Do you have the right attitude when entering and leaving a gym? Do you follow all of the etiquette rules? How often do you attend gyms without even realizing it? Here are some tips for beginners on the right way to act at the gym.

Don’t forget your manners. Even if you are there to work out and not sweat it out, you still need to show your head during socializing. Speak up in class or at the check-in desk if you have to. It’s not rude to ask an attendant how things are going.

Follow the rules. It’s expected that you will go to the bathroom during scheduled times. Don’t leave the room to wait for a friend. This can be viewed as rude, but if you can’t remember, someone else might.

Say “NO” when others ask you to do something. Whether it’s a simple “No” or an aggressive request, stay silent. Do so without expecting an answer. Some people assume you want to be rude and will say something rash to push their requests. But remember that the gym is a business, and your appearance can affect your bottom line. So it’s better to be silent and assertive than to get upset and angry.

Park on the right side of the gym. It’s kind of an obvious thing to do, but many people don’t follow it. If you don’t want to be on the running side, be sure to mark the spot with tape or chalk so that you won’t trip over it. It’s also kinder to the ground, which is what most people do. This goes for changing clothes, too.

Always be sure to keep your trash receptacles clean. And don’t put anything in your trash receptacles that you wouldn’t want everyone to see, such as food containers or small children’s toys. For these types of things, consider placing them out of sight in the garbage cans directly outside. That way, you won’t be bothered by unwanted publicity, and the gym won’t have to make extra arrangements to accommodate the unwanted items.

Don’t be a jerk. Whether it’s verbally abusing other members of the gym, or using inappropriate language, you don’t deserve to be treated like this. If you’ve got nothing to hide, you should know that there are several ways to spot someone who’s trying to lie or steal from you.

Don’t touch other people. Even if they’re not working out. Touching someone in inappropriate places, such as between the legs, is something that you shouldn’t even dream about doing. While the gym is meant for physical fitness, you shouldn’t let it take over the rest of your life.

Speak respectfully. You don’t have to address the person directly if you feel like it. But if you do feel compelled to, it’s always polite to say hi, give your name (or at least the correct spelling of it), and say hello to everyone else in the gym. You can even say something light, like “Good morning, how are you?” And then, when it’s your turn to speak, stand up and address the person.

Leave the trash cans in the appropriate place. This goes for trash cans at the gym as well. If you throw trash cans in the trash cans right outside, you might as well be throwing dirt clods. It says a whole lot of nothing, and will probably encourage other people to do the same thing. So leave the trash cans where they belong: in the trash.

Stay on the right foot. It’s rude to stand too close to another person, especially one who isn’t obligated to be there. Especially if you’ve been called out for acting inappropriately, such as hitting a kid or someone walking behind you. You don’t have to follow that person, but you should definitely stay on the right foot, just in case.

Read the signs. If there is a line inside the gym, there should be a line outside too. Don’t let the line outside be longer than the inside line, because that means you aren’t going to get the full value out of your membership. And don’t be afraid to ask the attendant if there’s a restroom inside, because sometimes you do have to go out of the gym to use the restroom, and it’s generally not free, so you’ll be saving money there.

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