If you are ever in a situation where you must fly or otherwise be near a plane, you should know some plane crash survival tips. This is especially true if your life depends on making it to an airfield. While the likelihood of survival is high for most people who survive a plane crash, it is not high enough for everyone. So take advantage of this fact and follow these survival tips.

First of all, don’t panic. Even if you have never been in a plane before, the likelihood that you will die when it crashes is very low. The odds are so low that you probably won’t even notice it. And the more experienced pilots have trained themselves not to panic when they hear screaming from inside the plane. This is one of the best plane crash survival tips anyone can ever learn.

Second, make sure your parachute is fully inflated before you leave the plane. Airplanes typically just plummet to the ground at very high rates of speed. When this happens, it’s not just a matter of luck. You need to be prepared with your parachute. This is one of the more important plane crash survival tips you should follow.

Third, never, ever touch the wings or fuselage of the plane. Touching these will literally kill you. The skin of a human being has too many nerve endings to withstand that much force. When the skin is touched by the hard object that is flying, the nerves literally get fried. Unless, of course, you are one of the lucky few who manages to touch the controls.

Fourth, never open the wings or the fuselage of a plane. These are the last few defense barriers against an impending crash. If you open them, you can be ripped to shreds. Therefore, it is essential to follow these plane crash survival tips and avoid opening these.

Fifth, be sure to follow all of the other plane crash survival tips. If you have locked out of the cockpit, signal a nearby emergency responder. Be sure to do so calmly and with as much warning as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting tossed around the cockpit. If you have locked yourself in, signaling emergency responders is important but don’t open the cockpit until help arrives.

Sixth, watch out for strong, shiny objects that may look just like a bomb. These could be anything from a child’s toy to an RC helicopter. If the plane crashes, it is likely that the survivors will search for flammable objects, like seat cushions and luggage. Use this plane crash survival tip to stay away from shiny objects and to stay calm.

Seventh, remember to stay calm and collected during the crash. The television crews and the press might make you feel better about the situation, but it is in fact a dreadful moment for you. Try to remain focused on your survival. The worst thing you can do is try to fight your way out of the plane. Plane crash survival tips: stronger planes are harder to get out of, so focus on getting out of the plane using whatever means are available to you.

Eighth, keep your body as stiff as possible. Your body is aching and dehydrated after a crash. Drink plenty of water to combat the dehydration. Eight keep warm. Get warm by sitting in the cockpit or other enclosed area and using blankets to stay warm. Plane crash survival tips: stronger planes are harder to get out of, so keep cool by sitting in the cockpit or other enclosed area.

Last, follow all of the emergency rescue and accident investigation protocols. When you crash, you have very little time to collect basic information. Make sure you collect as much information as possible from the crash survivors and emergency responders. Plane crash survival tips: Use the crash survival protocol as a guide. You want to be sure to help as much as possible, and if you know there is no way out, follow the protocols exactly.

You will survive a plane crash, if you have good preparation and a strong mind. These plane crash survival tips will help you stay alive long enough to make it to the ground and be rescued. Be ready to lose your sense of reality for a few minutes. Then, you will be able to think clearly again and begin to take action. Good luck!

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