Buddy Heater Run Time | 1-lb & 20-lb Tanks

I think the M. Buddy Heater is one of the best portable propane heaters for indoor use in an emergency. I have one and can attest to its usefulness.

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M. Buddy Heater

Auxiliary heater (up to 9000 BTU)
indoor safe (display of Amzn)

Space heater (up to 18,000 BTU) Safe for indoors

For the cold winter season, check your emergency heat sources. Skip the power outage scenario. Especially if it takes longer than a few hours!

One of the products I discovered (and bought) is the Mr. Heater Buddy (pictured above). I found them to be very effective (and portable) for emergency winter preparedness and peace of mind!

This is a portable propane heater – and it can be used safely indoors. You can use it as emergency heating for your home. Or portable use in a log cabin, garage, workshop, trailer, RV, sunroom, porch, patio, hunting lodge, etc.

(See below how long it works with a 20-pound tank or a 1-pound propane tank).

Whether you heat with oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas or electricity, it’s likely that some part of your heating system requires a 120-volt power supply to operate. A subtle power fluctuation.

Examples are fans, pumps (oil pump, circulation pump), electronic igniters, thermostats, etc. When the power is off, so is your furnace.

The power may be off longer than you think

Common power outage scenarios are as follows. B. Severe winter weather conditions. Heavy snow. The wind. Ice storms. Trees and branches fall off – and the power goes out.

Power outages during a winter storm (especially ice) often take longer than expected due to poor weather conditions and the need for emergency responders to begin recovery efforts (getting through snow and ice, cutting down trees and branches, repairing lines, etc.).

The number of repairs can be a long time coming for an energy company to catch up.

The Mr. Heater Buddy portable heater works without electricity and even works during power outages.

room safe

It is listed as safe for indoor use (VERY important!).

It is a very efficient form of catalytic heating. Although it is basically 100% effective, I still strongly recommend equipping it with a carbon monoxide detector. Moreover, it is always potentially risky to sleep in a room heated by any kind of fuel combustion. I wouldn’t sleep without a CO detector nearby no matter what.

This is the CO detector I use:
Carbon monoxide alarm with battery backup

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Multi BTU

Mr. Buddy Heater really makes the heat go away!

Two models – one with up to 9,000 BTU, the other with up to 18,000 BTU.

Installation of a 20 pound propane tank

In addition to the 1-pound propane cylinders, the stove can optionally be connected to a grill with a 20-pound propane cylinder for longer use as fuel.

You may want to use your next adapter hose with a larger tank, as one-pound propane bottles are much more expensive (though convenient for quick transport!).

Hose pipes for 20 lb propane cylinder:

(amzg view)

Fits Big Buddy (18,000 BTU model) only, 12-foot
propane hose with regulator.

Fits Buddy (model 9000 BTU) and Big Buddy (18000 BTU),
10 foot pipe without duct # F273704.

UPDATE: You can also fill your own one pound bottles with the following adapter: 1# Bottle refill adapter

If you are using a 20-pound container (grill), it is recommended that you keep it outside. You can run the pipe through the window. Place a towel in the room (to prevent cold air from entering) when you close the pipe grille.

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Safety characteristics

Safety features include :

– Safety shutdown in case of unintentional tipping
– 100% efficiency

Message: If you use the heater at an altitude above 7000 feet above sea level, the heater may shut down. (low oxygen shutdown)

Some frequently asked questions about this heating appliance:
(Answers below)

Is the heating time in pairs at minimum?

How long does the Buddy Heater work on a 1 pound tank?

How long does the Big Buddy Heater work on a 20 pound tank?

M. Space heater (9.000 BTU) Indoor safe

Space heater (up to 9000 BTU)

The 9,000 lb BTU model comes standard with a 1 lb. Design of a disposable propane cylinder.

Warm-up time for boyfriend

1 pound. Bottle: about 5 hours on bottom
1 lb. Bottle: about 2 hours in height

20 pounds. Tank: approximately 100 hours at low altitude
20 lb. Tank: approx. 40 hours in height

M. Space heater (18.000 BTU) Indoor safe

Space heater (up to 18,000 BTU)
indoor safe (display of Amzn)

The 18,000 BTU model can accommodate two 1-pound propane bottles.

Big Buddy heating operating time

(2) 1 pound bottles: approximately 10 hours for bottom
(2) 1 pound bottles: approximately 2 hours for top

20-pound tank: approximately 100 hours at low pressure
20-pound tank: approximately 20 hours at high pressure

Normally you don’t leave this heater on all the time. Therefore, the propane flow rates shown here may be longer.

The usage scenario may consist of heating the room (zone) and then turning off the heating until it is needed again. This saves a lot of fuel. The better insulated your home is, the longer it takes for it to get cooler.

In an emergency, it’s better to share fuel and survive in a cold house with layers of warm clothing on – rather than blowing into the fuel with a t-shirt….

(This article has been updated and republished for your interest).

Below are many interesting comments.

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frequently asked questions

What is the lifespan of a large Buddy Heater?

BIG Buddy™ by Enerco/Mr. The heater now heats at another level – 18,000 BTU/HR with a heating capacity of up to 400 square feet for up to 220 hours (in low mode).

How long has M been running? Heater with a 20 lb. tank ?

This heating element works up to 4.5 hours on a 1 pound bottle and up to 96 hours on a 20 pound tank. 8000 BTU run time: 1 pound will last 2.5 hours, 20 pounds will last 54 hours.

Is the Big Buddy stove safe for indoor use?

The F232000 MH9BX Buddy is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to stay warm in cold winter weather. This portable heater is safe for indoor use and completely portable.

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