Fleas and Ticks: Dog Owner’s Survival Guide is an informative, but quick read. I don’t want to spend much time on this book, however, as the information it provides is pretty straightforward. The bulk of the book is devoted to explaining the causes and symptoms of fleas and ticks, and how they can be prevented. The book also touches on common pet diseases, and how they are similar to fleas and ticks in that they too can transmit disease. It also has a short side bar concerning grooming the dog and its regular needs, such as flea/tick shampoo.

I believe this book could have been shorter, perhaps by a page or two more. However, I think this book was well worth the length. The information provided will help pet owners keep their animals healthy and pest free. Also, having read the author’s own description of how she became aware of the problem, the book seems well organized and easy to follow. The book review below is based on the information in the table of contents.

Fleas and Ticks: Dog Owner’s Survival Guide offers a lot of basic information. It lists all the diseases dogs can contract and the types of fleas and ticks they can bring to a dog. It explains the difference between ticks and fleas, and what a dog can do to avoid contracting either. There are numerous illustrations throughout the text that serve to reinforce the information presented. The book also has an extensive bibliography, and each chapter contains information regarding not only the most common causes of infections, but also rarer ones.

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This book talks about common conditions dogs contract that can cause tick and flea infestation. Dogs can become infected with ticks and fleas through exposure to other animals carrying them, such as those that frequently scratch around the house. Another common cause is eating a tick or flea bite on any part of your body, but especially the skin. The book includes a helpful safety tip on how to properly care for your pet so it is less likely to be bitten. Additional safety information is also provided for how to identify the telltale signs of infection.

The book talks about how dogs can benefit from early detection of these parasites. Since dogs will generally head straight for the nearest place they can find to hide, it is possible to catch them early on by examining their skin regularly for signs of infection. The book provides extensive information on how to check for ticks and fleas on dogs.

Fleas and ticks can have devastating effects on your pet, especially if you have many of them. This book provides information on how to take care of your dog so fleas and ticks will not have the opportunity to lay eggs on him. It also provides information on common signs of infection, how long it will last and what to do if your dog contracts an infection.

The book also touches on the subject of proper hygiene. It discusses proper diet for dogs and proper care when bathing them. This book has many good ideas that can make fleas and ticks less of a problem in your home and on your pet. Dog owners who have dealt with these parasites know that keeping the environment clean, using products that repel and kill insects, and using natural flea control methods are all necessary in the fight against them.

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This book is very helpful for the dog owner who is new to this topic. It can be difficult to deal with the infestation because it is so hard to pinpoint exactly what causes the eggs to hatch and how to get rid of them. These are very specific details and a lot of this information has to be learned through trial and error until you are able to eliminate them in your own home. This book will help you do just that.

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