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This is a cool trick to help teach kids counting, math and money management. It’s one of the most basic tricks in magic that anyone can do on their own. You don’t need anything else to perform this amazing feat!

The “creative things to do with dollar bills” is a list of cool Uncle Tricks that are creative, easy and fun.

Trick to turn dollar bill into ring by AOM.

Having a variety of pranks and jokes that will astonish and amuse your nieces and nephews is an important aspect of being an outstanding uncle. So, from time to time, we’ll give you present and future uncles a lesson on some jokes that will make them think you’re the greatest person on the planet. Take a look at our whole collection of Cool Uncle Tricks. 

One of the most important qualities of a cool uncle is the ability to conjure up laughter out of thin air. A cool uncle’s repertoire includes made-up games, amusing jokes, and amazing tales. Making a ring out of a $1 note is a great illustration of this; it transforms an ordinary item into something startlingly fresh and wearable.

Make sure your early folds are as precise as possible while making your ring. Sloppy effort in the start will only lead to a ring that will not hold together. For the challenging last fold, all you’ll need is a pen, flathead screwdriver, or other poking device. Otherwise, all you’ll need is a buck and a crowd.

Pay great attention to each step, especially the photographs, which will serve as virtually better descriptions than the words. 

One American dollar with upper side marked.

Fold the top edge of the bill over and away from you, backside up. Fold the bill in half where the green meets the white at the top. (Even though you’re going to flip the bill over, it’s simpler to complete this step from the back because you can see the line better; if you fold towards you from the front, it’s difficult to see the line to fold on.)

Front view of one American dollar.

Overturn the bill.

Folded dollar bill in half.

Fold the bill lengthwise in half.

Folded one dollar bill in hand.

Closeup view of one dollar bill in hand.

Underneath your initial fold, tuck the bill’s edge.

Tucking the edge of the bill underneath first fold.

Fold the bill in half again, this time lengthwise.

Double folded one dollar bill.

After the previous fold, this should be your perspective.

Folded one American dollar marked from one edge.

Flip the bill over so the 1s are on the front. Fold the left edge away from you, where the white meets the green.

Folded left edge of one dollar bill.

Fold away from you once again, this time beginning slightly to the right of the 1. 

Closeup view of folded one dollar bill from edge.

The 1 is now isolated and will eventually form the ring’s top.

Folded dollar bill with one side faced upward.

Fold the right side of the dollar upward, perpendicular to the remainder of the bill, with the 1 folded away from you. This fold’s vertical line should go between the “O” and “F” in the “OF.”

Curled dollar bill with "1" facing front.

Curl the right side of the bill towards you, forming a ring, and place the vertical portion of the bill squarely behind that isolated 1. (For a closer look, see the following image.) 

One American dollar curled up by hand.

This is how it should be arranged.

Folding vertical section of dollar bill down by hand.  

Fold that vertical part down and tuck it beneath the 1 flap.  

Vertical side of dollar bill displayed.

Folded and curled one dollar bill in hand.

Fold the 1 back down and tuck the white tab below the folded-down piece.

Folded and curled dollar bill marked at one edge.

Fold the remaining segment of the vertical component you just brought down up through the ring’s main part.


Thumb placed on folded one dollar bill.

Ring made through one dollar bill.

Final touch on ring.

There will be a little white tab poking out at the top. This is when you’ll most likely need to use a pen or screwdriver to tuck it nicely under the 1.

Tucking in the one side of the ring.

Folded one dollar bill in hand.

Dollar bill turned into a ring.

Your completed work! Most people’s hands should be able to accommodate at least one finger. Your niece or nephew is now decked up in some incredible, hip uncle-made jewellery.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you roll a dollar bill into a ring?

A: Fold the bill in half so it is now a triangle. Take one of the corners, and fold that corner up to create a crease (like an old fashioned handkerchief). Keep folding this side until you get to the other end where there is no more paper.

How do you do a magic trick with a dollar bill?

A: You fold it into a cube and then riffle the corners to transform it into a bird.

How do you make a dollar bill origami ring?

A: Youre going to want an origami ring that has a square or rectangular base, and youll also need two dollar bills. If the bill is only slightly larger than the width of your finger, it should be fine if you make both folds in opposite directions — one at around 2/3 of the way down from each end.

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