Men Without Chests

Men Without Chests is a multiplayer survival game being developed by the studio Three Lives Left. In this game, you wake up naked and must find clothes to clothe yourself before someone finds you in your vulnerable state. Evolving over time into something more complex than just wandering around looking for clothing, Men Without Chests … Read more

The Allegory of the Chariot

The allegory of the charioteer is one of many ancient Greek stories. The story goes that there was a time when humans roamed freely without any owners and were able to have anything they wanted, so their life consisted in eating what they needed, hunting for food, sleeping wherever and fighting with each other. A … Read more

How (and Why) to Do Bicep Curls With a Barbell

While some people may be content with simply doing bicep curls on the floor, others will want to incorporate a barbell into their routine for better results. Here is how and why you should do so! The “barbell bicep curl” is a popular exercise that can be done with a barbell. This article will teach … Read more

The Complete Guide to Hiking (And Enjoying It)

Hiking is a great way to explore the outdoors and get some exercise. Here are 15 tips from hiking experts that will help you enjoy your hike, no matter what type of trail you find yourself on. Hiking is a popular outdoor activity that allows people to explore and enjoy nature. This article will teach … Read more

How to Perform a J

It is important to be able to perform an emergency situation in case of a survival. It could happen at any time and with little warning, so having the ability to know what steps should be taken may help save your life. A “j turn” is a motion that the player performs by pressing the … Read more

Navy SEAL Underwater Knot Tying Test

The Survival Knot Test is an ancient test that has been passed on orally through the Navy SEAL communities for decades. The purpose of this test is to teach a group members how well they can tie knots both under and above water. The “one handed bowline” is a knot that can be tied using … Read more

How to Tread Water Efficiently

Treading water is an effective form of survival. You can sustain your swimming and breathing for as long as you’re treading water, with the exception of swallowing some saltwater or inhaling bubbles from getting too close to surface. This article will tell you how to avoid these pitfalls when in the wild. The “how to … Read more

Collection of Safari Stories and More

The game is a collection of stories that take place in different places around the world. They are about events and people which will show you what it means to survive in our natural habitat. Play as an explorer or adventurer, be part of this journey! The “safari deaths per year” is a collection of … Read more