Four Under Four survival tips for kids. One, if you have a fire extinguisher (and I do – and I’ve had one for over 20 years) remember to put it out on every fire that your kids begin. Two, make sure you have a way to get water to your home from a safe distance. In many areas the water is a hazard and in others, a danger to small children.

Three, make sure you keep food handy to feed all your kids. You can buy good canned or packaged food from any grocery store and there are some really great choices available today. Four, remember that kids tend to put everything in their mouths so make sure they learn good dental hygiene habits!

Also, as a little one gets older try feeding them food that keeps their little bodies from growing too fast. This would be cereals and other hardy starchy foods like breads, crackers, and rice. Remember to never leave babies or small children alone with hard candy or coins. No matter how attractive the item may be, it could very easily be swallowed without knowing what it is.

Four keep your little one warm. Most of us know how cold it can get in the winter. In fact, the few of us who have managed to survive the winter without a coat or sweater have been lucky. To stay warm, and safe, it’s a good idea to invest in an extra pair of clothes and make sure your kids always have one. You also might want to invest in a wool blanket for them. Wool is warm, and if you keep one in their crib, it will become a family tradition.

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Five, remember that you should have a plan for every emergency. Even though you live in a big house with plenty of gadgets, you still need to make a plan for emergencies. For instance, if you have a burglar who breaks into your house, where do you put the police? Do you call the FBI? It’s good to be prepared, and that includes your kids!

Six, make sure that you keep your household clean. This may seem like common sense, but the less clutter you have, the more likely you are to catch everything. Also, it may be tempting to just throw away things that are no longer being used, but throwing things away is not always the best way to go. There is something inside of everyone that is important to keep. Remember that not only are you thinking about your kids, but also keeping the earth clean.

Seven keep your mom in the loop. As weird as it seems, keeping your mom in the loop goes a long way in keeping your survival tips a success. One of the biggest mistakes that mom can make is to stay too far away from the home. She needs to be able to call you, or even come over to see what is going on. While dad should be more to the point. Make sure that he knows that mommy and daddy are working together and they should coordinate when they are out.

Finally, make sure that everybody has their own personal water supply. This is essential, especially if you are caught in an emergency that taps out. You are going to survive, so don’t count your possessions. Keep all personal items in one place. It may mean that you have to ask other people to bring stuff with them, but you have to keep it together.

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