Buying Your First Motorcycle

The motorcycle is one of the most popular and most versatile machines today. It’s a machine that evokes feelings of freedom, danger, and speed. You don’t need deep pockets to own a classic bike or new model either-you can purchase your first bike for as little as $100 if you know where to look.

The “buying first motorcycle reddit” is a subreddit that provides advice to people who are considering buying their first motorcycle. There is a lot of information to be found on the subreddit, but it’s not always easy for beginners to find.

Vintage man giving pose with motorcycle.

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One of the pinnacles of manliness is riding a motorcycle. Islay single malt, grass-fed sirloin, and Creed’s Green Irish Tweed aftershave are all on the list.

Why? Because, unlike cars, they provide a sensory experience that demands skill, mental focus, and risk management. You can’t drink coffee, mess with your phone, or daydream while riding a motorbike. Your senses are on high alert, and your life hangs in the balance thanks to two little pieces of rubber linking you to the road.

Many of the men we admire are inextricably linked to two wheels. Steve McQueen was known for his passion for motorcycles: he was a successful off-road racer, and by the late 1970s, he had amassed a collection of well over 100 motorcycles. In The Wild Ones, Marlon Brando rode his own Triumph. Guevara de la Serna, well known as “Che,” was well-known for his Norton.

Maybe these men already knew what we did: riding a motorbike makes you smarter because it puts your brain to work. (A scientific research from Japan’s Tohoku University backs this up.) Or maybe they simply wanted to have a good time.

So, let’s say you passed your exam with flying colors and have the co-ordination, balance, and mental fortitude to ride a two-wheeler.

Your leathers’ pockets are now bursting at the seams with cash, and you’re scouring the showrooms on a Saturday morning for a road bike. This is all you need to know about it.

Vintage men sitting on motorcycles.

The Drop

Let’s start with the bad news first. Most rookie riders ‘drop’ their first bike, generally when navigating at moderate speeds. This issue may be approached in two ways. The first option is to get a used bike that will be inexpensive to fix if you fall off. The second option is to purchase a bike that is lighter, easier to handle, and less likely to be dropped. It is entirely up to you to make your choice.

Important Points to Think About

Honda CBR600RR portrait.

CBR600RR is a motorcycle manufactured by Honda.

Check the weight of the motorbike if you’re travelling in heavy traffic or a stop-and-go metropolitan setting. (Weight is less of a problem while you’re moving.) Some motorcycles that are considered’small’ are really rather heavy: The Sportster, Harley-smallest Davidson’s model, hits the scales at roughly 550 pounds. The vintage V7 Classic, Moto Guzzi’s smallest model, features a little smaller engine but weighs 150 pounds less. Even lighter middleweight sportsbikes, such as Honda’s CBR600RR, will be available.

NB: Manufacturer’s weight values should be used with care. Some are ‘dry,’ meaning they are free of gasoline, oil, and other fluids, while others are ‘wet,’ meaning they are ready to ride. The only way to know for sure is to ride the bike.



Triumph touring bike portrait.Triumph Touring Motorcycle

Sportsbikes are enjoyable if you just take short journeys. They’re quick to respond and manage situations effectively. Sportsbike or ‘café racer’ type handlebars, on the other hand, will damage you if you ride for extended distances. Because these bars are low and often inclined downwards, your wrists must hold a greater portion of your body weight.

A more upright riding posture relieves the strain on your wrists and greatly improves your comfort. A windscreen will make things even more peaceful if you’re driving at high speeds.

This does not imply that you must ride an unsightly bicycle: cruisers, whether American or metric, are comfortable over longer distances. If you like the Euro aesthetic, BMW, Ducati, and Triumph all provide attractive and capable touring motorcycles.

Wide load

If you’re dealing with city traffic in California on a daily basis, you’ll almost certainly find yourself ‘filtering’ or ‘lane splitting.’ This entails riding your motorbike between two lanes of cars that are either stopped or going slowly. It’s also widespread across much of Europe.

A rather thin bike is required for this speedy (though somewhat perilous) method of reducing trip times. Single-cylindered engines of a medium capacity (up to roughly 650cc) are appropriate for filtering, and scooters like Vespas are perfect. ‘Boxer’ twins with saddlebags or panniers are not allowed.

The Grocery Store Run

Vintage man standing with motorbike.

If you require storage on a full-sized bike, you’ll need to budget for a ‘top box’ or panniers to attach on the rear. For short travels, it may be preferable to get a scooter. (Yes, we are aware that some guys are uncomfortable with scooters.) They don’t in the Mediterranean nations of Europe.)

You may stow your helmet behind the seat on many scooters, for example. When you leave the shop, you remove your helmet and place the carrying bag behind the seat.

Height of the Seat

Harley Davidson motorbike portrait.

The Harley Iron 883 is an example of a low-seat motorcycle.

The low seat height of Harley’s supercool, blacked-out Iron 883 is roughly 25 inches. At roughly 35 inches, a dual-sport motorcycle like Kawasaki’s tough KLR650 or a KTM enduro is substantially higher. You’ll have trouble keeping the bike upright if you can’t get both feet on the ground at the stoplight.

If the bike has a high saddle but is light, you may be able to get away with a little lean. You’re in for a difficult encounter if you’re riding a hefty bike and stopping on your toes every time.

So shop around, try before you buy, and see if the manufacturer provides a low-seat option. The good news is that, once you’re moving, seat height is basically irrelevant. You can still have fun in the twisties even if your bike’s center of gravity is pretty high.


Vintage men sitting on motorcycles in the parking.

What will you do with your bicycle? This is surprisingly significant, and it’s something that many people overlook. Theft and aesthetic deterioration are the two major difficulties.


Heavy-duty security measures may help limit theft to some degree, but motorcycles can still be loaded onto trucks and driven away. Furthermore, if you leave your bike in a public car park throughout the day, it may be damaged, smashed, or worse, knocked over. Don’t break your heart by buying a secondhand bike instead of a brand new one.

Choppers and customs

Silver chopper motorbike.

Choppers may seem badass, but they may be difficult to control.

Do you like wearing German army helmets from World War II? Or how about a pair of fringed leather chaps? Jesse James and Paul Teutul, Sr., the owner of Orange County Choppers, can assist you in this regard.

However, one thing to keep in mind concerning motorcycles with tall front wheels is that they are often difficult to ride. They are difficult to maneuver in confined situations and do not turn readily. The less inclined a bike is to turn, the farther out the front wheel sits.

Another issue is the distance between the front and rear wheels: a short wheelbase motorcycle like the MV Agusta Brutale is intended to react quickly to modest rider inputs. In short spurts, it’s a thrilling ride, but over longer distances, it’s a slog.

A long wheelbase cruiser with a lot of front wheel rake, on the other hand, will feel particularly stable on long, straight highways. Determine the sort of riding you’ll be performing and make your choices appropriately.


Vintage man sitting on motorcycle around the crowd portrait.

Making your bike and picking your gear a personal statement is part of the joy of riding. Make sure your helmet is of excellent quality, your gear is protective and comfortable, and your boots are durable enough to withstand a motorbike being thrown on top of them.

Then brush up on your abilities with a copy of David L. Hough’s Proficient Motorcycling… and take pleasure in the ride

Is there anything else you’d want to know about purchasing your first motorcycle? Leave them in the comments section.



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