Mommy to Be? The title speaks for itself. A new mom can seem like a bundle of joy at the drop of a hat, but there are some labor and preparations that need to happen before the newborn arrives. Here are some best new mom survival tips that will help prepare you for what’s in store.

First and foremost, congratulations on having another child! It means the world to new mums that have experienced the joy of holding their own baby for the first time. From planning the baby’s first dance to introducing baby to the world beyond the womb, there are many things to make happen in order to welcome your newborn into this world.

Planning the Baby’s First Party. It is important that you have a first party prepared, even before the baby arrives. When it comes to baby parties, the guests should include not only the baby’s biological mom and dad, but also family and close friends. This is important to make sure that the party goes smoothly and successfully. If you know of any babysitters who may be available for the night, you should ask them if they would be willing to help out for a few hours to make sure your guests are taken care of.

Choosing Your Flowers. Mommy to party don’t always have to have themed decorations. In fact, choosing the correct flowers for the right occasion is very important. For example, it would not make sense to give a vase of tulips for a baby shower. The same rule applies for baby decorations. While tulips and gerbera daisies may be perfectly acceptable for a birthday party, roses and orchids are probably not.

Choosing the Hospital Nursery. Depending on the mother’s medical history, she may have some pre-existing conditions that can pose a risk to the baby’s safety. Therefore, the hospital nursery is where the baby will spend her first nine months of life. Although you can bring the baby home in the birthing pool or by Cesarean section, you are best to choose a nursery that is equipped to handle an unexpected situation. The nursery will need to be prepared in advance for any situation that could arise. Most hospitals now have established policies regarding who is allowed to care for infants and who is not allowed to.

Choosing a Baby Name. When mommy to be parties want to get things rolling, they often choose baby names with some special meaning to the new mom and/or her child (Ren). Before long, the new family will be telling everyone the baby’s name and where they came from. It’s really a good idea to choose a baby name that is unique and sounds like something the new family will be able to pass down in the future. Not to mention, it makes for a great Mommy to Be?

Decorating the Nursery. Again, depending on the health of the mother, you may want to decorate the room according to the color scheme for labor and delivery. If the hospital is expecting a boy, it may be best to use pink, light blue, and green colors for the walls and furniture. The furniture will likely have neutral colors also. If the expecting mother is expecting a girl, you may want to go with classic white colors.

Keeping Track of the Baby. While you and the baby are having fun, you may not be so concerned about keeping track of the little one. As the weeks go by though, you may start to feel a bit guilty when you see him or her every day. Therefore, it is important to have a way to memorialize these precious memories. There are many ways to do this from recording their first words, first smile, birth signs, birth date, weight gain or loss, etc.

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