When you’re faced with the prospect of surviving a disaster, you will inevitably look your best. This is especially true during a major event where your survival may hinge on just a few minutes of good appearance: public speaking, being able to walk or drive safely, and so on. In fact, it’s a statistical fact that if you survive a major disaster, your odds of surviving the next one are far greater than if you looked “great” during the previous one. Therefore, here are some great tips for not standing out during a major event!

Wear Non-Blind Fashion Products: People who have been in disasters usually look great, but many are also dressed in orange or other non-bleached, white clothes; these people are obviously at risk for catching contagious diseases and viruses. As a result, don’t wear clothes that absorb sunlight, such as orange t-shirts; they absorb too much heat from the sun and can make you look like a gazebo after a few hours! In addition, stick to clothes made of fabrics that won’t absorb stains easily, such as 100% cotton clothing. If you must wear these types of clothes, pair them with shoes made of suede or leather.

Use Non-Prosthetic Facial Systems: You don’t want to rely on prosthetic devices to help prevent your appearance from worsening, do you? Far better to simply make the improvements in your appearance that are necessary for you. For example, if you’re losing your hair, use an anti-hair loss shampoo that won’t cause further damage to your hair, and choose clothing in colors and styles that don’t emphasize the hair loss that you already have. This may seem like small changes, but they are very important; as your appearance changes, your confidence will too!

Choose Neutral Accessories: Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know how to mix and match different accessories, or the right combination of colors. When you put too much effort into creating a unique appearance, people begin to pick up on your sense of chaos and misdirection. This doesn’t contribute to your overall appearance, and it also detracts from your comfort level. Instead, use neutral accessories to play off of your dominant colors, as well as complementary ones. Keep in mind that your neutral accessories should never compete with your primary colors. Also, think about what you’ll be wearing with your neutral accessories, so that you can coordinate them as well.

Brighten Up With Color: Don’t forget about the color that you’re going to put into your hair. Even if you’re using highlights, remember that you can always tone down the color with a bit of hairspray or gel. If you’ve ever done color before, you’re probably very familiar with the process of coloring. Apply your foundation and apply highlights until they’re completely saturated, then take a section of your hair and lightly twirl it through the air using your fingers, moving from left to right. After you’ve completed this process, you can apply a second coat of foundation to your hair, and it will have a very defined appearance.

Cool Off With Neutral: Speaking of the foundation and the highlighting, don’t forget about your nails. You can always go a different shade than your natural skin color, but you should try to stay away from dying your nails. When you color your nails, you’ll want to make sure you use products that are water based so that they won’t dry out and turn your nails gray. Your best option is a base coat and then a top coat to seal in the color.

Focus On The Overall Appearance: Some people focus on the face, their body, and then their hair when it comes to makeup. However, when it comes to your overall appearance, you should be paying attention to every part of your body. Think about your clothing, your accessories, your nails, and your hair. Each of these items tells a story about who you are and what you’re like.

Overall Appearance Really Matters: Whether you’re trying to get a job or are just trying to figure out how to get along with others, your appearance is going to play a large role. Even though you might be the smartest, hardest working person in the room, people are still going to judge you by what you wear. If you don’t have a great style, your outfit won’t get the attention it deserves. Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to make your appearance shine. Whether you choose to pay attention to your overall appearance or your job, it will pay off in the end.

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