Crown Trick: Beginner’s Guide and Survival Tips are the third in the Twilight series written by the great Stephenie Meyer. This time, Edward Cullen is back as a teen, this time, he’s seventeen. The first part of the book, called Winter, focused on Edward’s family and some of the troubles they had to face during the winter. I liked that because this Twilight fan likes winter, and the family has a history of it. In addition, the introduction described Edward’s personality quite well.

Crown Trick: Beginner’s Guide and Survival Tips follow Edward during his winter vacation. He finds himself stuck at a hotel, the one spot in all of town that isn’t closed. With no family or friends around, and his suitcase behind him (because he doesn’t know where to begin) he begins searching for his past. There seems to be something coming into the city from the cliffs overlooking the town, but what is causing all this?

A lot of the scenes in Twilight are beautifully written. Especially, when you consider how important emotions are to this story. For example, in Chapter Two, Edward and Bella are talking about how she left him, and how he never asked her to stay. Her words bring back memories, and they make you feel really sad for her. However, it’s then revealed that Edward did ask her to come, because he knew that she needed company, and that was what got him out of the hotel that night.

There is romance in Twilight, and I don’t think that’s said enough. In this book as well, you’ll find out that Edward has feelings for Bella, even though she has probably already said that she doesn’t have a future with him. There’s also a relationship developing between Edward and Bella while he is following her, but it’s subtle. It’s interesting, and there is definitely more of that coming. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not the biggest fan of romance in books. I like a more action-y book where the romance is subtle, and Twilight does that very well.

Another thing that’s great about the story is that it’s told from Edward’s perspective. While you’re reading it, you’ll get a glimpse into his thoughts, as well as into Bella’s. You get more of a behind the scenes story than you would with a more traditional love story. You learn things like why Edward wanted to go to her home, and you learn about their previous interactions. You’ll get more of the background on their relationship as you read the story, and you’ll be entertained by it.

The final thing that I’ll mention about this book is that it’s beautifully illustrated. The illustrations are so lifelike, that if you’re a fan of artwork, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this book. The images alone are worth the price of the book, and it really is quite an enjoyable read. If you haven’t read it or haven’t been one to read more romance stories, then you should definitely pick up a copy of this book.

For the first time, you’ll get a peek at Edward and Bella’s relationship from the reader’s point of view. This makes the story much more suspenseful, because the reader feels like they know what’s going on, even though they can’t quite admit it to themselves. There is also a great deal of character development as you learn more about the people who were either present or involved in the events within the book. The way everything is woven together is quite impressive and will no doubt keep you reading for many days after you’ve finished reading the story.

Overall, this is a great introduction to the world of Twilight as a whole. It’s not a full-on story, but a good first installment to give the reader a feel for the book’s characters and what to expect in the future books. Crown Trick: Beginner’s Guide and Twilight: The Eclipse are two of the best books out right now on this series, and I highly recommend them. If you want a great introduction to a fantastic series, then I highly recommend these two books to you!

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