Have you ever been bored and stuck in a rut? Are you constantly worrying about things? Do you feel like giving up? There are many things that can make you bored and stuck in a rut and they can include a new baby, work, school, children, and more. Here are 12 survival tips and ideas for children and parents.

Give your kids boundaries. Boundaries allow kids to develop self-esteem and responsibility for their own behaviors and choices. For example, teach your kids how to say no. Teach them that it is OK to walk away from things they don’t want or like. Explain the different options so that your kids will understand that sometimes things are out of your control.

Put your kids into the shoes of working adults. Go to work and make snacks and lunches at home. Don’t forget the television, which can sometimes be more of a chore than it is fun to watch. The more you put your kids into adult-like situations, the more they will internalize the same behaviors and habits in their day to day life.

Make your kids’ rooms sparkle. Children who are bored often look to wallpaper their rooms, color outside their windows, or other things to stimulate their minds. This is counterproductive. Instead of encouraging this behavior, get your child’s creative juices flowing by buying them some sparkle and decoration items to go with their room. Not only will this help them internalize the activity, it will also get their mind off their boredom quickly.

Plan activities that kids enjoy. Try going to the library and picking up some books on knitting or crafts. You might also go to the craft store and pick up some craft beads, jewelry, or other things that your child enjoys. Taking part in these activities will give your kids a break from the TV and allow them to enjoy time spent with you.

Read to your kids. I know it sounds silly, but children really do enjoy stories. Kids will happily sit for hours and read if it’s a story they particularly like. If your child isn’t a good storyteller, try listening to their favorite story and stumping them for action. Reading can be a great ice breaker.

Watch a movie with them. If you’re trying to avoid boredom at home, then why not watch something that you and they enjoy? You and your kids will both love watching a movie together, especially since many movies these days are available in DVD format.

The key here is to try to find things that you and your kids will both find interesting. If you think a particular film or TV show will be boring for either or both of you, then by all means skip it. There is nothing worse than sitting in front of a television set and being unable to escape from it. So take your time and seek out some fun activities to keep both you and your kids happy and busy!

Find ways to escape. Some of the most common ways to escape a room full of boredom are to go shopping, going out with friends, or simply watching a movie. Even if you do have the internet at home, the internet can often be a source of boredom. Simply log onto your email and find something to do; the more you do in general, the more chance there is of finding something fun to do.

Help your children become more independent. The sooner they learn to rely on themselves more, the better. However, this also requires your help, so don’t feel as though you’re burdening them by telling them what to do. Instead, let them take the lead and you will just be along for the ride.

Don’t forget the things that you and your children once enjoyed doing together. One of the best things you can do is to start playing together again, perhaps by watching the same movie you used to enjoy when you were each other’s partner. Don’t neglect to do other activities you used to do together, even if they’re small. By having fun together again, boredom will seem far away.

Do some brainstorming. If you feel like your home is slowly becoming a place where boredom settles in, try thinking about some fun activities you can do together. Think about the good times you had and how that can be turned into new experiences for your kids. After all, you never know when your children might ask you to do something fun, so it’s best to always be prepared.

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