De beste survival tips cover all things necessary for living through the winter season. It’s possible to survive in the winter without a lot of extra material possessions and it’s certainly possible to stay alive with an extra pair of boots. However, the best way to go about surviving is to take advantage of everything nature can provide you with and that is why most people will focus their survival tips on outdoor living and survival equipment. Here are some of winter survival tips that may help you make the cold months go by quicker!

Food – De hoarders tend to think that winter is the time for conserve but they are very wrong. You should stock up on all your survival stuff before the first snow falls. This means bread, dried meat, sugar, cereals and pasta. Keep away from stored foods as they tend to spoil quickly and you will only have a few boxes to make use of throughout the winter. Have plenty of dried fruit and dried meat. As long as you have food to survive you’re pretty much okay.

Water – Another one of those survival tips that is often neglected. You may have rain barrels but that won’t save you if you have no place to get water. So don’t be stingy when it comes to water this winter. Boil some water in a pan and keep drinking from it – either via a faucet or with a simple straw.

Shelter – Plenty of shelter will make any camp out more enjoyable. Look for a big tent with lots of space inside as this makes for good rest and relaxation. If you are lucky enough to find an empty one at the right price, that’s even better as you can rent it out when it’s not in use. Another one of de Beste survival tips is that if you spend a lot of time out in the wild, consider investing in a portable stove that you can use in bad weather as well as while staying indoors.

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Equipment – It is advisable to stock up on your water, food, first aid kit, and sleeping bags before leaving on your expedition. Make sure you also pack a lantern with fuel inside so that you can light campfires. Other equipment you should consider taking with you are a radio to contact people along the way, a pair of hiking boots, some rope, and some insect repellent. Don’t forget to take a camera too as you never know what kind of wildlife you might encounter along the way.

Patience – Dealing with severe weather is part of most camping trips and one of the best survival tips is to be patient. Most people panic and start panicking when it starts to get cold. They fail to consider that they have already been experiencing extreme weather conditions for several days before heading out. Being patient can also prevent them from getting dehydrated which can lead to hypothermia. Soaking in a tub of ice water or using a bucket of water may also help in preserving your energy levels.

Rations – Always bring enough food with you to last you until you have reached your destination. Be sure to include some energy bars and sports drink which you can sip on throughout the day. Energy bars are very helpful because they can boost your endurance when it gets really cold outside. Sports drink can keep your body hydrated and provide your mind with extra strength. You can also include a camera, a blanket, and sleeping bag to increase your comfort level even more.

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Settle – When things go wrong at the worst possible moment, it can be very tempting to leave your tent and rush to a safer location. But this is the exact reason why you should not do this at all. Try staying at one of the best inns like De Beste while enjoying the hospitality there. Most tourists who are enjoying their vacation in Limburg and other islands in the region prefer to stay at hotels that are conveniently located near their desired destinations. These tips will help you enjoy your vacation even more and ensure that you have the best experience possible.

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