Best Ice Cleats for Shoes & Boots

I will recommend what I think are the best ice boots (years of personal experience). I will also recommend the best footwear for footwear (for daily hiking and working from home) based on research and exams. Finally, the best aggressive spike boots for maximum traction, especially when hiking or climbing on icy trails.

Most of this post will be about my experience with the STABILIZATION. Mrs. J. and I each have a pair. They do a lot of good work on the farm in the winter.

But first I want to make three recommendations:

The best milkshakes for boots

I have two of these STABILISATORS (their latest “Maxx” model) and also their original Maxx :

Maxx 2 STABILIZATION Heavy-duty traction

STABILIZATION – all models (produced in US > Maine) (
view on amzn)

Size Chart :

  • X-Small (corresponds to size W6.5-8, M5-6)
  • Small (corresponds to size B8.5-9.5/M6.5-7.5)
  • Medium (corresponds to size W10-12, M8-10)
  • Large (corresponds to size W12+/M10.5-12).
  • X-Large (corresponds to size M12.5-14)
  • XX-Large (corresponds to size M14.5-16)

The best ice tongs for shoes

These boots are also suitable for normal boots. However, they are well suited as traction boots for everyday work outside on icy surfaces. The recommendation is based on well-documented third-party testing with 14 different traction devices.

These two skates are the same, made by the same company. Just different brands. Why not choose the cheaper one?

ICETractors diamond handle
(view from Amzn)

Yaktrax diamond handle

The dimensions are as follows:

  • Small shoes for men size 5 – 6 / women size 5 – 7
  • Medium men’s shoes size 6.5 to 9 / women’s shoes size 7.5 to 10
  • Men’s shoes size 9.5 – 12.5 / women’s shoes size 10.5+.
  • X Large fits men’s shoes size 13+.

NOTE: For trekking/work boots, add one size to ensure proper fit. For overknee/insulated boots, add 2 sizes.

The best ice pants for hiking and mountaineering

The design of the Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra is the most aggressive traction you can get without having to use the “full crampon.”

Polygonal stainless steel spikes attached to six metal plates provide excellent grip and traction.

“Despite its name, the Trail Crampon Ultra is not a true pair of crampons; it’s a rigid device that climbers use to go over hard or vertical ice.”

They are worn on shoes or boots.

Hillsound Trail crampons Ultra

Hillsound’s Nightmare Size Chart:

Why I love my STABILIZER ice cells.

We use our STABILIZATION here quite often. We have been using these special ice tongs for a few years now. They still work just like the day we bought them. No damaged or lost cleats.

I voluntarily paid more for the best stallions I could find. Why did you do it? Because I learned my lesson the hard way. We wore out a couple of cheap ice clogs. They were terrible. Always popping out and losing the studs!

I really liked that they were made in the United States. In the state of Maine, my neighbor. I like to support “Made in America” whenever I can.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand how important traction is on ice and slippery snow. Ice rods provide safety and comfort.

Ice pants are very handy:

  • Scoop
  • Snow Flurries
  • pick up the mail
  • Waste Disposal
  • Dog Potty
  • Ice Fishing
  • to
  • All work in the open air!

Let me tell you something… One fall on ice or snow is enough to break a bone or a hip, or even suffer a concussion. This is serious, so you need to take it seriously. Buy shoes with studs!

This is my (original) STABILIZER Maxx.

STABILicers ice cleats

Why is this one of the best boots for ice cream?

Quiet, quiet, quiet.

With adjustable Velcro straps at the toe and heel, these cleats can be easily adjusted. One of my problems with other types of ice cleats is that they generally fit poorly (the rubber stretches on the shoe – but it never seems to fit properly).

If you’ve adjusted the Velcro, you can leave it like that. It slips out of the trunk easily.

What I really like is the Velcro strip in the back that goes around the heel of the torso, just like in the picture.

Quiet, quiet! These spikes stay on the shoe and don’t fall off!

An incredible shot of ice

The main function of the cleat is grip, and this cleat does this job extremely well. You can see from the picture how durable these cleats are, and let me tell you that they stay in place VERY well when you run. These studs don’t seem to wear out quickly, that’s for sure. ….

Ice axe profile

Complete Vibram Insoles

A heavy full sole supports the boot itself.
These STABILISATORS use a patented “Vibram” sole construction that makes this boot “solid”. Unlike other ice studs, they are designed so that the entire sole (with its unique sole) and the studs attached to it do all the gripping work. All you have to do is attach your boots to them.

Better reputation and ratings

When you are looking for a product, it is helpful to read what others are saying about it.

TIP: Remove the ice bar when walking on concrete. They tend to slip and cannot gain traction on this type of surface! Common sense. Get them in.

(This item has been updated to reflect the most recent recommendations).

Frequently asked questions

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Do cleats work on ice?

Ice cleats are one of the best ways to prevent falls on ice and snow. They are proven to provide traction on icy surfaces by creating traction and friction through cleats, spikes and ridges.

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