It’s a good thing that in times like these, survival tips for families with hyperactive kids are still available. After all, no one wants their family to be constantly fighting or running around taking up so much of their time. Although you may think your child is the only one going through this, it’s not. Statistics show that almost half of all kids who exhibit signs of ADHD have a sibling who does. It’s very easy to see how these issues can cause so much trouble for everyone.

One thing to remember is to make sure that everyone has a chance to air their views and ideas. Don’t feel pressured to agree on every single thing by either the adults or the children. It’s not like you’re trying to brainwash anyone. Remember, this is all about coming together and helping each other through this.

Try to find something to do that will get the kids interacting with each other. For example, you may have to organize a treasure hunt or even just a simple game of charades. Anything that will allow them to interact with each other in some way is usually a good idea.

If your child gets upset, don’t try to calm them down. Some kids are just wired that way and react badly to stress. They may become angry and screaming all throughout the event. It’s important to remain calm and ignore these tantrums until they have calmed down. Doing this may even get you some free things from the family as well!

When everyone is sitting at their table, plan on having a big bowl of popcorn and a drink or two. Nothing says you can’t have fun here. Don’t be afraid to have a few drinks either! Also, bring some kind of game for everyone to play. This may include finger foods, playing a musical chair, or even a board game.

One of the biggest threats that families face today is from a home invasion and burglary. While this has gone on for centuries, it’s becoming more of a problem lately. Many families place valuables in their homes and feel secure, but burglars have been around even more and are becoming stealthier at what they do. Many times when a family is at home they think they are safe. However, when they leave the house and check the door, they find it locked or things are missing.

If you want to prevent this from happening, just check your windows and doors regularly. You may need someone to watch the house while you are away. You can also install a dog if you have one. The dog will keep thieves at bay as they may not realize that they are being watched. Plus, if you have any expensive electronics like DVRs, cameras, etc., you may want to look into buying an alarm system to protect your home and your belongings.

Your gathering survival tips should include preparation of emergency food and water supplies. You may not think that this is a big deal, but if you go without food and water, you may run out within several days. The family should each get a water purification tablet, four to six cans of food per person, and emergency medications like Tylenol, Aspirin, and naproxen. All of these items should be in plastic bags. When you are storing your food and medicines to make sure there are no small pieces that can get into your food and cause a problem for you.

If you have access to electricity in the house, you should have a battery backup power. This is one of the best gathering survival tips you can take advantage of. If the power goes out in the area where you are staying, you can stay in the comfort of the bed for as long as you want until the power comes back on. This way you won’t have to go through the trouble of using flashlights or candles.

Always plan ahead when it comes to emergency situations. For instance, if you are at a location that is not normally used by the family, like the basement, make sure that the front door is always open and visible. This way, if there is trouble getting inside the house, everyone can get help right away. Also, close all windows and doors, so that if there is smoke or a fire, it won’t spread and become harder to contain.

Knowing what kinds of supplies you should bring with you is one of the best gathering survival tips you can follow. If you can’t afford to bring a lot, at least take an extra set of tools and medications with you. It might seem like a lot of things to remember, but these are important essentials that can help in many situations. You never know what can happen, so it’s always better to be prepared.

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