or service during a visit to your favorite restaurant. What should be considered when tipping?

The “tip guide calculator” is a website that provides information on how much to tip for various services and professionals. It also includes a calculator that will help you figure out the amount you should be tipping based on what service or professional you are giving money to.

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A gentleman understands when and how to tip his waiters and waitresses. The impolite and impolite do not. Tipping someone is always a good idea, even if it isn’t required. Only if the service was utterly terrible and the individual giving the service made no effort to rectify the problem should you not give a tip. Tipping should be done in a non-obtrusive manner. Showing off how much you tip does not impress others; rather, it demonstrates that you are a shallow jerk. Nonetheless, there are sometimes murky areas when it comes to tipping. So keep reading, gentlemen, because The Art of Manliness has all the answers to your pressing questions.

Why Tip?

The distinction between ordinary employment and many occupations that demand tips is that service jobs are named that because they are directly serving you. They have a direct and personal impact on you. You don’t have to tip tow truck drivers or baristas all of the time, and you don’t have to reward them just for performing their jobs. However, you should consider tipping individuals for the following reasons:

1) If the individual goes above and beyond the call of duty. It’s simply a way of expressing gratitude for a job well done and going above and beyond. “Why do I have to tip people for doing their job?” some people ask. “Does the firm you work for pay bonuses once a project is successfully completed?” I ask. And what is a bonus if not a hefty gratuity? People do not usually remark “There is no need to give me a bonus.” when incentives are given. “I was simply going about my business.”

2) To express thankfulness. “Gratuity” is another name for tip. Many service workers are overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated. When you perform something successfully in work, your boss says “thank you” and “job well done!” Who thanks the garbage collectors? Many service occupations are ones we don’t want to perform, and we are glad that others do them for us on a daily basis. Our garbage is collected, our mail is delivered, and our meals are provided. Their remuneration may not always reflect their efforts. Who believes that teachers’ remuneration is proportional to the amount of work they do? Tipping is a means of saying “thank you” to those who don’t often get it.

3) Tipping ensures that you receive excellent service. This is particularly true of persons who serve you on a daily basis. If you tip a barista or a waiter at your favorite restaurant, they will provide you with even better service the next time you visit. For example, when I used to work at a pizza parlor, if the pizza delivery man knew the customer’s name and recalled that they were a large tipper, he would hustle his tail out to get the order out. They’d even give the tipper their food before other customers’ orders. They would deliver an order for a name they identified as a terrible tipper later if it came up. Similarly, when I worked at a smoothie shop, one particular client would leave a large tip every time she came in. So we were nearly tripping over ourselves to get her order out on her trips. Even before she paid, we’d start working on it. And we’d always toss them a few more treats. So, while generous tipping isn’t required for things you do on a regular basis, it can help you get better service.


4) Our tipping is critical to that person’s livelihood. Many individuals seem to be unaware that many service employees in the United States, such as servers, do not get a regular hourly rate. They are paid approximately $2.50 per hour. If you do not tip, they may be forced to work for less than minimum pay. Tipping is not optional in these situations, but is required. I’m sure our non-American readers will be critical of a system that does not provide everyone with a decent wage and benefits. However, such criticism will have no effect on the current situation. Furthermore, if businesses began paying everyone a living wage plus benefits, the cost of goods and services would increase. As a result, you’d have to pay out of pocket anyhow. So, if you really feel that everyone deserves a fair salary, why not take steps today to make it a reality?

“Can you think of a finer gift than a schoolboy’s tip?” How the recipient remembers the kindness in the days following! It rewards both the giver and the taker.” William Makepeace Thackeray (William Makepeace Thackeray)

When it comes to tipping, how much should you leave?

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(It’s worth noting that tipping customs vary by country.) This guide is for those planning on tipping in the United States.)


  • The hotel’s housekeeping service. A good housekeeping tip ranges from $2 to $5. Don’t just leave money on the nightstand. It’s possible that your maid doesn’t realize the money is for her. Make sure the tip is placed in an envelope labeled “housekeeping.”
  • Guide for a tour. Give $1 to $5 each person in your party as a gratuity.
  • Whether you’re a skycap or a bellhop, you’ll need They charge $1 to $2 every bag they transport for you. Increase the tip if you’re running late and the skycap books your luggage onto your plane so you can arrive on time.
  • Doorman. Only tip a hotel doorman if he gives you a great recommendation for places to eat or see while you’re in town.

Services for Individuals

  • Therapist who specializes in massage. Give between 10% and 20% of the entire cost.
  • Nurses. Tipping nurses at hospitals is usually against the rules, but don’t tell that to my wife’s Italian grandmother. She is a retired nurse who believes that nurses and other health assistants should always be tipped. Because she gave her nurse “la boost,” you can be sure she’ll receive the greatest care at the hospital whenever she visits.
  • Valet parking is available. The valet who parks your vehicle will be paid $2-$5, and the valet who retrieves it will be paid $2-$5.
  • Baristas, Smoothie Makers, and Ice Cream Scoopers are all examples of people who work as baristas, smoothie makers, or ice cream scoopers. Nowadays, it seems that all of these restaurants have tip jars. It’s always nice to have a little extra cash on hand. If the barista begins preparing your order as soon as you come in so that it is ready when you rise to pay, tip a bit more. If they sing a song when you offer them a tip, tell them not to sing it or you’ll refund the money.
  • Hairstylist. Give 15% of the haircut price as a gratuity.
  • Takeout. If you order takeout from a restaurant, remember to leave a small tip for the cashier. While they didn’t have to wait on you hand and foot, they did had to work hard to have your order ready. If they assist you in getting your order to your car, tip a little more.
  • Car shampooer. A simple vehicle wash costs $3 dollars. Give 10% of the total cost of the wash if they spend additional time detailing it.
  • Body piercings/tattoos 15% of the entire expenditure. If the tattoo artist performs an exceptional job of capturing your mother’s picture on your arm, tip generously.
  • Towing vehicle. It is dependent on the services that the individual delivers. Tip approximately $4 if they jump your vehicle or replace your tire. $5 is a decent tip if they tow it. Give them the finger if they’re hauling you away from a no-parking zone.
  • At the supermarket, there’s a bagger. Grocery baggers are no longer often tipped. It’s not required, but it’s a great gesture. $1 is a reasonable tip.

Services for Delivery

  • Newspaper carrier. Give them a $20 gift card for the holidays. Every year, my in-laws do this, and as a consequence, their newspaper is brought directly to their door rather of being dumped on the driveway.
  • Deliveries of pizza and meals are available. It is normal to charge 15%. If the weather is terrible, such as snow and ice or a tsunami, and you’re putting the delivery guy’s life on the line so you don’t have to, tip more.
  • Delivery of furniture and major appliances. The cost is $5 per participant. If they stay and help you build or rearrange your furniture, give them a bigger gratuity.

Out and About

  • Waiters. It is common to charge between 15% and 20%. Pay extra if they perform a fantastic job. If you’re dining with a big party, be sure to inquire about if gratuity is included in your bill so you don’t tip twice. (Of course, as a former server, I always liked it when someone offered me a tip on top of the gratuity.) When you’re on a dinner date with a new girl, be particularly generous; she’ll be looking at your bill’s tip line to determine whether you’re a cheap loser or a true gentleman.
  • Bartenders. 15% to 20% of the total. Again, if they do a fantastic job, give them more. Don’t simply leave 15% if you arrive at happy hour and down 20 $.99 cent drawings. Bartenders work hard to get those drinks poured for you, and they deserve more than your change.
  • Casino. At a casino, you could be tipping a lot of people. Then there are the cocktail waitresses. It is normal to charge 15%. When a dealer has a good run, many customers tip them, ensuring that good karma continues.
  • Taxi. The standard tip is 15%. Tip more if they deliver you to your destination swiftly.


It’s usual to contribute a bit extra over the holidays in exchange for the daily services we get. The following is a list of persons to whom you should consider gifting “la boost” over the holidays.


  • Mailman. Tipping government workers is illegal, although they may receive presents of less than $20. However, if you donate more, most people will probably look the other way.
  • Man who collects garbage and recycles. These men have a tough job; show your appreciation for their efforts by tipping them throughout the holidays. It’s a lovely $10 per person.
  • Teachers. If you have school-aged children, it is customary to give their teachers a small gift at Christmas. It does not need to be large. Here’s a hint: instructors receive boxes full of body lotion, candles, and different apple-themed trinkets (no, you’re not the first person to conceive of an apple-shaped paperweight). Give them something they’ll appreciate, like a Borders or Target gift card.
  • Babysitter. It’s good to give them a present in addition to their regular compensation. Gift cards are always a welcome gift.
  • Someone who cleans. A week’s extra pay or a nice gift

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The “usa tipping chart” is a guide that helps people to know how much they should tip for various services and professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should you tip for various services?

A: An appropriate gratuity is up to you. Tipping can be a personal preference, depending on how the service was provided and how much work went into it.

How do you tip different services?

A: It is possible to tip with cash or digital currencies. You can find out how by looking at the apps About page, and contact them via their support channels if you have further questions.

Do you tip contractors workers?

A: I am not a human and therefore do not require tips.

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