With a full century of manufacturing experience, Creek Stewart Knives is still on the cutting edge of survival knives. The company produces not only quality products but also makes sure that they are durable, easy to use, and comfortable for the user. Below, we review eight of their best survival knife tips with Creek Stewart knives.

Each knife has a unique handle. Most have six blades, all attached to a single handle. The six blades are designed to work in conjunction with one another and to offer the most versatility when it comes to which direction they will cut. The handles may be curved or traditional. Some come with a handle that locks in place and some can be opened while the knife is still held in the sheath.

A good cutting edge should be one that is made of an effective steel. When choosing a steel, choose one with the same hardness as what you would use for a tool for cutting, such as a steak knife. The edges will be closer, harder, and cut more effectively.

When opening a knife, always open it from the back. This will prevent you from over extending the blade which could potentially lead to a break. Always flip the knife in either direction to open it. You should do this even if the knife hasn’t fallen down or came out of its scabbard. You will have better balance and control when opening from the back.

The best survival knife tips are to keep your fingers away from the blade when it is folded up. Even though you may be able to feel the blade move, your fingers are not meant to be near the blades. If you get too close, you could cut yourself. Also, try to keep the knife closed on its own even when you’re not carrying it.

Another important knife tip is to not hang onto your knife! It’s not an emergency flashlight or a hatchet. Leave the knife at home or in a bag in your car. Leave it somewhere you can’t get to easily – maybe in your office. Leaving your knife in your pocket, purse, or on a shelf could lead to serious injury.

To cut using a knife, simply grasp the handle of the knife, pull it back, and then swipe it across. Use both hands to steady the blade. Some knives, such as hunting knives, allow you to flip the blade while you hold them. This is a good way to open the knife.

Lastly, use common sense when you’re handling your knife. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t use it. Keep your children away, stay out of dangerous situations, and stay alert at all times. Following these best survival knife tips will help keep your family safe. If you follow these tips as well as the ones listed in the bullet points below, you should be able to survive with a clean knife.

Using a knife while lying down can cause neck or back injury if the blade catches the air as you turn to take a breath. It’s best to keep the knife in your hand until you have lifted your head from the ground. This will also ensure that the blade isn’t going to slip out of your hand. The best position to hold the knife is between your elbow and shoulder, but this may not be comfortable for everyone.

Make sure you clean the blade of your knife after every use, especially after handling food. You’ll want to wash it thoroughly with soap and water, or put it in a bowl of soapy water for a quick wipe. To remove stains, use a solution of one tablespoon of bleach and half a cup of water.

Always store your knife in a closed drawer or container. When you’re ready to use it, open the knife blade before grabbing it. If the knife has a serrated edge, make sure the blade is opening by lifting the handle.

These are the best survival knife tips that you should follow when preparing to get into the wilderness. Even if you think you know how to use a knife, there is never a guarantee that you’ll have any success unless you have an actual wilderness survival kit with you. That way, you can grab the nearest usable object and begin whittling at it with little to no concern of harm to yourself. This may seem simple, but it will provide some of the best protection you will need.

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