Quarantine Tips: Grocery Shopping – Food Storage is vital to long-term protection against a deadly disease. Contamination often happens at the produce section of a large chain supermarket, where products are picked and packaged by hand. This simple act allows bacteria and other organisms the chance to find their way into your refrigerator and contaminate your food. It’s a simple rule of thumb, but a simple one to remember: Always go green.

The first step to entering a quarantined area is to strip your clothing. Take everything out of the fridge that you don’t need immediately. Leave a few items in there for last minute replenishment or a trip to the store. Remove everything from the tops of pots and pans to see to it that none of the germs have reached them. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after each visit to the refrigerator and before touching anything. You will also want to wash your fruits and vegetables to get rid of any leftover germs.

The next step is to disinfect the area. There are many different chemical disinfectants you can use. Of course, these won’t work on viruses, but they will work on bacteria. Choose one that you know you can use without fear of hurting yourself or those around you. Also, choose a strong and non-toxic product.

Close, all windows and doors to keep those chemicals outside. If they come in contact with an open window or door, they can become airborne and be carried by air to another location. Be sure that everyone in the area knows and signs a form of cooperation if they become ill.

Keep the quarantined area clean. Make it unpleasant to the point of no one wanting to be there. Clean everything with bleach. Clean any surfaces used for food preparation with hot water and vinegar. Use gloves whenever possible to avoid getting the germ on your skin.

Try to contain the problem as soon as possible. Don’t let the problem get worse. Cover up the problem as soon as it begins to clear up. Don’t let it spread. If it does not clear up on its own, make sure others are quarantined and wash their hands frequently.

Cover up all of your valuables as much as possible. Close, all of your windows and doors. Keep them well away from where others will be handling them. Wash your hands thoroughly whenever you handle food to limit the transfer of germs.

Prevent the disease from spreading to other people. Get vaccinated. Get the disease if you can. It is better to prevent something than to suffer the consequences.

Keep yourself healthy by drinking plenty of fluid every day. Go to the doctor regularly. Get massages. Exercise and eat healthy. By participating in these things, you keep yourself healthy in the quarantine area and you give your body the tools that you need to fight off the disease.

Clean the quarantined area on a regular basis. Remove any food items, or any objects that could possibly cause another person to get the disease. Disinfect the objects. Clean the quarantined area with disinfectant and wipe down everything twice. It might be a good idea to spray some of the disinfectant on your hands before you touch anything.

Put your pet on a diet. Put your pet on a full-body heat on a regular basis. Use chemicals to kill off any traces of the disease. Make sure your pet has plenty of water and sleeps in a quarantined area.

Avoid contact with people or animals in the area. Keep children away from your child. Keep your family pet away. Protect yourself and others. It’s important to stay away from what might cause the disease.

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