Here are some Sofias declassified high school survival tips. Survival is not only about what you can do but also about what you can’t do. When we are taught survival lessons in school, most of the time, it’s about what you can do to avoid getting hurt or dying. While this is a good lesson, it’s often short lived and people start to look for quick solutions to problems rather than solve them.

First, you should never forget your water. You will be walking for a long time, so you need something to drink. If you’re in an area with a flood zone, this could be your only option, but if it’s not, you should make sure you have some extra cans of beverages. If you can get an empty water bottle, you should do so. At school, you will likely get sprayed by teachers, administration, and other students, so you’re going to need some way to purify the water you come into contact with.

Second, another one of these school survival tips is to have your cell phone with you. Most people think they’ll have to rely on their phone for help when it’s not an emergency. But if you ever find yourself lost or in a situation where you might need your cell phone, it’s always better to be prepared than to chance losing it. In addition, if you can, try to get a hold of your parents or other relatives that live far away. This way, if you get separated from them, you can use their cell phones to call them and let them know where you are and what you need.

Third, never, ever, go anywhere where you don’t know people. Even if you’re going to a friend’s house, never enter there. Anyone who lives there can be dangerous. Even if they look normal, they could be watching TV or playing video games.

Fourth, make sure you carry some food and water with you. Some high school survival tips suggest you go through with just the essentials like toiletries, toilet paper, and bandages. But other people suggest packing extra food and water to stay healthy. Pack a large backpack so you can carry everything you need. You should also wear a comfortable backpack, as well as comfortable shoes or boots.

Fifth, never, ever, try to get out of a locked door. Unless it’s an emergency, such as a fire, most likely you’re not going to have time to get out. Even if you have a key, locking yourself out isn’t a good idea. There are plenty of ways you can get yourself hurt and trapped in a situation like this.

Sixth, don’t try to hike out of the way of oncoming weather. If the storm is blowing up and you’re heading for home, you don’t want to risk getting lost. You may wind up having to walk under a waterfall or take a wrong turn. If you’re heading for a party, you might end up in a wet, slippery, rain-soaked mess. Even when you think you’ve gotten yourself into an emergency situation, don’t try to get out. Even if you have cell phones or money, don’t use them unless you have a secure way to call the authorities.

These high school survival tips are probably geared more toward kids. But even if you’re an adult, these things still apply. Always remember that the best way to survive an emergency situation is to stay as calm as possible and take whatever supplies you can from the area. These high school survival tips will help you do just that.

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