High School Prom for Guys

Prom is a time-honored tradition in American society, but the rituals and expectations can be daunting for those not familiar with them. In this article, I will go over some of the basics of prom night to help men look their best while enjoying themselves.

A high school prom for guys is a huge deal. The first thing that you have to do is decide what to wear. This article will help you find the best outfit for your date.

Vintage couples while dancing.

In the United States, prom season is arrived. Millions of high school students will participate in this springtime tradition, which began in the Northeast in the 1890s. Every April since then, young people have dressed up in tuxedos and costumes to dine, dance, and enjoy themselves. My prom evenings include some of my fondest memories from high school (prom was for both juniors and seniors at my high school).

When it comes to prom, there are two types of people: those who believe “Prom is amazing!” and those who believe “Prom is terrible!” Those who grumble, “Prom is sooo lame,” and those who exclaim, “I’m very psyched to attend.” “What a complete waste of time.”

In reality, both sides are correct. Prom may be a memorable and pleasant night, or it can be a major disappointment. The difference isn’t in the prom itself, but in how you interpret it. You don’t simply have special evenings; you make them happen.

Because AoM has a surprising (and encouraging) number of high school-age readers, we’ve put together this complete guide to assist them in planning and executing a successful and memorable prom night.

Inquire of the Lady

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Probably the most crucial phase in the whole process…and the one with the most potential problems. Your prom experience will be strongly influenced by the person you choose–pick the incorrect girl, and you and your pals will be laughing about it 10 years later. If you’re dating someone, the decision is simple. Simply bring your girlfriend. You can always accept a female who is a friend if you aren’t dating anybody. That’s what I did for one of my proms, and it was a blast. It relieved some of the romantic strain that many young people feel during prom. We were just looking to have a nice time.

You may also ask a lady you’ve been eyeing for a long but haven’t got the courage to ask out on a date. You’ve been warned. This carries a certain amount of danger. First, if you don’t know the lady well enough, you can wind up having a bad time because she’s a bad date–just because sitting next to her in algebra class and smelling her apple-scented hair gives you butterflies doesn’t guarantee you’ll connect once you have to, you know, actually talk to her. Second, a prom invitation from a man might have a lot of importance for a female. Some people believe it is the first step toward a committed relationship. If you don’t want to go steady (or whatever they call it these days), you’ll have to cross an emotional minefield when you tell the girl you’re only searching for a prom date. Finally, she was able to say no. It’s never easy to be rejected by a girl you like, but keep your head up and look for someone else.

If you want to invite someone to prom, do it at least two months before the big event. Prom dress shopping is a huge thing for a lady, and she’ll want plenty of time to make the best decision. She has two to one and a half months to prepare if she asks two to one and a half months ahead of time.


What’s the best way to ask a lady to prom? “Would you want to go to prom with me?” I’d generally simply take the lady aside during class and ask her directly. It was straightforward and got the job done. Some males made invites that were as complex and imaginative as wedding proposals. Chalk painting on driveways, making message boards out of candy bars, treasure hunts, serenading Elvises… According to Kate, the women like this, so if that’s your style, go for it.

After you’ve found a date, you’ll need to purchase prom tickets. When they go on sale, buy them right away.

Organize a Group

Vintage couples wearing white tuxedos.

Attending prom with a group of pals, in my opinion, is the best option. It just makes the night more fun and alleviates much of the strain that a young couple may feel if they went alone. The difficult aspect is deciding who to form a group with. While you may like to attend prom with your closest friend, your date may choose to go with a different group. This has never bothered me, but I can imagine it occurring and producing all kinds of high school drama. Whatever group you wind yourself with, my suggestion is to be adaptable and easygoing. Even if you don’t eat supper with your friends, you may still see them during the prom dance and the after-party.

Get fitted for a tuxedo and rent one

Vintage men wearing double-breasted tuxedos.

Double-breasted white tuxedos for several 1950s guys. A classic black, single-button, peak lapel tuxedo is your best option.

Most proms in the United States are black tie affairs, so you’ll require a tuxedo. Life provides most guys these days, whether young or old, very little opportunities to wear a tux–enjoy it! Antonio Centeno, our resident style expert, created a great video for his own blog, Real Men, Real Style, outlining precisely what a young guy should wear to prom, which should address a lot of your doubts about what to wear:


Antonio recommends keeping things basic and classic. A single-button peak lapel coat, a waist coat, and conventional tuxedo pants can’t go wrong. You want to be able to look back on photographs twenty years from now and say, “Man, I looked dapper.” And look at how thick my hair was!”

Of sure, you may have a good time. You’re still young. There will probably never be another occasion in your life when you can wear a zoot suit or a powder blue 1970s tuxedo to a formal event, so if that’s your thing and your date agrees, go for it. Keep an eye out for duct tape tuxedos and neon-colored pimp hats. (Note: Brett McKay is entirely responsible for the zoot suit and powder blue tux, which may not necessarily represent the opinions of Mr. Antonio Centeno…who is probably shaking his head right now in astonishment.)


Don’t purchase a tuxedo; instead, rent one. It makes little sense to acquire a tuxedo for someone your age who is still developing and is unlikely to attend many black tie occasions. You won’t be able to acquire a tuxedo that fits like a tailored suit since you’re renting, but try to find something as close as possible. You’re in good shape if your tuxedo jacket fits properly in the shoulders and chest. Also, make sure the pants are as near as feasible to your actual size.

Visit a rental location as soon as possible to guarantee you have the best available option. You’ll need to pick on your jacket style and shirt collar, whether you’ll wear a bow tie or a neck tie, and if you’ll wear a waistcoat or cummerbund. If you need shoes, you may also rent them there. The rental provider will let you know when you may pick up your tux once you’ve been fitted and made your order.

Keep track of everything in your rental luggage, particularly the tiny items like your tie and cufflinks. Make sure you return the tuxedo as soon as possible to the rental location. Laundering isn’t a problem. That is taken care of by them.

Purchase the Corsage

A corsage is a little floral arrangement that is frequently fastened to a woman’s dress or worn on her wrist. Traditionally, the man is responsible for purchasing the girl’s corsage, while the girl is responsible for purchasing the guy’s boutonniere.

The corsage should match the color of your date’s dress, so you’ll need to ask her what color she’ll be wearing. You might also inquire as to if she has a favorite flower. Also, inquire about if her gown will be sleeveless or strapless, since this will decide whether you should buy a wrist or pinned corsage. When you have the information, go to a florist and give them the information. They’ll recommend flower varieties and colors, as well as what kind of foliage to include in the corsage. The rose is a common choice. Keep things small and straightforward.

Florists are often overbooked during prom season, so don’t wait until the last minute to place your order. It’s plenty of time to get ready for prom with two weeks to spare. Also, don’t pass this duty off on your mother because you believe going inside a flower store is “girly.” In high school, I knew a number of men who did this. Dim’s whole motion.

Make Dinner Reservations

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Some schools provide meals during the prom. If that’s the case, you may go forward to the next section. You’ll need to locate a place to eat before heading over to the dance if your school’s prom does not include supper. If you’re going to prom with a big group, take charge of selecting a spot for everyone to dine. Everyone in the group, in my experience, expects someone else to take on the duty. It may very well be you.


Choosing a restaurant for a big gathering might be difficult. You’ll have to cater to everyone’s diverse preferences. Exotic and ethnic eateries should be avoided. It’s possible that not everyone shares your enthusiasm for Indian cuisine. Steakhouses and bistro-style restaurants are good bets. They provide classic meals that will likely appeal to a wide range of tastes. Just make sure the restaurant also has vegetarian options.

Choose a neighborhood eatery with a pleasant ambience. Prom night is intended to be a memorable occasion. Spend it somewhere other than Olive Garden, Red Lobster, or P.F. Chang’s, where you’ll be seated next to a guy in cargo shorts, a visor, and bright orange Crocs. And, ideally, you’ll want to go somewhere that’s near to the prom.

Make your dinner reservations as soon as possible. Near prom season, spots fill up rapidly. Lock down reso’s a month to three weeks ahead of time to be safe. Inform the restaurant of the number of people in your group. You’ll have to go elsewhere if they can’t accommodate your group.

Get a haircut and a straight razor shave.

Before prom, most girls treat themselves to a pedicure, manicure, and a visit to the salon. Who says the men can’t treat themselves to a little pampering before the big night? A straight razor shave and a haircut at a barber shop are the male equivalents of the ladies’ pre-prom routine. Make a list of all the stores in your town.

Get Ready

Vintage young man looking himself in the mirror illustration.

Start getting ready for prom around one hour before the event. Get ready by showering, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, and donning your tuxedo. Get your corsage, prom tickets, after-prom party tickets, cash, and mints ready for the evening. Put your tickets, cash, and mints in the inner pockets of your jacket, and your corsage in the vehicle. Bring an umbrella with you in the vehicle, too, since if it rains, your date’s beautifully made up-do will be wrecked. Now, like the Fonz, take a glance in the mirror and point at your reflection. Tonight is going to be fantastic.

Avoid the Stretch Limousine.

Stretch limos aren’t as entertaining as they seem in movies and television programs. I can’t remember ever being in a long limo and thinking, “Man, I feel like a balla!” “Man, I’m feeling constricted,” I said instead. And what’s that strange odor emanating from the seat?” You’ll be crowded and hot in the vehicle since there are so many people in it, and you’ll pay some person a lot of money to be cramped and uncomfortable. It’s just not worth it, in my view.

Simply drive your own vehicle and share a ride with your buddies. You’ll save money while riding in style.

Choose Your Date

Young man giving gift to girl.

Many of the rules we set out for selecting your date in Road Map to the Perfect First Date also apply to choosing your prom date. Make sure your automobile is tidy, arrive on time, and bring your corsage to the door. With a grin and a strong handshake, warmly welcome her parents. It’s likely that your date is still putting the finishing touches on her outfit. Make small chat with her parents and express your admiration for their home. Inform them about the restaurant you’ll be visiting. Also, inform them of your post-prom arrangements and when they might expect their daughter to return home.


When your date walks into the room, greet her with a huge grin, a hug, and an instant comment on her appearance. She most likely spent the whole day getting ready for tonight. “You look lovely!” or “That outfit looks wonderful on you!” are two suggestions for compliments.

Corsages and boutonnieres will now be exchanged between you and your date. Your date is meant to put the boutonniere on you, and you are supposed to place the corsage on your date, according to tradition. It’s not difficult to place a wrist corsage on your date; it’s more difficult to pin a corsage to her dress. Moms generally get involved with the pinning after they watch the male poke himself with the pin five times, in my experience. Allow them to assist you.

Her parents will very certainly want to take pictures of her. After that, go over to your vehicle and open the door for your date.

Pre-Prom Photographs

Couple portrait.

Follow in the footsteps of Grandpa. There are no hovering hands.

Before you and your date go to prom, your parents will want to snap photographs. The females seemed to be extremely into it, while the men merely endured it. The pre-prom picture shoot was a huge deal in my high school. Our prom night group would congregate at someone’s home, hundreds of parents (typically the mothers) would arrive with cameras, and the hosting family would provide hors d’oeuvres. Moms would exclaim about how beautiful the girls were, while the men that turned up ate cheese and crackers at the food table.

Be agreeable and smile whether your pre-prom photo shoot is just you and your date at her home or a large gathering. It will make everyone’s experience better. Also, HOVER HANDS ARE NOT ALLOWED! Proper arm placement in images of just you and your date is behind the small of the girl’s back, with your hand resting on her waist. Capice?


Vintage couples enjoying the dinner.

After taking photos, go to the restaurant. Make sure you arrive at the time specified in your reservation. Call the restaurant to let them know you and your company are running late. Pull out your date’s chair and assist her in her seat when you arrive at the table, if it is convenient.

Remember your fundamental dining etiquette. Cell phones should be turned off, and elbows should be kept off the table. When your meal comes, wait until everyone has been served before you begin eating. Break the misconception that high students are noisy, rude, and bad tippers that many servers hold. Be on your best behavior; the pre-prom supper sets the tone for an evening to remember. Respect your waitress and tip them well at the end of your dinner.


Vintage schoolers enjoying dancing in school.

Finally. It’s finally time for the big show. When I went to prom, I made it a point to arrive 45 minutes to an hour after the event began. That will give everything ample time to begin moving. You must provide your tickets to the ticket officer when you enter. The first thing you’ll want to do is snap a photo of yourself and your date while you’re still looking good. Depending on the topic of your prom, there is always some form of tacky backdrop. After you’ve taken your photo, go choose a table.


Make an effort to spend as much time as possible on the dance floor. Isn’t that what you’re there for? You are free to remove your tuxedo coat and store it safely. It is perfectly appropriate. You don’t want to end up dripping wet.

Don’t be the man who refuses to dance because he’s too cool or too bashful. Get out there and have a good time. You’re 18 years old, with your closest pals, and everything is going well in your life. Have a blast! It should be emphasized, though, that grinding twigs and berries on your date’s rear does not qualify as “dancing.”

You have a few of options while slow dancing with your date. You can do it middle school style, with your hands on your date’s waist and hers wrapped around your neck while you sway side-to-side in the same spot. I like to spice things up with spins, swirls, dips, and other such maneuvers, so I generally took a more conventional dance posture with my right arm around my date’s waist and my left hand grasping her right hand. While you won’t have enough space (or the right music) to execute a waltz, this stance allows you to do more than just sway awkwardly.

Don’t dump your date at the dance, even if your date has turned out to be a dud or you paired up due to some less than ideal circumstances and you weren’t eager to attend with her in the first place. Whatever happens, you’re her escort, and you should be close to her for the most of the evening. So be it if you wish to split up after the dance and spend the remainder of the night individually.

After-Prom Celebrations

The formal prom has come to an end. You danced, a king and queen were crowned, and many photographs were taken. But prom isn’t over yet. The after-prom party is the next step of the prom night routine, which is laden with parental stress and hand-wringing. After-prom is portrayed in movies and television as a time for young high students to get wasted at a massive party before eventually losing their virginity at some filthy hotel.

You are not required to do so.

Have a good time, but stay away from the drink, drugs, and sex. Make prom night something you’ll remember fondly in 20 years, not something that makes you squirm every time you think about it. Also, bear in mind that as a promgoer in the twenty-first century, you must contend with something that high students 10 years ago did not: smartphone cameras and Facebook. What you do on prom night will almost certainly be captured on video by friends and shared on their Facebook accounts. Don’t do something that you wouldn’t want to be known about. That photo of you performing keg stands in your tuxedo might come back to bite you.


I was lucky enough to reside in a school district where the parents organized a large after-prom celebration for the three local high schools. They’d hire a small amusement park for the night and allow the kids complete freedom. It was a lot of fun and provided some of my favorite prom memories.

If your school does not have an after-prom party, you may create your own after-prom events. Following prom, Kate and her friends enjoyed a campfire, some hot tubbing, and an early breakfast served by her parents at her home. Everyone had a great time.

The Door

Vintage couple standing outside the door.

Make sure you return your date at the time you promised her parents. Get out of your automobile and lead her to the front door. Thank you for a wonderful time. If it seems to be the proper time, go ahead and kiss. While a first date kiss might be risky, everyone is anticipating something romantic, or at the very least unique and out of the usual, to happen on prom night. So you ahead and do it, and then accompany her inside her home. Return to your vehicle, drive home, and sleep. My buddy, you’ve just created some wonderful memories.


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The “what do guys wear to prom flower” is a question that has been asked many times. The article will answer the question, and also give tips on what you should wear to prom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are high school boys wearing to prom?

A: The most common prom attire is a tuxedo. Some schools also allow students to wear formal dresses or even more casual clothing such as jeans and a dress shirt.

What should a male wear to prom?

A: For a male to look good at prom, you should avoid wearing anything too dark or loud. You want your outfit to show off the best parts of yourself without distracting from them. Some options include a light colored shirt with some black pants and dress shoes along with jewelry that is classy yet simple like stud earrings and gold watch on the wrist or chain necklaces.

Is prom a boy choice?

A: Yes, and a formal dress is required.

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