Cheap Steak Cuts: 8 Delicious Cuts of Meat

When it comes to choosing a cheap steak cuts, you’ll find that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Some meat cutters recommend different types of beef for cooking certain dishes, such as chuck roast when making tacos or pot roast when roasting vegetables in the oven.

The “cheap beef cuts” is a list of 8 delicious cuts of meat that are cheap. The list includes the ribeye, strip loin, flank steak, sirloin tip roast, top blade steak, beef tenderloin and chuck eye steak.

If you’re anything like me, you like meat. For a few weeks, I’ll have a beef product for lunch every day. Beef is a great source of protein as well as testosterone-boosting cholesterol and fat. Did I mention it’s delectable?

However, if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on meals. And, if you’ve been keeping track of your shopping bill, you’ll notice that the price of beef has risen considerably this year.

I know a lot of men who only think of strips, rib eyes, T-bones, and tenderloins when they hear the phrase “steak,” as if these high-end cuts are the whole world of beef. As a result, they deprive themselves of regular steak because they believe they cannot afford it.

But what if I told you there’s a steak that tastes almost just like a rib eye but costs half as much? That is correct, my buddy.

I’ll take you through the world of cheap(er) steak cuts in today’s article. Sure, they’re not as tender as prime rib or t-bones, but what’s a bit extra chewing in the larger scheme of things if you can save money while eating a good steak a few times a week?

I spoke with Waylon, a butcher at my local Reasor’s grocery store in Jenks, OK, to help me navigate the world of inexpensive steak cuts.

Steaks off the Shoulder, Waylon’s General Recommendation

Look for anything with the words “chuck” or “shoulder” in it if you’re searching for a cheap steak cut, according to Waylon. The chuck, also known as the shoulder, is a harder cut of meat with lots of marbling to add taste. The chuck provides the majority of the affordable steak cuts I mention below.

8 Delectable Steak Cuts for the Regular Joe

Chuck Eye Steaks (No. 1)

Chuck eye steak.

The chuck eye steak was Waylon’s first explicit suggestion. It’s been dubbed the “poor man’s ribeye” by some. It’s made from a cow’s chuck and has a comparable meat-to-fat ratio as a rib eye, but for a lot less money. These, according to Waylon, are excellent for grilling. The longer you boil meat, the harder it becomes, but this is particularly true with inexpensive meats that are already rough. All of the cuts I’ll discuss here are better when they’re infrequent.

Chuck eye steaks, cooked to a deep red and juicy perfection, are my go-to cut of meat for a low-cost meal.

2. Steaks cooked in a flat iron skillet

Flat iron steak.

The flat iron cut, like the chuck eye, derives from the cow’s chuck or shoulder. It has a good degree of marbling, which adds taste. Flat iron steaks are becoming more popular in high-end restaurants, thus demand may push this cut of meat out of the low-cost category.

3. Steaks cooked over an open fire

Charcoal steak.

The charcoal steak is the second most tender cut on the animal, coming from the top of the cow’s shoulder.

Waylon suggests cooking charcoal steaks rare to medium-rare, like with other shoulder steak cuts, to prevent the meat from becoming too tough. Preheat the oven to high. Also, keep an eye out for the sliver of gristle running through the centre.


Tenders, Chuck

Chuck tender steak.

Waylon said that chuck tenders are typically overlooked since they don’t seem to have much meat, but appearances may be misleading with this steak cut. Chuck tenders (also known as faux tenders) resemble beef tenderloins but are smaller and less expensive. It’s a tough cut of meat if you overcook it since it originates from the shoulder. If you want it to be a little more delicate, marinade it beforehand.

Chuck tenders have been my go-to steak cut over the last several months. They’re normally sold in three-packs for roughly $5-$6 apiece. On Monday, I’ll grill a large quantity and consume them throughout the week.

Tri-Tip is the fifth item on the list.

Tri Tip steak.

Waylon adds that if he’s hosting a large gathering and wants to offer steak, he’ll just get a tri-tip and grill or slow cook it. The tri-tip is a triangular cut of beef from the bottom sirloin of a cow. It’s a lean beef cut. As a result, you won’t receive the same amount of juicy, meaty taste as you would with some of the other steaks on our list. As a result, you’ll want to season generously to enhance the flavor.

This is a fantastic steak cut to prepare for a dinner party and offer to your guests. It’s also a terrific steak to prepare on Sunday and have on hand for weekday meals. Simply chop few pieces for your Man Salad or steak sandwiches every morning.

6. Round Eye Steak

Eye round steak.

When it comes to steaks, Waylon recommends avoiding cuts from the round. They’re just too thick and durable. He does make an exception for eye round steak. It’s tough and dry, and it’s normally braised or cooked in the slow cooker, but you can grill it if you cook it rare or medium-rare.

Hanger Steak No. 7

This cut is taken from the cow’s stomach. The term comes from the fact that it “hangs” from the diaphragm. Although it comes with a lengthy, inedible membrane that runs down the center, hanger steak has a good meaty taste and is generally the most tender cut of meat on the animal. It’s a difficult cut to come by since butchers frequently hoard it for themselves (thus the name “butcher’s steak”). So, if you’re looking for a hanger steak, contact nearby butcher shops and request that they hold some for you.

To prevent turning it into a chunk of shoe leather, cook it over high heat and no longer than medium-rare.

8. Steak with Flaps

Flap meat originates from the bottom sirloin of the cow. It’s a very thin cut of meat with a pleasant beef taste. To reduce harshness, cook it medium-rare and cut it against the grain. This was a go-to ingredient in my testosterone-fueled Man Salads.

What About Flank and Skirt Steak?

Flank and skirt steaks, both from the cow’s belly, used to be relatively inexpensive cuts of beef, but they’ve become quite popular and stylish in recent years, resulting in a significant price hike. Flank steak may cost up to $15 per pound. Sheesh.


If you’re making fajitas or steak sandwiches, flank or skirt steaks are the way to go, but for daily use, stay with the aforementioned.

So there you have it. Steaks at a reasonable price for the average Joe. What are some of your favorite low-cost steak cuts?

Watch our video guide below for advice on how to cook your inexpensive steaks like a pro:


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The “cheap steak cuts for grilling” is a type of cut that can be used to cook meat. These cuts are often inexpensive and easy to find at your local grocery store. They are also delicious and perfect for cooking on the grill.

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