There are several factors that could cause a deadly combination, and five survival tips for businesses in Kenya during the current pandemic period. The first tip is to isolate your staff. While everyone is aware of the danger posed by a dormant virus, no one is prepared for the reality of finding out their firm is involved in a huge international health disaster, as has been the case with this recent outbreak. If you have staff coming in from different parts of the world, make sure they have gone through medical checkups to stay on track.

Two of the worst-case scenarios, as shown by statistics, involve the death of infected non-smokers and the spreading of hepatitis among workers. This is an extremely unpleasant situation to find yourself in, especially if it is your first pandemic. It is vital that all staff undergo mandatory training to recognize the symptoms of plague, which include the development of swollen lymph nodes. In addition, they must be informed about the need to isolate themselves from others while under observation. Any confusion could result in the spread of the disease, or worse, their own death.

If you do have staff coming in from other countries, you must ensure they have been properly educated on how to identify the symptoms of the disease. Being knowledgeable means knowing the signs and symptoms of the more lethal Rabies virus. These include loss of muscle coordination, drooping eyelids, deep fatigue, muscle cramps, and muscle weakness. You should also educate them about how to recognise body fluids, as well as those which are unusual in a healthy person. Finally, they should be advised on how to isolate themselves from others until the symptoms go away.

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One of the most vital of the five survival tips for businesses in Kenya during the coronavirus pandemic is hygiene. As soon as they are diagnosed with the illness, all staff should wash their hands thoroughly using soap and water. They should clean the infected area and put on gloves before removing any blood or tissue from the eyes. If they suspect they may have come in contact with the virus, they should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water again. Once they have cleaned their hands properly, they should use thermometers to make sure they are within the appropriate temperature to prevent infection.

After completing the five survival tips for businesses in Kenya during the pandemic, the staff should ensure that they have adequate equipment ready to handle the situation. This includes two types of mouth masks – one to cover the nose and mouth, and another to cover the mouth and nose. Emergency supplies such as needles and syringes, disinfectant, tweezer, bucket, and shovels should also be on hand. In addition, they should have bottled water available for use throughout the duration of the pandemic. As much as possible, it is important that they not attempt to drink tap water as this can lead to serious infections.

After the pandemic has ended, there will be more risk of disease carrying staff members, so the same five survival tips apply. Employees should clean well and wash their hands well using soap and water. They should sterilize everything they can in order to avoid passing it on to others. As much as possible, they should avoid sitting on or around surfaces that have been used by a sick person. This is especially true for those working in clinics, where the risk of transmitting the disease is higher than in other areas.

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It is always wise to train all employees on how to identify any signs that someone may be suffering from an infection. For instance, if there is a suspected outbreak of Momsian fever in Kenya, all business owners need to have the staff trained to look for symptoms that could indicate an infection such as swollen lymph nodes. Likewise, the staff needs to know how to recognise a signal that the symptoms of meningitis are already present. Having someone else to look for any physical signs could also assist them to identify if a person is lying on their back or in pain.

If a business does not practice hygiene, it could prove to be fatal. Therefore, keeping standards high is necessary for every business. If you have employees that work in areas where sanitation is not fully observed, these individuals need to be educated on how to protect themselves from harmful diseases that may be spread. If you want to survive the next pandemic, it is time to pay close attention to how your employees are treated and taught the right safety protocols.

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