Dance Moms has some of the hardest jobs in the world. They are always juggling multiple classes, rehearsals, and dance schedules. One thing that many do not realize is that they often have the added burden of caring for their young ones as well. In this article I present some Dance Moms survival tips for dance competitions.

o Scheduling: Dance Competition time slots are very important. You will need to schedule enough time for all the dance performances and photo shoots. You should also try to fit your dance competition into your pre Dance Program too.

o Helping the Competition: If your Dance Moms coach gives you time to help her students prepare for the competition, do it. Let them know that you appreciate the support and help and that you will make sure that they are ready. This will show them that you are there to support them, no matter what happens on the dance floor. Sometimes all a mom has to do is ask.

o Making a great impression: If your dance competition is being held at a club, set up a table or booth. Pass out flyers and invite people to sign up. Get the word out that you are holding a dance competition. Offer to help with set up and take down. If the mom is holding the dance classes with her own kids, offer to help with the younger kids as well.

o Don’t be afraid to call the shots. As the organizer of the dance event, you are in control. Make the decisions. Take the reigns and be in charge. Let your Mom pick out the music, the choreographer and the entire line up.

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o Stick to your schedule. Even if it’s taking a lot of time away from the dance floor, stick to your schedule. Don’t let other priorities get in the way of the performance you have planned.

o Be assertive. Speak up when you are having a problem with the other team members or an issue is at hand. This helps everyone understand where their priorities are. If you have a question, make sure it’s answered. It’s better for everyone if you can come to a compromise.

o Be gracious. Dance is about emotions and feelings. Take the time to congratulate the winners and offer congratulations to the performers. At the same time, you need to congratulate the parents of the dancers as well. You want everyone to feel involved and having fun, not frustrated and negative.

o Take questions. Dancers are eager to answer any and all questions they receive. As much as possible, take the time to discuss all of the details of the performance. Get suggestions from the audience, too. Ask them what they would like to see in the production and then incorporate that into the dance routine.

o Be flexible. Nothing is set in stone. If you know you won’t be able to show up on time, find alternate options. Plan ahead so you don’t waste anyone’s time by needing to reschedule. Be prepared: There are always alternatives. Just be ready to explain.

o Be honest. Being yourself is important when trying to break in as a new dancer. So is, being true to who you are and the love you have for dance, so that dance moms can feel comfortable letting you perform.

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o Be positive. Dance requires patience, focus, and practice. Moms must learn to give their best, even when they aren’t feeling their best. They must also learn to put aside their own desires for the sake of their child’s safety.

So go out there, dance your heart out, and conquer thoserums! Teach your kids how to move to their favorite tunes. Dance with them, encourage them to try new moves and stand by their side through thick and thin. Dance moms: if you do everything the right way, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

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