One of the most important survival tips is to make sure that you have a good boat, and that it’s in good working order when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, miles from help. If you have the proper equipment on board, including food, a supply of drinking water, fresh water purification tablets, a first aid kit, sleeping bags and blankets, toiletries and more, then you’re just about set for any eventuality. However, if all you have on board is a kayak, a canoe, a small inflatable boat or an outboard motor, then you might want to reconsider going it alone in such an unfamiliar waters. You need the assistance of other boaters in order to keep safe and to have the best chance of finding a rescue that will also rescue you.

When you’re lost in the middle of nowhere, you must conserve as much energy as you can. That means slowing down your boat speed and working silently. Also, try to keep your head up and not your eyes, unless of course your GPS tells you otherwise. If you can do so, try to keep your entire body below the waterline, as even a very light form of motion against the water’s surface can prove fatal under the conditions.

Make sure your kayak has a strong hull and that the engine can still operate normally. It might be a good idea to have someone from the watercraft with you in case the engine has trouble starting. Have fresh water with you and keep hydrated. In addition to having a source of fresh water, make sure that you have a source of fuel available for your boat, so you can use it while you’re waiting for help.

Use your GPS device while you’re in the water, but don’t become too obsessed with it. The Coast Guard is going to send rescue out, and you want to remain as far from them as you can. They will send rescue boats with enough personnel on board to take care of any other problems you encounter while they are on the water. You should have your personal flotation device on and all your electronics operational. You want to ensure that the Coast Guard can find you, so you might as well do everything in your power to make your way to their assistance.

Stay dry, at least until they come. If your boat starts taking on water, get into it as soon as possible. Try to raise the mast as high as you can and lower the sails. This will lower the vessel out of the current, making it much easier to get into. Also, it will stop them from being able to shake you, which is another one of their methods for dealing with capsized boats.

If the current becomes too strong, you might have to go into deeper water. Some boaters will paddle to you, and some won’t. The key is to stay calm and don’t panic. Trying to swim against the current can lead to capsizing. Keep your head down and avoid moving it unless it is necessary. Don’t try to talk your way out, and keep yelling for someone to save you if at all possible.

Try to keep all your limbs above water level, including the tops of your shoulders and behind your back. Your hands should be above the water, too. If you have to turn to use your arms, do so slowly. Retrieve any jewelry that you may have fallen off with your hands, but avoid using them to grab onto rocks or other objects. If you are capsized, it is difficult to breathe underwater and losing consciousness underwater is even worse.

To effectively survive an eight bridge failure survival situation, you must know what to do if your boat capsizes. The first thing you need to do is to paddle to shore and get emergency assistance. Then, hang onto your flotation device and remember to raise your paddle from time to time. Use the device as much as possible, and try to throw them overboard several times to simulate throwing yourself out of the boat. Hopefully these eight bridge failure survival tips will help you avoid sinking.

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