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Grilling is the new black, but it’s also a favorite time for disaster. When grilling season starts again this spring, consider these tips to minimize your chances of getting burnt or catching on fire.

Cooking is a skill that every man should know how to do. There are many different types of recipes and cooking tips that men can learn from. Read more in detail here: meals every man should know how to cook.

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Note from the editor: This is a guest post by Scott Kustes.

Brett posed the question, “Is cooking manly?” at the beginning of July. The poll’s findings were very lopsided: 95% said yes, 5% said no. It seems that the great majority of us believe that the ability to convert a pile of meat and veggies into a delectable supper is a necessary talent for a guy to possess.

Why, however, do so many men seem incapable of performing anything as easy as cooking a good steak, much alone something more complicated like preparing a pot of soup (which is a very straightforward task)? To be honest, I know a lot of men who would have a hard time eating themselves if a snowstorm struck.

Why is it that so many of us believe it is masculine to cook yet are incapable of doing it? Obviously, the normal man thinks it’s fantastic to be able to cook a steak or pork chops. What about in the kitchen, though? Is the kitchen a woman’s domain? Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why every guy should be able to prepare a dinner, by which I mean meat and sides cooked on a grill, in a cast iron pan, or in the oven.

A man is self-sufficient.

The Art Of Manliness emphasizes the importance of a man’s independence. A guy who can’t swiftly prepare a meal, on the other hand, will constantly rely on someone else to feed him, whether it’s his wife, girlfriend, or McDonald’s. Dependency is not a good quality in a guy. You don’t want to be the man who has to rely on frozen pizzas because your better half went out with the women for drinks.

Can you really consider yourself independent if you rely on someone to give you with what you need on a regular basis? Seriously, we take pleasure in our ability to use power tools, but few of us use them on a weekly basis. We do, however, come into contact with food on a daily basis, and many men consider cooking to be a woman’s domain.

A healthy and strong man

It’s been demonstrated time and time again that cooking at home is much healthier than dining out, particularly when “eating out” implies fast food. You have complete control over the ingredients and cooking processes when you cook at home. In your kitchen, there are no secret ingredients. You’ll be slimmer, more muscular, and healthier as a result of this program. And there’s nothing macho about a frail, ailing man.

A man takes care of himself and others.

Remember how we spoke about independence earlier? A guy who can cook, in addition to providing for himself, can also provide for the most important people in his life: his family and friends. From our hunter-gatherer days of carrying home the mastodon to present times, when the majority of the world’s best chefs are men, providing food for others has traditionally considered a masculine attribute. It’s extremely macho to be able to pull up an entire dinner when your lady is ill or weary (or sick and tired of your trash).


A Father Spends Time With His Children

Do you want to be more active in your children’s lives? Make an effort to spend time with them. Do you want to know about the new guy your daughter is dating or what your kid does after school? Make an effort to spend time with them.

No one could reasonably claim that spending time with one’s wife and children is unmanly. So, what if you could cook them a delicious meal while chatting with them about their day at school or at work?

Spend time with them in the kitchen, if possible. You can give kids the skills they need to be healthy and self-sufficient while still being a parent. Consider having a boy who isn’t scared to use the oven, is confident with a knife, and knows how to sauté an onion. Consider his ability to choose and blend herbs and spices. Imagine him instilling these values on your grandchildren.


Here are two more benefits for the guy who can cook.

It makes a good impression on the ladies. Women seem to be unable of resisting two talents. One is the ability to play a guitar or a set of drums with ease. The second is the skill to whip together a devilishly good dish. Others exist, but we’ll begin with these two. If you can master one of them, you’ll be well on your way to showing her your other talents.

There’s no doubt that my playing a musical instrument is harmful to anybody within hearing. That second talent, on the other hand, I’ve perfected. And here’s the best part: you don’t have to make an artistic supper to wow her; as long as it tastes well, looks delicious, and smells enticing, you’ve done your job. You don’t have to go full Iron Chef and make your plate appear like you’re dining at a $60-per-plate French restaurant. It doesn’t hurt to pay attention to details and be aware of cuisine styles, but it’s not required.

It is cost-effective. How much money do you have? I consume roughly 3,000 calories per day of locally bred grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured pig and chicken, wild seafood, farmer’s market bags full of seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, and plenty of healthy fats from olive and coconut oils for about $75 each week. When I hear someone remark, “How can I eat healthy if I only have $100 a week to spend on food?” I think to myself, “How can I eat healthy if I only have $100 a week to spend on food?” I have a good chuckle. Most of us are unable to feed ourselves well due to a lack of preparation, not a lack of money.

When you throw in a drink or two for each of you, salads, entrees, and tip, I promise you won’t be able to leave a plain Jane restaurant with a date for under $40, much alone one that will dish you anything as wonderful as you can make at home. For instance, I recently prepared 2 pounds of grilled lamb chops with side dishes, salads, and a bottle of decent wine for roughly $25, which fed my date and myself as well as providing leftovers for another dinner. I couldn’t have paid $25 for the bottle of wine at a restaurant.


Learn to Cook If You Want To Be A Man

Is cooking, in the end, a male activity? I believe it is unmanly to be unable to cook. My stepfather could flat out throw down in the kitchen, which I grew up in. And damned if he couldn’t whip up a tasty supper with meat, veggies, and lots of taste. The job of male cooks in the home was not limited to lighting a barbecue and throwing a piece of meat on the grill.

So, what exactly does it take to be a good cook? It’s actually not that difficult. Are you able to read? You can cook if you can read. All you need to do is measure a few materials and follow some simple instructions. You’ll discover what tastes you enjoy and how to mix them into your own dishes after a little time following someone else’s instructions (ask for favorite recipes from your mom, grandparents, and, if you were fortunate enough to have a chef for a father, him). Another macho quality associated with cooking is deference to someone who knows more than you. Experimentation is another manly attribute associated with food.

The actual secret to cooking is to plan ahead of time. It’s possible to avoid Ramen and a can of tuna becoming Tuesday night’s supper if you can plan ahead, spend 45 minutes at the grocery shop with a list, and gather the required meats and veggies for your week’s cooking.

So polish your knives, fill your refrigerator, and get ready to cook. The worst that can happen is that you’ll eat something that doesn’t taste particularly good a couple of times.



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