Christmas is a traditional festival celebrated mostly on Christmas Day, also known as Christmas Eve, also an international day of celebration for Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The festival marks the beginning of the Christian calendar, Christmas as an ancient celebration of Lights. This is also the season of Saint Nick, who visits the homes of Christians to bring gifts and sweets. In addition to all the traditional Christmas activities, there are many other aspects of the festival which are being celebrated around the globe with great zeal by Christians.

Christianity celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ as a miracle. It is said that he was born in Bethlehem but later born in Nazareth, a town in northern Israel. During his short lifetime, he experienced many miracles such as healing of the sick and curing of the dead. Christmas as we celebrate it today is a continuation of this rich history and the celebration includes activities which have their origins in the early times when Christianity was just starting to gain strength.

Christmas as we celebrate it today is a celebration of love, giving, gifts and good wishes. Christmas as we celebrate it is a time for family members and friends to exchange greetings and good wishes for a better new year. Christmas as we celebrate it today is a time for children to be separated from their parents and relatives and be given the responsibility of playing Santa Claus or the Wise Men. Children as young as six years old have been known to travel long distances to be dressed up as Santa Claus or the wise men. During these days, many countries celebrate Christmas in different ways and the culture varies in these countries as well.

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In the UK, Scotland and Wales, Christmas is celebrated as a separate festival whereas in the rest of the United Kingdom it is included in the major public holidays which are, Christmas Day, Christmas card, Christmas pudding and Christmas tree. In some areas of the UK, including Wales and Northern Ireland, Christmas is celebrated as the same day as Christmas Day with the addition of Christmas lights. In the USA, while Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve, in other areas of the country it is celebrated on Christmas day, the traditional Christmas holiday. In Canada, the only national holiday that is not a religious celebration is Canada’s own Christmas Tree Day which is also known as the Canadian Thanksgiving.

Christians believe that Christmas is a gift from God to His children in that He sent His only son Jesus to die for them. The name of Jesus is also associated with the holiday because it is believed that he went to India and became a Buddha. Some people in the UK and the USA use the name, Christmas, to describe the festivals associated with the time of Christmas such as Christmas carols and Santa Claus. Others call Christmas a joyful holiday with great food and gifts being exchanged between loved ones and friends. Christians believe that Christmas is a celebration of love and goodwill which includes a lot of charity work. It is a happy holiday with many people going out of their way to make Christmas a memorable one for everyone.

Themes are also associated with Christmas such as Christmas trees and holly. There are many different kinds of Christmas decorations including Xmas trees, Xmas lights, Xmas wreaths, Xmas ornaments and Christmas cards. Christmas traditions generally begin on December twenty-first, twelve days after Christmas, when twelve Xmas trees are put into the home of a family for Christmas. The first Xmas stocking is thought to have been given by an old woman to a young boy. The legend says that the boy grew up and married and the woman died giving the young boy one last Xmas stocking before she passed away.

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The Twelfth Night party is another important celebration of Christmas which is held in many Christian Churches across the globe. It is traditionally celebrated around mid December with Christmas Gifts being exchanged between loved ones and friends. Christmas carols are played all night long in many churches as well as parties and feasts. During this celebration, a star is seen above the Christmas tree to symbolize the coming of Christ.

One of the main parts of Christmas is Christmas Gifts. Christmas Gifts is available throughout the year but in January, gifts are mostly exchanged between friends and families. January is also a great time for new Church decorations with many new tress and ornaments coming into style. The beginning of February marks the Twelfth Night of Christmas and is a very special occasion for Christians. Throughout the year there are many different ways to celebrate Christmas, however, the celebration of Christmas is a one-day miracle where gifts are exchanged amongst loved ones and friends to celebrate the gift giving spirit of Christmas.

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