Do You Have a Sense of Humor? A Quiz from 1928

When people think of what they find funny, they often consider topics such as humor and laughter. However, the deeper you look into this topic, it becomes clear that there are many different ways to view the idea of being funny or not-funny.

The “a person with no sense of humor is called” is a quiz from 1928. The quiz asks the reader to match words that describe someone who has no sense of humor.

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Editor’s note: The following quiz is based on J. George Frederick’s 1928 book, What Is Your Emotional Age? While quizzes have a bad notoriety for being a touch cheesy, I find them to be a good way to promote some self-reflection. While the source is classic, this one is particularly apt at a time when many men seem to take things too literally and themselves too seriously. We’ve put the quiz on an interactive platform so you may complete it without having to calculate your own score. If you want to take it by hand, we’ve included the text and answer key underneath it.

Are you a team player? Can you like being the “goat”? This is an opportunity for you to put your sense of humor to the test while also include your closest friends and family.

Select the option beneath each question that best describes your most likely response in the given situation. Make careful to check yourself as you are, not as you wish you were. Check the answer key once you’ve checked a circumstance under each of the eight questions. You’ll be astonished — hopefully in a good way!

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I. If I were in a gang and someone claimed in jest, “We all saw you purposefully drop your handkerchief so the good-looking stranger would notice you,” I’d chuckle.

a. I’d act as if I hadn’t heard what was said. b. I’d engage in the fun with the others. c. I’d probably be upset and leave them right away. d. I’d tell them flatly that their petty wit was motivated by envy. e. I’d respond with a wisecrack like, “The spoils belong to the victor.”

II. When I’m the “goat” — a toy mouse beneath my chair, salt put into my cup of coffee by the prankster, or your own practical joke:

a. I make the most of the circumstance by offering as much amusement as possible. b. I wait for my opportunity to repay the “smart folks” in their own currency. c. I express my disapproval or rebuke them in a visible manner. d. I put the experience out of my mind and focus on other things. g. I’m as amused by the scenario as any of the trolls.

III. When a group member shares a joke or an amusing anecdote about Pat and Mike that I’ve heard before:

a. I strive to be as ecstatic and grateful as I was when I first heard it. c. I give a faint grin and remark, “That’s a funny joke.” c. I say, “I’ve heard that one before,” and halt the speaker in the midst of the joke. d. I let the other person deliver the joke, but I have an unpleasant expression on my face. “That reminds me of a similar tale,” I add with a hearty chuckle.

IV. When the on-stage comedian’s outrageous antics have the crowd in stitches:

a. I’m curious as to what the audience sees in his bizarre actions and statements. a. The crowd amuses me as much as the comic. c. I participate in the audience’s boisterous laughter, laughing as hard as they do. d. I find some of the comedy amusing – I chuckle to myself. e. I generally get tired of it and leave.


V. When I’m recounting a bold act I did and someone says angrily, “My heroine, how amazing you are,” I say:

a. The comment makes me feel humiliated and furious. “Of sure,” I say, “but not quite as amazing as you are.” “Sorry, but you can’t get my goat that way,” I reply. d. I’m having a great time and laughing at myself. e. I ignore the interruption and go on with my narrative.

VI. When one of my pals “takes me off” in front of a throng of people who all know me by revealing and replicating my distinct, particular mannerisms:

a. I completely and genuinely participate in the spirit of good humor. b. It’s tough for me to conceal my offended vanity and pride. b. I think the “take-off” is spectacular and really entertaining. c. I usually express my displeasure with a biting remark. e. I’ve always thought that such comedy is cheap and disgusting.

VII. When I’ve unintentionally spilled anything on the ice, damp sidewalk, stairwell, or rug:

a. I comprehend the amusement evoked by such an occurrence. b. I despise it when people take advantage of other people’s suffering for their own amusement. c. I disguise my upset sentiments under a self-deprecating grin. d. I jokingly comment that the offending item will have to be removed from my path. e. I’m annoyed by my own carelessness and cry a little.

VIII. When the celebration becomes boring and lingers on interminably:

a. The party becomes boring and monotonous for me. b. I’m the so-called life of the party, always trying to come up with new ways to liven things up. c. I attempt to help and assist everyone who needs unexpected wit. d. I attempt to get some of the amateur wits to put in some effort. e. I accept the current course of events and do nothing to change it.

Key to the Solutions

In each of the eight columns, draw a circle around the numbers that correspond to the things you ticked. If you selected item “d” under Question I, for example, you would circle the number on line “d” under column I — in this case, number 2.

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Add the numbers you circled for all of the questions to receive your sense of humor score.

  • If the total is less than 20, you can enhance your sense of humor.
  • You are average if you are between the ages of 20 and 30.
  • You have a great sense of humor if you’re between the ages of 31 and 40 — or you’ve been generous with yourself.




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The “sense of humor quiz” is a test that was done in 1928. It asks questions about the person’s sense of humor and then gives them a score. The more they answer correctly, the higher their score will be.

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