If you are going to be out of town this weekend, and you are in the market for some Epcot Attraction Tickets, but you do not have a lot of time, and you are not sure how to find them, then I have some information for you. That’s right, I have gone ahead and done all of the research for you, so that you don’t have to spend hours on the internet trying to find them yourself. Instead, when you go to the box office, you will see that there is only one item in the bag – which happens to be the only thing that you need to have on hand – the Epcot Admission ticket.

The very first item that you should put in your mailbag is the Epcot admission ticket. It really does not matter which day you choose to visit the park. What does matter is that you get the mailbag full before hand. However, if you plan on staying an extra day or two, or if you are running on a tight schedule, then you can put the mailbag in your back pocket and move it to wherever you like to park, until you get the Epcot admissions. But the important thing to remember is that you get to pick up your mailbag at the box office the very same day that you get the tickets.

The second item that you should put into your EPBOT: Mailbag: Dragon*Con Survival Tips! bag is the Water Theme Park Attraction Tickets. These tickets are good for just about any attraction in the park. You can spend three dollars for each individual ticket, or you can spend nine dollars for a six-pack of the four-day passes. I recommend that you get the unlimited water pass, which allows you to drink from all of the water stations without having to purchase another bottle. The downside to this ticket is that it does not allow you to bring anything with you beyond your water.

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The third thing you should consider is the four-day park hopper passes. There are four different types of hopper passes. If you choose to buy the hopper pass for Epcot alone, then you will only be able to go to Epcot for the four days of the show. If you choose to buy it separately for the other three theme parks, then you will have access to all four days of the shows. Keep in mind that the price for the hopper ticket does not include the cost of the Epcot tickets.

The fourth thing you should consider putting in your EPBOT: Mailbag: Dragon*Con Survival Tips! bag is the My Fair Trade sticker. By purchasing this sticker you will be helping to support the farmers that produce the food that is used to make the products that are found at several of the restaurants located around the park.

Now that you have your EPBOT: Mailbag: Dragon*Con Survival Tips! bag, it is time to get started! The first thing that you should do is go outside and get a good view of the street where you live. That way when you get ready to put your order in to Disney, you know that the trucks will be coming and going from the address on the street!

Also, before you put your EPBOT: Mailbag: Dragon*Con Survival Tips! bag in the mail, be sure to clear away any snow or ice that may be on the address label. The reason why you want to clear away the snow and ice is because the Disney trucks will be reversing their routes in order to get the mailbags to the parks. If there is any snow or ice on the address label, the truck will run into it and they will have to turn around and come back. Be sure to put the bag in the mail before it melts. It is not a good idea to store your mailbag in the refrigerator before you use it!

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If the snow on the street is too bad, you can always put the mailbag inside of a plastic trash bag and tie it off at the top. Once you have your EPBOT: Mailbag: Dragon*Con Survival Tips! bag inside the trash bag, you will be safe from all sides and from bears! Once you have put your order in and placed your order for the Disney trucks, you will not have to worry about the snow anymore.

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