If you have children, you should know about earthquake survival tips. We learned in grade school that the earth will shake and rock our world. This is a natural thing and it’s happened every day. But, when does it happen and what do we do? How do we protect our family and ourselves?

earthquakes are usually a big one. They can hit big cities and cause significant damage to buildings and houses. But they can also happen in a rural area or even in your own backyard. Most people are so used to the large ones that they don’t consider a smaller one possible. So, when it hits, it’s a big one and you need to get away from the area.

There are things you can do to protect yourself and your family when this happens. First of all, if you are at home, get to the highest floor possible. You may not feel like climbing but you have to do it anyway. Even if you have to use some supplies to help you get up, it’s better than being trapped under the debris. If you can’t get to the top floors, get to the basement or to your car.

Also, listen to what the radio is saying. The Red-new radios are very useful during an emergency. Most of them are battery operated and will keep you well informed. They will also allow you to communicate with rescuers. Make sure you have one in your home too.

After you have gotten to safety, listen to the news on the radio and keep up to date on what’s going on. You may want to get an updated list of the areas where the largest earthquakes happen. If there is a possibility of someone hitting your home, get to safety as soon as you can. This earthquake survival tips will help you do that.

Stay safe in your home. There could be loose boards or other parts falling on you. Try to stay out of the way of large falling objects if at all possible. Get to the upper floors of your home if you can and cover your head and nose with a blanket.

When you get to your car, make sure everyone is still tied up and safe. The last thing you want is someone leaving something behind and getting hit by a falling object while trying to drive away. The most important of these earthquake survival tips is to listen to your environment. If it’s raining, you can drive normally but if it’s snowing, you should still wear a helmet and layers.

If you’re part of a large family and live alone, these earthquake survival tips are especially important. When everyone is tied up and secure, you should start thinking about food and water. It’s also a good idea to start looking for safe zones in case you might need to evacuate. Make sure that if you do need to leave that you don’t get lost. Make sure that your cell phone is always on so you will have a way to get in touch with someone if you become trapped. These are just some simple steps that you can take that will make you a much safer person if a disaster ever occurs.

Always carry food and water. This might seem obvious but it can be surprising how many people run out of food and water during disasters. You can either get them from a nearby supply or carry supplies that you would bring with you. Staying hydrated is the key to surviving so always have plenty of water.

Your shelter should also be prepared in case you are forced out. Pack things that will protect you from the elements. You should have flashlights, blankets, pillows, books, and anything else that can keep you warm in case you end up sleeping outside. A tent is also important because it will provide a good place to stay and you can store stuff in there like your medications.

These earthquake survival tips are just basic things that anyone can do in order to be as safe as possible when a disaster strikes. If you know someone who is a qualified medic, it might be wise to let them know where you are at. They can give you medical attention without having to come up to your location. The earthquake has the power to make even the most prepared people nervous but staying calm and collected is the best way to go.

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