Holiday Survival Tips from Simple Habits founder – Maureen Bassett, PhD is an internationally known, best selling author and health consultant. In this best selling book, she shares with readers ten simple habits that they can practice each and every day to keep them safe, healthy and happy. Dr. Bassett does not sugar coat these simple habits! She knows you need a certain amount of simplicity in your life to thrive, and she puts it in this book for you.

What’s inside the pages of this bestseller is a wonderful mix of practical wisdom and good old-fashioned spirituality. If you love the Lord and a simple way of life, this book will have a big impact on your life. It may change the way you look at everyday problems and open up your eyes to opportunities that you never even thought about before!

Dr. Bassett begins the book with a bang – at least she did to start with! At the beginning of the book, she boldly declares, “If You Are Not Getting Serious With Your Love Life…by now, I’ve had a little fun!” Her voice is infectiously infectious as she encourages you to keep reading. After all, “You’ll never read a book like this twice”.

The ten chapters include: The Power Of One (instant happiness), Connected To The Force (connectedness and staying connected), Being Yourself Again (reclaimed identity), The Perfect Storm (financially and emotionally), Getting Out Of The Rut (reclaimed self-esteem), Taking Action (taking real actions), Making A Difference (being a difference in the world), and Getting Started (getting you started). There is also a short chapter on creating clutter. This chapter gives specific advice on what to do when clutter accumulates in the home and office, as well as a few humorous and motivational stories about getting started. However, the bulk of the book is devoted to one main theme, which is… staying positive!

Yes, the author makes sure you know that staying positive will get you through each bump in the road. The book quotes many people including the coauthors, Tiger Woods and Ben Franklin, as well as motivational speakers such as Larry David and Mary King. Not only do these famous individuals share their stories, but they are portrayed in a comical manner. The humor is not for everyone – but it is definitely worth the few laughs. Just break your nose and enjoy this fun, but lighthearted, book!

If you have a family or are dating, you will find many recipes included in this quick and easy guide. Many of these recipes involve fruits or vegetables, you may already be familiar with such as: cranberries, oranges, bananas, and apples. Other recipes include finger foods that are easy to prepare and delicious enough to eat while waiting on the oven or stove. For instance, you can make cinnamon cookies or banana splits with a delicious glaze that only takes a minute or two to prepare. The best part of the book is that the recipes and tips for everything are given with just a few clicks of the mouse. You don’t have to worry about searching for the ingredients, running to the store or being stressed about chopping onions.

When it comes to everyday emergencies, the author covers just about everything. In fact, he has even included videos that show how to do common household tasks – like opening a door, cleaning a dishwasher, and making a meal. It’s easy and fast! And best of all, the videos are easy to watch on your home television as well as your portable media player. The videos even include practical tips on how to prepare meals that are both nutritious and budget friendly. Even children can learn how to take care of themselves!

With great holiday survival tips from the Holiday Survival Guide, you can be able to have a much easier time preparing meals and shopping for gifts. All of the information you need is right there at your fingertips. No more searching the internet or asking family members – just read this valuable guide from the Holiday Survival Guide leader – Hints and Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for the Holiday Season!

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