Being a Mumbrella is no joke. There are more people being killed by ticks every single day than people who get AIDS. And yet the most important thing about a Mumbrella is how you can protect yourself from it. Author Vicki Broadbent has some survival tips for those of us who don’t know how to survive in case we get bitten by one of those biting creatures. Here’s what she says:

The first thing to do is to take extra precautions. You can do this with your pet. Buy tick collars and other protective gear, so that they have something to wear. In addition to that, make sure you always have a clean towel handy and some bandages on hand to use if you get bit.

Next, be aware of your environment. Pick up anything that may be contaminated. I know this sounds stupid and basic common sense but the umbrella is usually covered with feathers or fur that is full of parasites. Stick your nose close enough to avoid getting stung (I’ve seen someone who did this at a friend’s party). Always carry some repellant around with you. Don’t rely on luck that you’ll remember to apply that next time you go out.

Try not to step in a mulch or puddle of standing water. A Mumbrella will easily slide through these holes, and if you slip, you’re likely to fall and break your arm. So make sure you always cover your head when climbing stairs.

And the number one tip that I can give you about Mumbrella prevention is to always carry some sort of repellent. Most people think that the little black plastic ones work, but I’ve found that most just do not work. If you do need one, look for a natural repellent, like lavender oil, coconut oil or tea tree oil.

Always put your umbrella away after use, even if it seems unnoticeable. Ticks love dark, warm places. This means all of your foliage and vegetation. When ticks are active, they are also most active at night, so you want to keep your canopy closed tight while you’re asleep.

Another great way to prevent yourself and other animals from being tick infested is to be sure that your canopy has a good cover over it. I recommend that my canopy have a netting cover over it, since that’s what I use for my indoor plants. If you plan on putting your umbrella outdoors, look for something that is built to withstand wind and rain. The last thing you want is your umbrella to blow away in a strong wind!

So there you have it. A few ways that you can prevent yourself and others from being hurt by Moths. Like I said, it’s by no means complete. There are lots of other factors that go into getting rid of a moth infestation. But this should help you get started. So now that you have a better idea on how to deal with a moth infestation, you can move on to finding a solution for your problem.

If you find that your moths are not too bad and you’re not too worried, you can still use your umbrella for other purposes. Just remember that it’s important that you don’t leave your umbrella in your garden for too long, as moths can lay hundreds of eggs in just one sitting. And that isn’t including how messy it is! So try not to leave your umbrella out in the open if you want to keep it safe.

When you do need to remove your moths, the best way is to put them in hot water and flush them down with a hose. The reason I recommend hot water is because the hot temperature will kill them off faster. You’ll have to give it some time though, one or two days is usually fine. And if you try this on your own, make sure to wear gloves so you don’t get burned. Besides, who wants to wear black leather gloves when it comes to removing these moths?

If you want to use a moth spray, then you should go down to your local garden store or hardware store and pick one up. There is actually a wide range of moths and their pesticides available in these stores, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding something appropriate for your garden. Just remember that if you spray it too close to your plants and they get sprayed, it could cause problems for your plants and even possibly kill them. Use the smallest amount possible and always read the instructions before you spray anything. And always wear the right protective gloves so that you don’t get hurt while removing these horrible moths!

If you have no luck in getting rid of the moths in your umbrella, you can always use a black light to kill them off. Put the moth bait inside the umbrella and turn it on for about a minute or so. This should instantly kill any moths that are inside there, but make sure that you unplug it before you leave the room! You can also purchase moth balls at your local garden or hardware store. Again, black lights can be purchased as well, but I wouldn’t bother since most people will already know that they won’t work!

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