Curious Expedition: Survival Tips for Your Journey – Xbox Wire Game is a point and click adventure game that will require you to explore caves, dig up the artifacts and use them for points. You’ll also have to find your way out of tricky situations. The graphics and audio are quite pleasant and it’s worth a look if you’re a big fan of this style of game.

The story behind the game is set in the distant future after a large comet has crashed landing. A massive amount of material has been ejected from the craft and is strewn across the land. The remaining crew members are stranded and are trying to build a raft to escape the stranded craft. You’re one of those survivors who has to scavenge for food, keep the shelter warm and clean and search for parts to continue the escape. There are several different elements within the game that make this fun and interesting.

There are three areas that you can investigate. The first one gives you the brief history of the island and how the crash happened. From this location you can learn more about the artifacts that can be found and used throughout the game as well as the way to activate switches and other items. The second location provides you with additional information on the island and its surroundings.

From here you’ll learn about how you can get aboard the island and begin exploring. You’ll need to find the raft before you can do this though. It is guarded by a shark and only you can enter without destroying it. Once inside you’ll discover that the natives have trapped the sharks and used them as dinner. This is why you must find a way to repel the sharks.

The island also has several caves that can be explored. These caves are full of treasure that can be used to help you on your journey to survive. You’ll have to fish them out and then use objects on the Island to plug them back up. This can often prove to be a very difficult task though. Fortunately you will have a map that will help you navigate your way through this game.

On the island there are also three towers that you will be able to climb. When you are near them simply jump from one to the other. The game will determine which direction you should jump from so you need to make sure you read what is stated clearly. In addition, a spider will move around the map. You’ll have to lure him into your line of sight and kill him. If you damage his little body it will not stay dead.

At the end of each level you will be given a time limit to complete your task. Completing all three towers will grant you the max reward which is a helicopter. Try to use your wings to fly out of the way of enemy fire. If you find yourself unable to complete a task within the time frame given to you then you may need to restart the level. If you damage any of the obstacles on the screen when they are damaged, they will disappear when you restart the level.

Curious Expedition: Survival Tips looks very much like a mixture of puzzle and adventure games. If you enjoy these types of games then this game is for you. Many people may not find it as interesting though as I did. Regardless, it is a great game that can give you hours of excitement. With a little patience and determination you can get this game for free if you search for it online.

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