Bryan Cranstons star in the new movie “imanitropolis”, which he also stars in alongside Anna Kournikova, Ike Barlow and Kevin Spacey. The film is based on the true story of Bryan Cranston’s own life and delves into the darker side of show business with interviews with many Hollywood A-list celebrities. I’ve always loved Bryan Cranstons work, and this is a fantastic looking film that I am very eager to see, although it’s going to be rather hard to find a theatre near me!

So who are these people that seem to be winning an overwhelming majority of awards, and have been for the last decade? Well, the answer is not what you might think at first…we have a simple solution. It is that these people are indeed Americans, and they are simply better at getting an award than anyone else. Bryan Cranstons’ rise to fame was rather sudden, but if we look at the trends, we can see that it’s actually fairly common for an American male to become a star, whether they are good looking, or not. It seems like with each year, someone new is born with the title American Actor. We are seeing this trend over again, but the reason why it is happening now, has less to do with the talent itself, and more to do with the breakdown of our economy.

At one time, the United States economy was world renown, and everyone was doing really well. Then all of a sudden, all of the sudden everyone was failing to meet production costs, and defaulting on loans, and the jobs just weren’t coming back. You could see that the country was about to enter an economic crisis of epic proportions, and with that came some sort of destiny, or destiny that most people refer to as “life after fame”. But then Bryan Cranstons luck turned out just fine.

The recession did not help matters in the least bit. Neither did the fact that no one wanted to watch the new movies being produced by studios that were going into bankruptcy. So how did Bryan Cranstons rise from tragedy to stardom? How did he get his acting career back on track? Let’s look at the different elements that helped make him a star, and break out into their own categories of personal excellence.

First of all, we have Bryan Cranstons Trump Survival Tips. This was the first time that a president of the United States had ever done a TV show, and Bryan Cranstons was cast as Trumps. Everyone, especially the press, freaked out and was pretty much astonished. The press figured that it was either a sign of genius, or just incredibly lucky. So naturally, the whole world was expecting the next Trumps Show, which never happened. Bryan Cranstons Trump Survival Tips became his defining role, and he ended up winning the Oscar for his work.

Second, we have Kevin Spacey as President Obama in the Obama movies that have been released after his term. Although it didn’t quite reach the heights of the previous administration, there is no doubt that the star of the hit TV show Running Wild with Kevin Spacey is now an incredibly famous actor. Like Cranstons Trump Survival Tips, his role as President Obama paved the way for many more of the big movies that we know now. He even received an Oscar nomination for his work in the movie.

Third, we have Walter White as the President of the United States in the very good Breaking Bad TV show. We saw the president, taking office at the end of the Bush administration. He had been shown as the criminal lawyer who takes on the very hard and very greedy lawyers of New York to protect the very people he is sworn to serve. We saw his determination to not let any bad lawyers or corruption to take place in his administration. Those are only three of the outstanding lead actors of our times; all of whom deserve to be mentioned.

Breaking Bad really showed the world what happens when you get caught up in the wrong business, with the wrong people and in the wrong time. Bryan Cranstons Trump Survival Tips came in handy while watching the series finale. For those who did not see it, there were some very good lessons to be learned there. The two hour special of Obama’s presidential campaign also showed us what happens when power corrupts. This is a man who knows how to use the law to his benefit. He is an American actor, but like most of us, he does it better in front of the television set.

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