I’m often asked if libraries should be part of the “Free Range Librarians” movement. It’s an excellent question and one that deserves some careful analysis before a yes or no answer is rendered. For most people, their library is a private, quiet place. They are not out in the public arena much. So, what is a Free Range Librarian?

A Free Range Librarian is a librarian who work to develop community relationships, serve the public, and protect the environment. The librarian does not specialize in any one area but instead teaches a variety of skills in multiple areas. This person is very skilled in the development of relationships and knowledge creation in libraries, schools and other community venues. Their job is to encourage people, students, teachers and professionals to take an interest in all sorts of knowledge.

As mentioned before, a Free Range Librarian is extremely skilled in the development of relationships and knowledge creation in libraries, schools and other community venues. In addition, they can teach people about various subjects without bias. One example of this would be someone who is a Free Range Librarian who is teaching middle school aged children. The Free Ranges also works with other community leaders, educators and advocates to increase awareness of issues and help to solve problems.

A Free Range Librarian is committed to working for the public good by keeping their job description as narrow as possible. The philosophy of the Free Ranges is simple. They want to bring knowledge to people in the community and help them solve their problems. It doesn’t matter if the library is a public, a private or a church belonging to a religious denomination, a Free Ranges Librarian works with everyone in the community regardless of background.

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As a Free Range Librarian you will always be open to all types of input from people of all ages and cultures. You will learn by listening and experience. Sometimes that might mean sitting down and talking with someone over a period of a few hours. It may mean a phone call if that is all it takes to hear what is on their mind.

Some other duties of a Free Range Librarian are compiling a weekly library directory, which is called a bibliography. Another very popular area of responsibility is preparing and maintaining a children’s guide to the English language called an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and a Bilingual Education Guide. The Bilingual Education Guide is a very important tool as our children are quickly absorbing more than their fair share of information. It should include both reading and writing skills.

It is important to have an up-to-date bibliography on hand for references. You must be able to find what you are looking for when you need it. A Free Ranges Librarian is an asset to a school district, a city government, and the wider community. A Free Range Librarian works hard at developing relationships because being open to everyone is part of their job. Many schools use a Free Range Librarian to work in the cafeteria or in the administration building because they get along with everyone. They help students prepare for tests and they are excellent sources for parents who want to know what is being taught in the classrooms.

A Free Range Librarian has many benefits. One of the biggest advantages is the diversity they bring to the community. A diverse group of people is great for helping to preserve knowledge and culture.

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A Free Range Librarian is also vital due to their ages. An older library technician has many benefits over a younger library technician. One of the benefits is experience. An old school technician is familiar with all the latest technology. They can work the phones, computers, and computers.

They will have the latest information about magazines, books, newspapers and other reference materials. An old-school Free Range Librarian knows what’s out there and how to use it. As a Free Range Librarian, you will have many different duties. You may be involved in planning events that will benefit the entire community or the school district.

You will make wonderful relations with the administrators and teachers of the school district. You will be a valued part of the school staff. Free Range Librarian benefits from working in a team environment where cooperation is critical. You will get to make lifelong friends and valuable contacts. You will have a wonderful opportunity to teach, learn and serve.

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