Darts for Beginners: Games to Play

Darts is a popular game that requires great skill and ability to be successful. It can also be played competitively or as casually as anyone would like. Darts for beginners will introduce you to the basics of playing darts games and help get your skills up so you are ready for anything!

The “free darts games to play” is a game that everyone can enjoy. There are many different types of dart games, but the most popular ones are American Darts and Cricket.

Many of us have a favorite hangout spot where we relax and enjoy ourselves. Some of us favor a dive pub, while others prefer a local brewery; some prefer a younger audience or the club/bar scene. Personally, I like a cozy bar, and in my town, I’ve discovered one of the greatest. It’s an Irish bar that specializes on vintage rock and doom metal music, has a laid-back, neighborhood vibe, and the greatest part? It’s unrelenting devotion to one of the most popular pub games of all time: darts. The bar has a whole area devoted to the Christmas-colored tiny arrows we so dangerously fire at their targets:

But this isn’t about my favorite bar, “The Poet and the Patriot.” It has to do with darts. Today, we’ll go through the many dart games that may be played, and next time, we’ll go over dart throwing technique.

Darts and a frosty glass of beer.

Darts with a cold drink are a great combo.

The Game’s Beginnings

According to Patrick Chaplin, a dart historian, the game of darts has its origins in archery. Other early origin suggestions include javelins and crossbow bolts, but given that the early game of darts used an archery-like target and is sometimes known as “arrows,” archery is the most probable progenitor.

I must confess that I am baffled as to how this transformation occurred. Think a muscular bow-and-arrow-wielding warrior remarking to a fellow fighter, “Dude, imagine how much damage we could do if we made these things an eighth the size and hurled them with our hands!”

Doesn’t seem to be a logical development, does it? Who knows, maybe it was something the kids came up with. In any case, the game arose in diverse versions throughout England in the early twentieth century. It was introduced to the United States at the conclusion of World War I by American troops who played the game in Europe and then returned home with the darts.

The world has never been the same since that time. The degree of happiness in bars throughout the globe has risen by leaps and bounds. Teams and friendships were created, leagues were formed, events were organized, and leagues were formed. Despite a few harrowing missteps regarding league recognition over the years, the World Darts Council (now known as the Professional Darts Corporation, or PDC) elevated the game to new heights. There is now an international circuit that includes high-profile events including as the Grand Prix, World Matchplay, Las Vegas Desert Classic, and World Championships.

A Few Words on the Dart Board

Dart board.

The dartboard is divided into three sections: a single ring, a double ring, and a triple ring. The double ring is located on the board’s outermost edge. You gain two marks, or double points, if you hit a number in that ring. The triple is the thin, interior ring. You gain three marks, or triple points, if you hit a number inside that ring. There is just one green bull’s-eye spot. The red has been doubled. The dartboard is set up as follows: double ring, single area, triple ring, single area, green bull’s-eye, red bull’s-eye, from outside to inside.

Dart Games There are a variety of dart games to choose from.

Cricket: You know it’s set up for cricket when you go into a bar and see a chart on the wall next to the dartboard with the numbers 15–20 and the bull’s-eye:

Dart game's scoreboard.

The goal of the game is to “close” all of the numbers (15-20; the remainder of the board may be ignored in this game) as well as the bull’s-eye. That implies you’ll have to hit each number three times, or hit a double and a single, or a triple.


Both players toss a dart at the bull’s-eye to see who goes first; whomever comes closest wins. If there is a tie, toss once more. If you shut a number before your opponent does, and you hit that number again, you will be awarded that amount of points. Let’s pretend you’ve completed the 20. Your opponent, on the other hand, only has two marks on it and needs one more to clinch the deal. You receive 20 points if you hit a single 20 again. The one who closes all of the numbers and has the most points at the end wins. The green bull has a score of 25 points, whereas the red bull has a score of 50.

301, 501, and 801: The 01 series of dart games (501 in particular) are all fundamentally the same, except that the amount of points you start with varies based on how many players you’re playing with. You start with 301 points (or 501/801/etc.) and the goal is to go to zero points as quickly as possible.

To start scoring (or rather, removing points), you must hit a double, and you must hit a double to win. In order to win fast, you must hit the highest number every turn (19s and 20s). But here’s the catch: if you throw your exact score and get an out, you have to start again. You also go broke if you shoot a number greater than your current score while shooting for an out. In a game of 301, 501, or 801 darts, the finish might be hard due to those two regulations.

Variations include not needing to “double in” or “double out” depending on who you’re playing with and what game you’re playing. Doubling out is almost always required, although doubling in is not. In general, 801 is a team game played with four or more people, but it follows the same fundamental structure.

In a game of Shanghai, utilize the two-dart splash to determine who goes first. To put it another way, throw two darts at the same time. The sequence of turns is from highest to lowest, starting with the two-dart splash. Shanghai is often played by four or more people.

The goal of the game is to score the most points possible by shooting at one number each round for twenty rounds, completing the dart board. Begin by shooting at number one in the first round, then two in the second, three in the third, and so on until the whole board has been covered. You only get points if you hit the number that corresponds to the current round. The individual who has the most points at the conclusion of the game, or who hits a “Shanghai,” is the winner. You essentially “shanghai” the game and win regardless of your opponents’ scores if you score a single, double, or treble of one number on its associated round.

Part 2: Technique will always wow your friends, and you could even win a few cash!




Darts is a popular game that has been played by many people for many years. There are many different types of darts, but the most common type is the small metal dart. This article will introduce you to some of the best games to play with your friends and family. Reference: darts games online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of games can you play with darts?

A: You can play games such as Catch, Cricket and Bowling.

How do you play darts for beginners?

A: To play darts, you will need either a board with pockets or an electronic dartboard. You should set up the board by placing each of the three sections (the bulls eye, center ring and outer ring) so that they are touching one another at their centers. It is also advisable to place them in order from 1-3 before starting any game.

How do you play darts games?

A: You need to have a dart and some way of throwing it.

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