General Ulysses Grant Memoirs — Lesson About Fear

Ulysses Grant, an American General during the Civil War was taught a valuable lesson about fear while they were fighting in Shiloh. He found that once he removed his fears from the equation then everything became much easier just as it did for young Cato. While Ulysses is not a fictional character and this lecture does not exist anywhere on Earth we can learn some important lessons about living life without fear

The “personal memoirs of us grant” is a book that the author, Ulysses S. Grant, wrote about his life and experiences during the Civil War. The lessons from this book are about fear and how it can be overcome.

General ulysses s grant portrait.

After the Battle of Bull Run, Ulysses S. Grant was promoted to colonel of an infantry regiment. He describes his worry as he led his soldiers on their first big foray in Missouri and approached a force of Confederate irregulars headed by a colonel named Harris in this passage from his own memoirs.

As we neared the crest of the hill, where we were supposed to be able to view Harris’ camp and maybe find his men waiting to meet us, my heart continued to race until it felt like it was in my throat. I would have given everything to be back in Illinois at that point, but I lacked the moral strength to pause and contemplate my options; I continued on.

I came to a stop when we came to a point where the valley below could be seen clearly. The location where Harris had been tented a few days previously was still visible, as were the signs of a recent encampment, but the soldiers had vanished. My heart returned to its original position. I realized right away that Harris had been just as terrified of me as I had been of him. This was a perspective on the topic I had never considered before, but it was one I never forgot. From that time until the end of the war, I never felt dread while approaching an enemy, yet I always felt anxious. I never forgot that he was just as afraid of my troops as I was of his.

The lecture was quite beneficial.



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